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Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Close Encounter Experience and the Dead

Anne Strieber, who's had her own near death experience, discusses the fact that there is a link between the close encounter experience and the dead? Anne asks the question, "what if we knew--as the visitors seem to know--that there is a life after death?" We live in a physically obsessed society, to the extent that many of our greatest thinkers have gone 'soul blind.' Julia Assante says that many elements of our society are actually engaged in inducing fear of death as a way of obsessing us with clinging to life at any cost--and paying them for the privilege.

An engaging conversation about death, afterlife, and the truth about the alien-human connection. Read Anne's diary about her own near-death experience, the Love that Led me Home.


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I was surprised to hear J. Assante declare that there is no such thing as karma, that research shows there is no karma. Research on karma?? How could that be? If she had said, I don't think there is such a thing as karma, or that what we have inferred from our research is that there is no karma, I could understand, but instead, she made a strong statement against a fundamental principle of ancient Vedic metaphysics. I am curious, therefore, about her reasoning. Was she talking about the popular misunderstanding of karma as reward and punishment? Was she basing her assumption on the evidence that some souls return to life in a very short time, and recall their previous life? Could the dead have told her, there is no karma? Maybe, but none of these would be sufficient evidence that there is no karma. Dead people CAN be wrong, and often are (which is why ouija boards give some really useless answers); after all, a dead person is not transformed into a wise person simply by crossing the veil. So I am really curious as to what Ms. Assante might (or might not) know about karma. Nice interview, Anne.

What about (deceased and allegedly murdered) Dr. Karla Turner's insistence that the visitors can and often do create a virtual reality version of a dead loved one by drawing upon our subconscious memories of them? She has some very compelling case studies that to point this. Why doesn't Whitley or Ann ever address this possibility? Surely they are familiar with Turner's research as well as other researchers who have said the same thing. No?

Thanks for that review. That interview sounds like a total waste of time. Karma is what the whole G D universe is about! for goodness sake. Sheshess Crimeny!