Special Interviews
Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gaza, Israel and Prophecy

A fragile ceasefire has been brokered by the US and Egypt between the Hamas government in Gaza and Israel. But how long will it last, and what are the consequences if it breaks down and Israel invades Gaza? Could this be the equivalent of Austria invading Serbia, the seemingly small conflict that triggered World War One? Given that three different extremist groups, fundamentalist Islam, fundamentalist Christianity and ultra-conservative Judaism all believe that a war in the area would cause their various messiahs to reappear, any violence that happens there is extremely dangerous. Believers from all three groups actually want war. Will they get their wish? What does John Hogue think? And does Nostradamus have anything to say about it--and why would we even be interested in what a prophet from 400 years ago had to say about our era, if anything? Listen as John Hogue explains where we are right now, and why Nostradamus might indeed have something to say about what the future may bring.


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