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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Did the Ancients Star Travel and Can We do It Again?

Was our actual history very different from what we remember and have documented? There are strange, veiled hints that it may have been, and recent discoveries that suggest that WE may have been very different from how we are now. Could it be that we are not the highest civilization that has ever existed on Earth, but, in fact, living in its ruins, which appear around us in the form of mysterious monuments such as Nan Madol, Giza, Gobekli Tepi and many others?

Here William Henry explores what a device that enabled star travel might have been like, why it may have actually existed, and what we can to do reconstruct it and start once again using its power to warp the very fabric of the universe.

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Three movies come to mind that each use Type 3 beings in their plots:

Immortals this is my favorite of the three Type 3 being movies for how they are depicted

Thor the Norse perspective greatly enhanced by the presence of Natalie Portman

Hancock which stars Will Smith, whom William Henry referred to on Revelations last Wednesday and the movies he has appeared in, but may not be aware of his playing the part of a Type 3 being.