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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Contatee 'Eva:' A Stroke, A Near-Death Experience, the Visitors...

In 2001, "Eva" experienced the same type of stroke that would strike Anne Strieber 3 years later. Like Anne,
she experienced a powerful near-death experience. In fact, she had one of the MOST intense NDEs anybody
at Unknowncountry has ever heard described. Listen as she tells her enthralling, heart-rending story to
Anne Strieber, and these two NDE experiencers compare notes.

To our knowledge, this interview is unique in the literature. Both the interviewer and the interviewee
were led to death's door by the same dangerous illness, and both have returned with amazing and
important messages.

Eva's description of her experience is beautiful, haunting and filled with wonder. Did she glimpse heaven?
Listen and find out!

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French accent? Sounds Russian to me.

No matter the accent, I have trouble believing this account. It seems too far-fetched for me, but then again, being abducted and brain probed by huge insects with large black eyes and dull-gray skin is just as strange.

The streaming has changed and I cannot listen to the shows. I have been a member for years and now something is different about the pod casts. Don't know what to do. Can anyone help me..?

I had the same problem. Now I use the app.
Perfect Downloader. It allows you to save also to your
IPod or iPhone also. Hope this helped.

i believe this story of eva s .it doesent matter the accent.it is a love message. it warms my heart. i hope eva may be encouraged to write a book and make cds.

If you click on the "Download the interview:" link, it will download it to your computer. There is no need to stream it. Then just open the MP3 file in whatever you listen to MP3s in. I put mine in iTunes, and change the attributes to make it a podcast (adding the proper title, artist, album, and set it as a podcast), and then listen on my iPod.

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I thought this woman's story was interesting, at least what we heard of it. It seemed Anne didn't like some of what she was hearing after a while (and actually suggested that Eva was trying to start her own religion, which I thought was WAY off base!) and did her best to shut Eva down by the end using increasingly condescending tone. I may not believe Eva's view of reality carte blanche, but I at least wanted to hear her full story using appropriate suspension of disbelief, which seemed from the part we did hear to be coherent and intelligently presented.

But typically, instead the show ended up being another edition of, "the World According to Anne Strieber." Frustrating. I'm sorry, but I think Eva would have been served better, and as such the Dreamland subscribers would have been served better, if Whitley had interviewed her.

And really, this woman's story was no more strange or unbelievable than so many that appear on Dreamland, like from William Henry and his light body-stargate-transformation-wormhole thing, which I doubt is going anywhere except to perpetuate itself with tours and lectures. Eva just didn't have anything to sell.

I would have loved to hear a longer interview with Eva. Her song was beautiful. :)

I hope Eva will be invited back. I want to hear the rest of her story.
I enjoyed her song so much, and want to hear more. Anne please do try to stop interrupting so much. Much appreciation for all you and your husband do.


Hello listeners, Eva here and I would like to apologize how terribly I sound on this interview, because of accent I was trying to speak slowly....
If you are frustrated how Ann talk to me, can you imagine my shocks? I was hurt! She didn't read my NDE story properly, hit me with false accusations and scattered my thoughts. I collected my thoughts and she hit me again! And on the end, as she said, just sing that song, it hits me like "shut up, sing and go to hell", you can hear my nervous laughing. I was thinking I am going to hang up! I was insulted for telling WHAT I WAS TOLD. It is not MY STORY! And you decide, whose story it is. Just do some homework first, and you will find that catholic church do not allow YHWH name to be used in any liturgies, YHWH was removed over 6 000 times from the Bible. In Judaism is played another trick. YHWH name was prohibited as "too holy" to be pronounced by common people. Only High Priest could pronounce His Name once a year, but there is no Temple - no High Priest this mean no Name. Are you surprised how much effort was put into DELETE name YHWH in this civilization? And this is according the Bible FATHER of Jesus or Jesus because they should be One.
And Queen Asherah is almost gone completely and her blue light is known to all shamans around the world as Mother Eternal light. Shamans are only people who kept the LIGHT burning on this planet, through the whole war. As tablet about Queen Asherah was found (now is lost) immediately site was shut down, here is video (I couldn't even pronounce last name of the maker of this video under such stress I was in) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtEsQT5M2IQ&feature=related The excitement described and forbidden archaeology for me is enough to think here what our slavemasters DO NOT want us to know.

I wrote Anne part of the story ahead, after she contacted me, if I would do interview with her. I knew it would be "a bitter pill to swallow for her" especially, she is believing those greys (robots of our killers) are "good guys" and praying still to "gods, created by our slave masters". I understand this, I was in 2 Bible schools, fasting 40 days and praying whole atlas to be sure "all" were prayed for and saved... I was crazy for Jesus that time! That's why, I wrote story I will tell on the interview and e-mail it to her ahead, she could decide, she wants to put on "her" show,which is opposite to her believe system. When she agreed, I thought wow, great she is open minded! Oh, how wrong was I, hey?

