Special Interviews
Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Earthing, MS and Whitley Strieber's Experience with the Process

A few months after his close encounter experience, Whitley Strieber was diagnosed with a possible case of multiple sclerosis, but so mild that it was designated as subclinical. Since then, he has had minor episodes of MS-like symptoms. Clint Ober claims that Earthing will help relieve such symptoms, so Whitley agreed to try Earthing for six weeks, then report on any effects. He also has severe sleep problems, and grounding is supposed to improve that, too.

Listen as Whitley and Clint Ober discuss the theory of why grounding may work to relieve various symptoms, and the effect sleeping grounded had on Whitley.

Whitley was given an Earthing mat for the purposes of testing. He was not financially compensated.

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On both the MP3 and low bandwidth I received a message that a special codec was needed. This has not happened before and I hesitate to download something unknown. Has anything changed here???

I had the same problem. I tried it on another computer and it seems to work now... I don't know if it was fixed betweeen then and now, or what. Last week I had the problem with the regular bandwidth subscriber interview, but not the low bandwidth. This week it was with both versions of the subscriber interview. Dreamland has been no problem. Before last week there was never this problem at all. Strange.

"An audio codec is needed to play this file. To determine if this codec is available to download from the Web, click Web Help." Tried twice. Downloaded twice. Waste of bytes toward my Verizon account that charges $10 per gig. Thanks.

another synchronicity; I bought 'earthing' several months ago. There is a beautiful native american meditation about the old people pressing their bodies against the earth and going barefoot; my background is Cherokee and it is so true. I never wear shoes unless forced, neither does my mother!!!

As of 4:10PM EST, 9-3-2012 the file is still missing the codec and still unplayable.

I am also having probes but with all shows, the audio just stops

Tell me when it's fixed. I'm not wasting more bandwidth. 5 complaints- 3 days. Still nothing.

I got it but had to switch to Real Player. It won't work for me on Windows no matter if the Firewall is on or off.

I was able to get this file to play using the QuickTime player.

I also opened it with Media Player from Windows. Selling "grounded" sheets? what will they think of next.