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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Growing up Psychic--AND Haunted!

Psychic powers tend to run in families, and is that ever true of the Bodine family! Echo Bodine's brother Michael is a very funny guy--so funny that he tried to be a standup comedian. But he found it impossible because of all the dead people who appeared during his shows. So he's faced his truth and become a professional psychic. His clients include many celebrities such as Melanie Griffin, producer Tony Scott, as well as the late Patrick Swayze. A feature film of his amazing life is in the works, as is a TV series that he and his sister Echo are doing together.

The Bodines are very special people for a very special reason: they are psychics who have real power. Listen to Michael's amazing story--the ghosts both terrible and funny who haunted his life, his personal struggle to accept himself for what he was, and his triumphant rise as a psychic. And don't miss his great new book, Growing Up Psychic.

Michael's website is MichaelBodine.com.

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Dear Anne, Thank you. You listened and you have greatly improved your interveiwing skills. I totally got into Michael's story and look forward to his book.