I believe today, what she did through the interview, was ahead purposely prepared trick on me to bit me down. Or it was our slave masters? Anne is only one to answer.

I am posting my e-mailed story to Ann ,then you can have info which didn't come through interview and you be the judges.

My apology if grammar is not perfect. English is still my second language.

I translated song of Queen Asherah's love eternal=the greatest power in the whole universe, in which life eternal live again. (jealousy and envy on her love started war!) Love and life eternal is the highest vibration in which everything live forever in perfect health and joy and nothing dies. Death DID NOT EXIST in This POWER OF Queen Asherah New Love she created.(I got song July 21 2012 after her love was taken away from our killers-who changed it into hate and their highest killing tool.) It is on the end of this post.

When I asked in meditation after interview (I went into very bad spiritual attacks for days and nights) why I needed to do this, answer was:
"Love won last month and now The Truth won too. It is spreading from spirit to spirit and from soul to soul"
(remember this body is nothing, who occupies the body, what matters for eternity and to whom your love goes!) Then rejoice souls and spirit of King and Queen of love and life eternal, we are getting all back from our prisoners. Thx to The King YHWH and His Asherah. And if all is The Truth, then Get ready to welcome THEM SOON. I can't wait to go back! Once you taste the energy of Life Eternal, you don't want anything else!

My e-mail to Anne:
I grabbed client from falling in Dec. 2001 and had SH in the Circle of Willis (SH=Subarachnoid hemorrhage), torn my ligaments in Atlas and rapture disc C6/7 and injured mid and low back. SH wasn't diagnosed until May 2002, and I was just suffering.
I was very sick all the time and once I was in bed as usually, suddenly appeared around me brilliant white beings, very powerful, love and peace was radiating from them. I knew them, trusted them and was not afraid at all.
They made as circle around me. I believe this is that "tunnel" others talking about. I came between them and they were many standing above each other and around me, as they took me away. I heard latter it was New Earth were I went. I knew I was going through Northern Star direction from this planet. Suddenly my energetic brilliant white beings were gone and I was standing on that New Earth and looking up on the most beautiful heaven full of brilliant amazing stars. I was speechless, just admiring that indescribable beauty above me. Air was so clean, so peaceful amazing atmosphere. There was no moon, nor sun, only stars, but it was brighter then here, when we have the most clear sunny day. Then I suddenly heard as trillion upon trillion voices spoke with one voice with such love and peace, but it went through me forever to register "YOU ARE...." and they sad, who I am as eternal being. It was TOO BIG for me to take it in, then I just focused back on that beauty around me, not understanding how this can be.
Then I was in the building-some kind of huge palace. There I was walking up on the stairs - as spiral going up. Stairs were wide and on both sides were standing beings. Those weren't so bright as those energetic powerful once who took me from this planet. Those were looking more as we are, but structure of their skin on their faces looked different. They had robes from the neck down to the carpet on the stairs. I am not sure if this was carpet, but it was something like carpet.
Robes were made from precious metals. I could see treads of white, yellow gold, silver, platinum, copper etc. But robes were light as silk. And from neck down to the carpet on the stairs was golden cross. Their heads were making loop on it and they remind me of the Egyptian symbol of Eternal life cross. Cross lines were maybe 5 cm wide. They were just smiling at me, didn't say anything and I didn't ask anything. They were smiling at me as I did something great and were giving me such appreciation and poor me I was just shocked, why this is. (Was just thinking to myself, maybe they know I was fasting 40 days and praying all atlas for weeks on my knees that time when I was in religion...and latter gave all those people from the atlas to the Ruler of the Universe...). But I didn't ask, why they are appreciating me so much I was just thinking, if I can make it to the top of that high stairs, I will met my Love Eternal (that how I call God). That all. Next I was back in my dysfunctional body and didn't remember if I made it to the top or not.

Today after so many years of different difficulties on all fronts -spiritual, health, money ... one thing I know for sure, hell broke against me, after I was told, who I am as spiritual-eternal being!

