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Friday, July 8, 2011

The Extraordinary Marla Frees at the Dreamland Festival

Each year at the Dreamland Festival, Marla Frees does open readings of the audience, and each year, many of these readings are astonishing. They go far beyond the usual 'psychic' theatrics, as Marla calls up names, events and experiences that she cannot have been cued for. She often names dead relatives who are present for audience members as the first thing she says, and these are often not common names. She also writes information down before the session and will show the written material to her subjects as she describes what she is picking up.

This year, Whitley Strieber watched Marla carefully both before her session and while she was working, and here she tells us the fascinating story of exactly what was happening to her while she was preparing and while she was in the session. This is a rare inside look at what happens to a psychic medium when she is reading.

Marla's website is MarlaFrees.com. She is available for consultations, and you can contact her over her site.

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Once again, while interviewing Mr. De Flores, Marla Frees laughs her way through it and sounds demeaning to her poor "Subject".
It's apparantly just her style but I find it very ingratiating and I wouldn't want her interviewing me about anything.
I have to almost laugh at this guys story myself , but I'm not interviewing him. This is about as far fetched as it comes. His art work is incredible however.