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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Finding and Overcoming Evil in Our Lives and our World

As this is being written, a demented child who controls an entire nation is threatening nuclear war and is aiming his missiles at the United States. This is wetiko in action, unfolding right before our eyes, right now.

But what IS it and how do we change this? It would seem impossible for individuals to change the larger world, but this is, itself, part of wetiko. It makes itself look invincible because it is actually weak. We can wake up from the influence of evil, as long as we look at it with clear eyes.

Paul Levy explains why it is that a single small change within each of us can lead to the crystallization of vast change in the world. Listening to his profound and powerful words, we have a chance to add our small change to what will one day become a very great change, and, in the end, a new and better world.

The good people CAN win. Evil is a dream, and we can wake up from it. We have only to see what is really there, and open our eyes.

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I'm lost in unknown country. There was a long article written by Paul Levy titled The Kabbalah's Remarkable Idea. I've been searching this site for over an hour and can't find it anywhere. I know it was here because I posted a comment on it, as did others?
Can anyone help me locate it?

I find evil a topic that isn't usually referred too, by regular spiritual teachers (in the West). I would say that here we are hampered by idolatry (the worship of idols, in our case, ie the West, I see it as greed for material goods...ie. wealth of any material sort).

Perhaps this is what attracts the evil ones (demonic entities).

Just my take on it.