Special Interviews
Friday, December 3, 2004

Dr. Roger Leir: The Camarillo UFO

Dr. Roger Leir on the Camarillo UFO, which has returned to the same place at the same time for EIGHT YEARS and is at present appearing over this location. Dr. Leir needs people with adequate equpment to photograph and videotape it, and give a phone number to call if you want to try to see the UFO or help document it. He and Whitley also discuss some fantastic and little-known facts about implants that emit FM signals, and the Iranian Air Force pilot who had a famous UFO encounter and ended up as commandant of the Iranian air force.

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I'm soooo glad you guys are there! I cannot subscribe to everything, but I make the effort with Coast and UnknownC. Like you say Whitley, "where else can you get news like this?"

Thank you!