Special Interviews
Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Ghosts of the Striebers

For Halloween, Anne Strieber tells some of the greatest ghost stories you will ever hear. She starts out, "Whitley and I often see ghosts..." and it goes from there, as we listen to a whole series of ghostly encounters and encounters with the dead that Whitley and Anne Strieber have had over the years. This wonderful Halloween special offers great insight not only into the highly unusual lives of Whitley and Anne Strieber, but also into the whole nature of ghosts and apparitions. Not to be missed!

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Don't take this the wrong way, but Anne, when I see the picture of you on the top, I get the impression of something very, very haunted within the look of your eyes. It's rare that I see this in people or maybe it's just my own impression/imagination and no one else's.

In The Key the Master of The Key said we can already contact the dead with equipment available in stores. Do you think one of the striebers could sort of explain this(have you tryed it?)

Good show.

Did the MOTK say that or was that edited out in the new edition? Remember the first edition was sabotaged.


I have always thought when I see Anne's picture of the Italian actress
Giuletta Masina in Fellini's movie, "La Strada." Its almost a child like whimsical look to me.