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Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Government, Presidents and UFO Secrets

Between them, Trish and Rob MacGregor and Whitley Strieber have amassed a lot of knowledge about government secrets and what presidents do and do not know about the UFO and alien abduction phenomena. In this discussion, they trade knowledge while we listen in--and learn much that is new about just what our governments are keeping from us and why.

The true reason for UFO secrecy is discussed here, among one of the few places that it is openly revealed in a credible way by people who probably know the truth.

Shocking stuff, filled with both danger and wonder.

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Whitley, have you considered an interview with Judy Wood about her apocryphal book "Where did the towers go?"? Her exquisitely researched findings lead to an interpretation of the 9/11 events which are so dark and so vast as to render the mind blank. It's all in the SCIENCE of what she has discovered that points to an underbelly of our world (government?) that wields powers of manipulation infinitely beyond the imagination of the ordinary person on the street. I see an intersection between these findings of hers and the deep and incomprehensibly huge cover-up of the alien question. It all seems to suggest a true "breakaway" faction (?) that literally orchestrates whatever events it so chooses so as to produce some global repercussion on a scale we can barely imagine.