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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Close Encounter Witness 'Sandy.'

For our subscribers, we go deeper with Anne Strieber's latest interview of a close encounter witness. Given how convincing the evidence of close encounter has become--as shown in this week's Dreamland, for example--Anne Strieber's witness interviews are of extraordinary importance. They offer profound insight into the meaning of the experience, and thus are a window into what is likely to be a truly incredible human future, as contact continues to spread.

"Sandy" is a retired medical doctor who had a series of disturbing abductions beginning in 2000, which are ongoing to this day. When she was married to her first husband, also a physician, the same beings came to him, which gave them a chance to compare notes and validate their experiences. In his journal, her husband drew a picture of one of the tall beings who came to him and when she saw it, she recognized the being she calls "John," who seems to be using shiatsu foot massage and acupuncture on her in order, he says, to "activate" her. Sandy has also seen cobalt blue beings and "Grays."

In this interview, she describes a journey to the world of the dead that is strkingly similar to what Anne Strieber saw during the near-death experience that took place during her stroke-related medical crisis of 2004. To read Anne's diary describing her NDE, click here.

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I agree. I am getting increasingly frustrated by Anne's interviewing style. She frequently interrupts the guests to give her own point of view, which is interesting of course, but I wish she would allow the guests to tell their own stories, question them to bring out more information, and interject less of her own information.

I agree. I am getting increasingly frustrated by Anne's interviewing style. She frequently interrupts the guests to give her own point of view, which is interesting of course, but I wish she would allow the guests to tell their own stories, question them to bring out more information, and interject less of her own information.

I agree with several others that Anne's interview style needs some work. Of course what she has to say is fascinating in itself, but I get very frustrated by her frequent interruptions of her guests. I wish I could have heard more from Sandy and less from Anne. Yes, get Sandy on again for a longer interview.

Yes, maybe the next interview we could hear Sandy talk without the constant interruptions

I could have listened to Sandy all night - absolutely fascinating - and I also think she should write a book!

Also, I would tend to agree with a lot of the comments regarding Anne's interviewing 'style'. It is such a shame that the flow was broken so many times.

Couldn't Whitley interview Sandy next time...assuming there is a next time? If he did, I think it would be an all time classic. Here's hoping.

It looks to a newcomer like having Anne do the contactee interviews is very useful in a bunch of ways -- if Whitley were doing it all, there wouldn't be nearly as many interviews available. And Anne brings her experience reading all the stories to the interviews and can give us and the interviewee perspective on these events. That is quite significant to me, maybe only because I'm new. Old timers may already have known that walking on beds was not unusual for the visitors, but not me! But, of course, Sandy needs more time to tell her story. Hope that happens.

Dear EDin WAState
Pardon my delay in responding to your post. It’s snowbird season and I have house guests.

These are some pretty heavy questions. It would be presumptuous of me to tell you what you can expect a contact experience to be. I don’t have the intellectual architecture needed to predict the mind and method of these beings, but I can describe my shared encounters to give you a sense of the subtleties and complexities of “contact.” I’m willing to post excerpts of my journal if it will help give you perspective.

Personally, I would prefer a direct conversation to these posts. Perhaps we can all find a way to organize a UC subscriber’s conference call link. Is this feasible?

I don't know about feasible, but desirable, yes!

Hello again Sandy,
I am sorry for the long delay in replying to your comment. I have been embroiled in doing family research on the internet and time has really flown.

I am afraid there aren't any other interviews or interesting events that I've been drawn to comment about. It was just that your information and your willingness to "risk it all" so to speak that spurred me to write something. Your bravery in giving an interview and being held up for ridicule just was in my opinion, huge.

There have always been friends and family members who have joked with and teased me about my encounters and beliefs. So I really wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your willingness to share.

Dear Corinne,
Thank you for your kind words. You mentioned an NDE in your earlier comment. Was it a positive experience? Sometimes it takes something like an NDE, a significant UFO sighting, or even a ghostly encounter to give us the little push we need to expand our senses. The Visitors describe this as “flipping switches” and it’s often about the big picture, rather than an isolated event. It’s their way of pointing us in a direction. From there, it’s up to the individual to make the decision to either move forward or just stand there and stare at the finger that’s doing the pointing.

People will joke and tease. These things can threaten another person’s grip on their existing paradigm and they respond with either shutting down or lashing out. It pretty much follows the “religion and politics” rule when discussing it in social situations. Sometimes, keeping it to yourself when you’re around other people can be a lonely experience, so you need to find a creative way of balancing out the sense of isolation that can come with the trailblazing experience with something that gives you joy, like music, painting, etc.

Ohhhh, is this why everyone calls me SpaceCase, Sandy? hahahaaaaa I am constantly called crazy and I used to get so angry about it --- BIG TIME ANGRY--- not so much anymore. Now when someone asks me if my Mom dropped me on my head as a baby, I answer YES - as a matter of fact she did and the BEINGS caught me before I hit the ground. Regarding TIN FOIL? It is my fashion statement. I can do wonders with it and still look simply mahvalous! SMILING BIG HERE!

I do wonder what has contributed to a ceasing in my experiences. What could cause this? By any chance Sandy, do you know why experiences would stop?

I Love you Anne!

Because you're wearing tin foil Sange

OHHHH wow, that makes sense Sandy. Thanks for the thumbs up. hahahaaaaaaaa

Hi Sandy,
My NDE experiences was rather neutral and was definitely non-threatening. Having died twice during a surgery it was more like floating along the ceiling and following people around. The second time when there seemed to be a bit of a question put to me about would I stay or go, it was a positive STAY. I had a 5 week baby girl to raise and if there was a choice to be made mine was to stay.

Fortunately, I seem to have arrived with my switches "flipped" and there hasn't ever seemed to be a question about being open to experience what was presented. There have always seemed to be "like minded" folks around me that I've been able to share with and discuss the bits and pieces I've been shown.

Yes, I think that it would be great if there was another way to "chat", perhaps it will happen. In the mean while have a wonderful time with your great experience and I look forward to another interview.

Hello again
This interview link will probably be archived and moved off the UC home page soon. I'm not sure what the rules are, but if I'm allowed to post my email address for anyone who has comments or questions, you can contact me at: Sandy_Sunlover@hotmail.com

Thank you all for making me feel more comfortable about opening this aspect of my life to the public. Thank you Anne and Whitley for making it possible.

Sandy is AMAZING! PLEASE have her on again, let her run with her stories and recollections, and let us revel in some truly incredible information!

And THANK YOU for interviewing such a brilliant person in the first place.