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Monday, June 3, 2013

HAARP Controversy and NEW Testimony About the Eisenhower Alien Meeting

First, we listen for the first time to new testimony about the alleged 1954 meeting between President Eisenhower and a delegation of aliens at Muroc Field in California. Then Whitley Strieber and Ralph Steiner discuss what might have happened and how, if it did, it has had a devastating influence on human life, and is a major turning point in history.

Then Ralph discloses some extremely disturbing and unexpected information about the government's HAARP program. Think it's what they say it is? Think again. Think it's about weather control? Think again. This is a real mind blower--which is also what HAARP could be!

Ralph Steiner is a Dreamland Most Popular Guest for a reason. His information is outstanding, brilliantly presented and full of revelations. To get more Ralph Steiner in the Dreamland Archive, go to our homepage, click on Advanced Search (gold O+ on the right side of the masthead) click on Dreamland and Special Interviews and input the name Ralph Steiner. For his terrific 2011 interview on some of the darkest secrets that he knows, click here.

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REgarding the use of HAARP's high frequency broadcasts, I wonder if they can be working in conjunction with aliens who have their own reasons for wanting to promote violence, anxiety and general emotional instability in humans. I read in a book by Barbara Marciniak, who claims to channel pleiadian entitites, that unfriendly aliens have for a long time been transmitting high frequencies in particular areas from undersea bases with the specific purpose of creating hostility, tension and anxiety, emotions on which they feed and which keep humanity from evolving. One of their bases targets the Middle East. Far fetched as it might sound, it seems like the kind of strategy that intelligent beings would use, since direct encounter and hostile attack would probably draw humanity together in solidarity....divide and conquer.

HAARP could be doing something similar. After all, if the military has no compunction about drugging soldiers with drugs to suppress normal human empathy and turn them into mindless killing machines (as it did, according to a past news report on the BBC which predictably, never made it to the rest of the media and was never mentioned again), surely social control would not tickle their conscience at all.

I am NOT a conspiracy theorist, but I have a strong suspicion of what Eisenhower called the Industro-military complex, and if Eisenhower did visit alien craft and knew of alien visitors, and had been warned against some aliens, then you can see how his warning about the industrial-military complex might have been heavy with even more meaning and warning than we have realised.

All this can be frightening, but we must remember that there is nothing that can daunt the human spirit unless we let it be daunted. Our firm, uncompromised commitment to a more sane, honest, compassionate world creates a powerful energy, as does our clear, firm, shared and acted-upon commitment to discovering and speaking only the truth. We can and will prevail if we only take full responsibility for our future, and earth's.

I always thought Mark Twain's quote was about humor being the only weapon AGAINST the powers that be, not the other way around...