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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Understanding "Threes:" Power You Can Use

What is the hero's journey and why does it contain three elements? Movies have three acts structured around the hero's journey, but the power of the law of three goes far beyond entertainment and deep into life and the way we live our lives and how it is that some of us are riding life's storm and others are destroyed by it. Marie D. Jones and Anne Strieber go deeper into the inner meaning of three and how to use it in our lives to make the confusion drop away, to be replaced by understanding of the hidden forces that actually rule our world, and how to gain power from this knowledge.

NEXT WEEK: Whitley's FIRST READING from 'What is to Come,' his new Communion sequel being published next January!

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Why does Marie D. Jones sound exactly like Marla Frees?

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No no, Marla and Marie don't sound similar; they merely display similar hairstyles and wear identical socks.