Special Interviews
Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Inside the Mystery of Animal Mutilations

For the first time anywhere, Whitley Strieber and Linda Moulton Howe take a long, in-depth look at the subject of animal mutilations. The fact that they are caused by unknown means is proven, and Linda goes over exactly why that is true. She also explains that there is a geographical pattern to the mutilations, which are organized on a grid pattern that has never before been understood. In addition, she describes what a man who actually witnessed a mutilation told her about why it happened. And this is just the beginning of this extraordinary discussion.

Somebody is watching us, and is removing genetic and sexual material from the creatures of this planet, and this reality is being covered up. Linda sums up what we know now, which is far more than we did even a year ago.

Riveting material.

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As it was in the Days of Noah, so shall it be with the coming of Yeshua. What were the days like in noah's day that brought about the flood? I suggest that it was the breeding of animals with human dna, and here we are in the end time seeing a hybrid perhaps being created again that God said was a sin!
My 2 cents,

Apparently no matter how much you have, how far ahead your are technologically than us, desire never ends.

Because apparently they are still working on some sort of project that involves us. We seem to have something to offer them. Even if we aren't aware of it.

I wonder, if there is much more to us than we can even guess.

Like what Whitley and Linda are saying about molecular manipulations and rearranging atoms, Margel states that They can 'do in any element to suit'. Margel explains more details about this high technology of arranging atoms. Just another corollary between high strangeness experienced by others and information given by Margel in the New Zealand UFO file release.