Special Interviews
Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Deep Insight into the Secrets of Close Encounter

Connie J. Cannon brings her insights as a close encounter witness and a lifelong Mason to this enigmatic mystery. She and Whitley Strieber trade stories about the Masonic symbolism in their own encounters, and speculate about what the significance of the 'Masonic connection' that was so powerfully illustrated in Connie's son's experience two weeks ago. This will be among the finest discussions of the true enigma of close encounter that you have ever heard.

Please note that there were a number of unexplained audio anomalies experienced during this recording. For some period of time, for example, Whitley Strieber's voice was not recording even though everything in his studio was running normally. In another example, he hesitates because he thinks he hears faint voices disturbing the recording, but when played back, nothing is heard. We left these anomalies in the program.

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