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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dancing with the Dark Side

Robert Stanley has had some very powerful experiences with the dark side of contact, as has Whitley Strieber. In this interview, Whitley Strieber says of Robert Stanley, "you've been called, and you've answered." Robert Stanley says "in the Dead Sea Scrolls, they call them the sons of light and the sons of darkness." How do we embrace the light? Listen to two people who are actively engaged in this struggle talk about what it's like and how they are finding their way through the labyrinth.

The journey Robert and Whitley take together in this interview is powerfully energetic and inspiring. Information of the most valuable kind you can find, because every single one of us, whether we know it or not, is on this path of decision. Dark or light? Where will you take yourself and your life?

And what about people like Whitley and Kathy O'Brien (the Trance Formation of America)--and maybe you--who were dragged to the dark side as children? How did they escape? And, above all, what about those who didn't escape? Could it be that they are now the movers and shakers of our suffering world?

This is information on a level, and of a kind, that is available only one place in the world: right here.

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I loved the power and bravery of this interview. Being activated is what it really is about, as Whitley so well phrases it. Beautiful. Peering at the dark side and having the power of the light side reveal itself. And yes, once you learn to listen, then you can ask. Just ask. Great interview.

Went to Unicus.com--photography. How do I find the Washington DC UFO photos?

Great interview. Thank you.

Evil exists, even though some people don't realize it. I think those of us raised Roman Catholic understand this better than most. Foolish people flirt with evil, and don't know how dangerous that is. Thanks for a fascinating, but chilling, interview.

So many of us have done a dance with the dark side of life and beings, as children and onward.
I think for some of us our saving grace has been our uppermost awareness of soul ownership. We have been to the depths of horror and lived to tell our tales because we never forgot we are the Master determining our outcome. We were never able to be harvested in full. Some have never re-membered the same.