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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Mystery of Gobekli Tepi: What Happened??

Whitley Strieber and Linda Moulton Howe explore ideas about what might have happened at Gobekli Tepi and in the surrounding region 12,000 years ago. As they do this, they have one of the most provocative and deeply fascinating discussions ever recorded on this website. When they get into the connection between mysterious wheel formations found via satellite on the ground in Syria and the Voynich Manuscript, a door suddenly opens into our unknown and forgotten past that, quite simply, has never been opened before.

This is amazing, mind-changing material. Your vision of who and what we are, and what the past means will be forever changed by what you will hear in this discussion. Unforgettable.

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Mind-blowing is right! Gobekli Tepi with a possible connection to the Voynich Manuscript? WOW!!! Another great show Whit . . . Thanks a million for providing this forum.

I too levitated even though I only can comprehend about 75% about what Linda is talking and referring to! Her research and work is so in depth and methodical and yet whit's interview brings most of it in focus for us hardheads. I think as many of us do that the planet is changing and we are changing right before our own eyes but yet can't "see it", yet. It is ancient yet new, old and young all before and all ahead, ...BARDO the state between worlds and life, that's what will come into focus! Everything happining at the same time, I feel I"m getting more equipped to handle it.