Special Interviews
Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gobekli Tepi, the Nephilim and the Human Crash

Whitley Strieber asks Scott Alan Roberts a question: given that human evolution has apparently been interfered with, and some sort of civilization collapsed at the time Gobekli Tepi was buried, what was done to us? Were we harmed or helped by these evolutionary changes? They also discuss the mysterious past of Mars, which will be expanded on next week with Mars expert Dr. John Brandenburg.

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If this is the case then as the MOTK has stated death with it's ecstacy is our true and joyul nature (and escape) although incomplete. As fish in a tank we may not know any better, and as sick as it sounds I look forward to it even though I enjoy life too. The gift is as Whitley has stated is we are part of this! We don't have to be top dog to have the gift of the Bardo or "Heaven", and it must be real.