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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Interview with Contactee "Ken:" A lifetime of encounters and a defense department connection.

Ken's close encounters started in childhood, but he didn't become aware that they were occurring until 2002, at the age of 50. Defense Department officials have had an involvement in his case, and an implant was removed from his son a few years ago. In college, he was a security guard for a secret defense related program, and he believes that this was somehow associated with his close encounters.

Listen as Anne Strieber uses her enormous knowledge of the close encounter experience to guide Ken through a very provocative interview.

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i was just wondering why anne kind of cut the interviewee off when he mentioned that he smoked a joint with the girl he was seeing before they went to the movies. it just seemed odd.

The joint comment seemed odd? Druggies always have agendas and you appear to confirm this. 'Seemed odd' my foot. You know exactly what you want to say. Mrs Strieber did the right thing to 'tut tut' the comment BUT they left it in, and therefore remain objective. Smoking drugs clouds the mind, fuels obfuscation and encourages lies and dillusion. No smoker would ever admit that though, no way, Jose. Never. THC amplifies the effect of nicotine. You try telling a smoker that they are toxic to everyone around them; see how that works out for you. Cannabis creates slaves and the left-wing love that. Go figure. Don't take drugs.. not even coffee.

Ken started off fine but then descended into a tar-babyesque pit of gibberish, ranting on and on in a David Icke kind of goo that is hard to excuse. Nazis? MK Ultra? Masonry? I'm a Mason and I laughed out loud at that low-point. Poor Mrs Strieber, she was very polite but posting this frivolous rant wasn't a good idea. However, it does demonstrate that 'the Striebers' (I hate that term) are objective and are certainly fair minded. Fair play. Ken, stop taking drugs and grow up for God's sake. I bet you never did a hard day's work in your life. Pfff ^.. . ..^

WOW. What a judgemental post by Von Hoser.........

I am glad that she did not edit out the part about the smoking of the joint.........to do so would have been hypocritical, to say the least.

Too much info for him to have been able to get to in such a short interview, and I understand why he felt compelled to give some history about MKULTRA. Sadly, it DID detract from him telling his personal experiences.

I don't hold out too much hope....but MAYBE she will have him on again.

I wonder if Anne knew he was going to go into the whole "MKULTRA" thing before she started the interview????

I thought Anne did a fine job of trying to help him focus. Unfortunately, he fell into this rambling mode and I think at that point it was clear that the interview had taken an unexpected turn for the worse. I suspect that in her initial discussion with him. he kept more on target. She must have been taken a bit aback when he started to ramble, breathing heavily. and speaking so fast - hard to follow at times.

Why he did, I don't know, perhaps he felt he had to get his "message" out to the world and this was his only chance. Anything else would just be guess on anyone's part. Good job Anne for being gracious under fire.

Let's assume that Anne's politeness was just being gracious in a deteriorating interview. Then why run this interview at all, and promote it? I wouldn't trust this guy to pet-sit my dogs, no less influence my thinking about paranormal phenomena. I'm not advocating censorship here, but I actually think running this kind of interview on UK shows some bad judgment. This is the kind of meandering, paranoid, unfocused, highly unbelievable rant that gives legitimate, intelligent, coherent "contactees" a bad reputation. It had red flags of doubt popping up left and right! I suspect these same red flags were present in Ken's original written correspondence, and yet here he is presented on the site as a credible contactee whose story is well worth listening to. As to Von Hausenberg's comments above about "druggies", and then saying "Cannabis creates slaves and the left-wing love that", is way off, IMO. But I do agree with most of the rest of his post regarding the interview.
Since we weren't present at the original interview, we can only conjecture on what it was like. I caught Anne's momentary surprise and confusion when it started to degrade and he became almost incoherent. She made the choice to ride it out and that is a classy thing to do. Why it was run is a good question.
I have to agree - this interview was bad!! Ann did a good job but Ken was horrific. I agree the interview does an injustice to those that have had legimate contact experiences. Makes all of us look like we wear tinfoil hats.

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