Here comes, what I was told through meditations, visions, songs etc:
Our history in this hell, where we are prisoners, goes back over 6 mil. years ago. Then was war between King of Life Eternal and his enemies, who fought to still this Block 33 of the universe. This Block 33 was created by Queen of love Eternal, she is called Queen of Heaven, Mother of Eternity and her name is Asherah. Today in our language, we will say "wife of God." She got love from Creator of Universe and His name they call YHWH=Jahve, as all other queens and kings. But she created with it in this Block 33 such powerful new love eternal, that all got new life eternal in whole Universe. This Earth was Pearl of the Universe, the most beautiful planet. Gold, silver and all precious stones and metals were put in it to make her vibrate to the highest. Oil she put in Earth veins to make her warm then life could live etc. That new vibration of love and life eternal was sent to the rest of the universe through pyramids to keep all Universe in that perfect energy and vibration. Then now we know who build pyramids hey? I heard that Sphinx had face of the Queen of Heaven (and she has nothing to do with Catholic Mary). This face, which is there today, was added by our rulers and prisoners latter, after they still this block 33 and switched the energy of love and life eternal for death eternal energy. We live in death energy for all those years and our deterioration goes on and on. Everything was done by coding. They-our prisoners decoded life eternal into death eternal, simply said, as from positive to negative energy "all" was switched in the stolen universe, humans, planets, stars - everything.
Inside the Earth was Paradise=home of The King and Queen of Life and Love Eternal and their created children, who were Kings and Queens = together all "family" as rulers of the Universe. The owner of the Universe-King of Life Eternal was on the top of the universe, and universe was created as pyramid, but from the top down by other kings and queens. Block by block and King of Life Eternal with many advisors were as overseers over all what was created.
The war started to get that NEW love and life eternal, which Queen of Heaven created.. And Block 33 got captive and we original people got rewind to the minimum capacity of our power, our minds, our love, strength =everything and our enemies created for us this "body" we have today as PRISON and stuck us in it for 60-80-90 years and then those killers of ours, take us out and put us into other bodies and this goes on and on for last 6 mil. years and we call it reincarnation while, they use our power, love=everything. It is from prison to prison, from slavery to slavery until they get robots which don't have any love nor question anything just will do what our masters wants us. Those masters of ours portrait themselves as "snakes". As cobras behind pharaoh from Egypt, to today's snakes on everything and everywhere. All those greys, annunakies, reptilians are just "their" creation. All UFO's and underground bases are "theirs" cities were they were hiding, when they destroyed one civilization after another. When civilization got to smart and got to many questions and they couldn't control it completely, they simply got inside the Earth, or on other planets and killed those on top of the Earth and started all over again. Their goal was to take over whole universe and completely destroy this Earth that it would not start new life eternal ever again.
But all is over for them. King of Life Eternal is winning his war. Underground cities are empty, inner Earth is in the power of King of Life Eternal. This Pearl of the Universe = Earth was set just recently on "her original orbit" !
That why we get vaccinations, that why we are sprayed with chemtrails that we will not see trillion of space ships fighting here, nor remember anything about our King and Queen of Love and Life Eternal and they wrote for us religious books to put us under they complete control and take our love, souls, spirits, minds to themselves and used against us over and over again and disconnected us from our Father and Mother of Life and Love Eternal.

Song of New Love and Life Eternal after Queen Asherah created it on this Pearl =planet Earth:
In Slovak language: In English language:

Laska Zije Love is Alive
Laska Je Love IS
Novy Zivot Zije v Nej New Life is Alive in Her (love)

Laska Zije Love is Alive
Laska Je Love IS
Novy Zivot Vecny Zije v Nej New Life Eternal Live in Her (love)

Nova Laska New Love
Novy Zivot Je New Life IS
Nova Radost Zije Dnes! New Joy is alive Today!

Nova Laska vecna je New LOVE IS eternal
Novy zivot Zije v Nej New Life is alive in her
Nova Radost vecna je New Joy IS Eternal
Novy Zivot Vecny Zije Dnes! New Life Eternal is Alive Today!

Nova Laska Zije Dnes New Love is Alive Today
Novy Zivot Vecny Zije v nej New Life Eternal is alive in her
Radost Zije Vecne Tiez Joy is Alive Eternaly too
Vecne Zije Radost, Laska, Zivot Dnes! Eternaly is alive JOY,LOVE,LIFE TODAY!

Love Eva :)

Sorry, song was written nicely in two columns, but after posting it smashed all together. Eva :(

Seems like my comment with information about Asherah didn't get posted. It might have added some credibility to what Eva was saying about her. Next time maybe. Cheers

Forgot to add, thanks for posting Eva's rather long explanation. Misunderstandings happen, but it is good to be able review what she said about her experience, as I missed some of it in the interview. Smiles.

Wow, thanks for posting Eva's letter!
Looks like the truth is LOVE IS ALL THERE REALLY IS.

For probably the first time I found myself increasingly annoyed with Anne's condescension. This is an interview.....it doesn't matter if Anne agreed or not. I for one WANTED to hear the end of the story and was VERY annoyed when Anne Shut Eva Down.

