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Saturday, January 22, 2011

First Person Bermuda Triangle Experience

This could be the single most extraordinary interview ever conducted on this website. Whitley Strieber and Starfire Tor talk to Bruce Gernon about his personal experience as a pilot encountering a bizarre event in the Bermuda Triangle. He describes in detail what it was like to fly through what seems to have been an anomaly that is completely unknown. Flying from Andros Island to Miami he found himself surrounded by a strange "electronic fog" that placed the plane briefly in what appeared to be a zero gravity state. He is the only pilot in history to have come back from such an event with a report of it.

Amazingly Starfire Tor was in Miami at the same time investigating other time anomalies that were being reported in the area and during the interview, Bruce describes how he began to have vivid precognitive visions, and as he tells us what they are, Starfire explains why they work as they do.

A very remarkable listening experience.

Bruce Gernon's website is ElectronicFog.com. His book is The Fog.

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