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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The End of Freedom and the Li Family of China

For subscribers, Whitley and Joseph Farrell go deeper. Joseph explains that the current system is approaching its final goal of absolute domination of the individual. But what does that entail? What is going to happen to us if they succeed, and how can we ensure their failure? Find out about the powerful, hidden Li Family of China, and how a formula created by Dr. David X. Li set the stage for the financial catastrophe that has put us where we are today. This interview is as deep a look inside the hidden corridors of high finance as any that has ever appeared on Unknowncountry.com--or anywhere else, for that matter.

Don't know about Dr. Li and his family and his formula? You need to!

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why is there no mp3 link for this :( I am in the subscriber section but its not there. :(

Wondering the same thing, where is the link to download and listen to the show, am also a subscriber.

Guess I'll be checking in later to see if the link's up. :)

even on the side bar where it says MP3 and Hi quality MP3 the link is only to the homepage not an mp3. :( hope its fixed soon. someone please email the admin too if you havent already.

The files are now there - apologies for the delay!

thank you :D
keepup the goodwork