Tosca -- Your interesting information about Asherah is still posted at the end of the other place on this website that describes last week's interview with Eva -- it follows the description of last week's Dreamland interview, at http://www.unknowncountry.com/dreamland/william-henry-kit-and-nuclear-war. (It does get a bit confusing, at least for me, for there to be two places where subscribers can comment about subscriber intereviews.)

I enjoyed listening to Eva. Her song profoundly altered my relationship to my tinnitus (or whatever it is that makes me constantly hear ringing bells!).

Thanks Saraswati. I'll try to find it. I felt something very genuine about Eva, and your experience with the tinnitus just confirms it.

Here are missing posts :)
One possibility for Eva's "original orbit" is that the Earth experienced a global scale collision circa 2.5 billion years ago that apparently destroyed existing continents. The Columbia continent began forming 2.1 billion years ago. The sequences of continental formations after the collision are interesting. The result is the present continental configurations with their many anomalies.

Posted by Laurence Gagliano on 08 Sep 2012 at 16:38

Man that song was beautiful,! I could tell it came from above being a percussion master of sorts myself (but I'm not nearly as good as the percussion master described by Whitley in "The Key"). Bits and pieces-- well the universe is a pyramid --there again is a reflection of Whitley's Triad! Going back to her saying song or music is key -there again is M.O.T.K. Prison Planet?, this is disturbing, but her focus is on the up and up and her news is good! Her vision in the beginning reminded me of that beautiful scene on a beach looking into a moonless star filled night in the movie "contact" where Jodie Foster was utterly spellbound by her experience! I've only had a couple glasses of scotch and I can really say with lucidity that this interview covered more territory with Eva than any of I can think of, Great one Anne and thanks!

Posted by thunderandlight on 09 Sep 2012 at 01:58
i can imagine a world without fear, Cosmic Librarian, it will be Heaven if we imagine together.

Such raw, hard-practiced talent, so often has a deep message from a voice that connects us all.

You know, those that have passed-over are still 'about', helping out and continuing along their paths.

The first time they pop up to help you out with something, is a very pleasant, albeit astonishing, hidden aspect of life.

Posted by Von Hausenberg on 09 Sep 2012 at 08:13

Posted by Carollee on 09 Sep 2012 at 15:26
reply.I found Eva's account of earth's history intriguing, and will keep an open mind about it, because, frankly, everything we are being told about earth's real history is highly speculative, and it seems to me that the experiences of those who have somehow contacted that history or gained information from paranormal sources are all different. Yet there are certain consistent threads that link these stories, such as earth being affected by great wars in space, and the control of humanity through biological manipulation. Perhaps the details of the stories are so different because the information is, after all, being filtered through a human consciousness, each with its unique configurations, beliefs and persepectives. I was particularly interested in Eva' mention of Asherah. According to some experts in the field of ancient religions and history, and certainly according to threads of ancient semitic mythology, Asherah was worshiped as the partner of Yahweh in ancient Jewish religion before many polytheistic elements were intentionally rejected and erased in order to promote and validate the emerging Monotheistic Judaism. Going back into Mesopotamian religion, Asherah was originally also associated with the tree of life ( the pole of the universe), and Asherah poles were part of ancient Jewish practice. As often happened to Mother goddesses, mothers of creation etc, after the transition to masculine-God religions, Asherah was later associated with the pagan god Baal and evil, and gradually became persona-non-grata in Jewish and later Christian teachings. Eva's reference to Asherah reflects, I think, the original prevalence of Asherah in ancient mythologies, under many names, including later as Sophia for the Gnostic christians and jews. She represents, I believe the feminine principle of the God Mind, the Yin to the masculinized Christian and Jewish Yang, and until that principle is re-united with the masculine principle, both in ourselves and in our spiritual traditions, we will never be whole.

Posted by Tosca Zraikat on 12 Sep 2012 at 05:09

french canadian,quebcois,accent.

she was talking about the blessed virgin, but anne wanted it to be about the "visitors".

I didn't find the interview condonscending at all - I think due to the time constriants provided the UC team for podcasts, Anne may have been rushing Eva at the end to get to the song, which she truly seemed to want to hear. There just was not any more time for her take on history.

Fasting can bring on some very unusual experiences, it can cause one to hallucinate , so this experience must be view'd as one of a self induced hallucination via a chemical imbalance of the brain.
One can understand why fasting is so popular in many religions as it brings about these experiences that are interpreted as some sort of spiritual experience, which of course is a reasonable assumption from the person who is having the experience and knowing of their particular belief .

I think Anne did a pretty good job as far as the interview goes, from my perspective i found Eva to be a bit too far out there, with some home grown views that no one could say whether they are real or just imagination.