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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Close Encounter, a Consultation and a Huge Insight

From Whitley Strieber: 'Two nights ago, I had a 'healing' dream that may have involved a close encounter. It moved from terror to shocking revelation. Then, then next morning, I interviewed Sonia Barrett for Dreamland. On the spur of the moment, I asked her to do one of her consultations for me, and the results were absolutely explosive. Some important, life-changing events from my childhood suddenly became crystal clear, leading to a freeing insight of a kind I have never before known.'

'It is as if I was given a lesson in how to put down some deep life burdens of the kind that we all need to release in order to live fully and die into an afterlife of release, and not one where we cling to the unfinished business of this world.'

'In this special interview, you can listen to the consultation as it happened. It is preceded by a description of the events of the night before. It is as if I, or whomever came here that night, knew in advance what was going to happen with Sonia. I could not be more grateful.'

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I'm really happy for you, Whitley. No need to hold on to bitterness when there is so much wonder and magic and beauty in your experiences and what you have to share. Do you really need to chase after the good opinion of fools (or, as Jesus said, cast your pearls before swine)? I think not.

Thanks for sharing that Whitley.You & your books have weaved into my life over the years.Can still remember the day I got a copy of Communion.What you have done has not been wasted.Only hope to meet you one day.Also hope to learn more about Sonia and have a session . Blessings

A good book on this subject is Reconciliation healing the inner child by Thich Nhat Hanh a Buddhist monk and Zen master. All for one and one for all.

Thanks for sharing your consultation Whitley.
It was strange how, as you mentioned, when you described your birth memories you didn't mention the word 'Love'.
Yet when you spoke about the visitor experience, 'Love' was one of the first words you used in the description.
Maybe in your 'birthing' into the new reality of the visitor experience the Visitors gave you what your parents didn't; feelings of love, protection, worth and a place in this world?

Vacuous, yes, but not to worry, she is young.

What an "Aha!" moment Whitley and Sonia have gifted me by listening to their sharing! A full circle insight into my life prompted understanding. Like Whitley and Anne shared at Dreamland Festival, I now release some of my burden baggage. Whitley, Anne and Sonia, I am grateful!

i hope your followup consultation is recorded and available for we subscribers.

Amazing interview, and plenty to think about. Whitley, you are truly valued by so many. We just never get the chance to let you know!

Well said! I know that in my experience, some people are not ready to accept a lot of the wisdom that I have acquired. But, thankfully, I have not gone through any ridicule that Whitney has encountered. And here is a personal note: I am a much richer person having been exposed to the insightful experiences and knowledge that Whitley and his wife, Anne and of course the many personalities associated with Unknowncountry, have shared.


My birth was not good for my mother as she nearly died and my memory goes back to being about 1 to 1 and a half and everyone i ask cannot believe i can remember that far back and it seems their memories kicked in when they were about 5 or so.
But remembering being born is unbelievable,it makes me think your consciousness was already halfway formed or not completely wiped out from the previous.


Have you ever seen the movie "Powder" ? ? Thats the only time I've seen a representation of someone remembering their birth. Excellent Film. You would like it if you have not already seen it. I'm very curious about your thoughts about it.


Have you ever seen the movie "Powder" ? ? Thats the only time I've seen a representation of someone remembering their birth. Excellent Film. You would like it if you have not already seen it. I'm very curious about your thoughts about it.

I, too, have recall of my birth. I registered the sense of 'falling back into' this life. I smelled the smells of my birth and the sight of the operating room and doctors and nurses attending. I remember the day we left the hospital and the strange familiarity of the outdoors when we made our way to the family car. I have recall of my older sister's greeting to me as I arrived for the first time into my 'home' and her questioning my mother if she should feed me soda crackers; my mother chuckled and replied I was only a baby and had no teeth to eat such things. I have recall of the harsh and scratchy feel of the divan material I was laid upon to greet my sister. I have recall of the 'haze' I was seeing through when I gazed around the living room we were in, and at the face of my beautiful sister. And, most of all, I have recall of the utter panic I felt when I had the instantaneous thought that I was not ready for this experience and had made a huge mistake in 'coming back' into this dimension and this family.
I have never talked with another who understood how I could have these memories. I never understood how they could not.


What a powerful soul-searching confession you gave us. It made me feel a lot better about my own problems.

I can understand how you feel about having useful information that most people may not accept. I have received revelations about the true nature of life and reality that I believe could help improve the lives of almost anyone if they gave it an honest trial. However, since it is contrary to conventional wisdom, it is a very difficult sell.

Most people want to be like everyone else. They don't want to appear to be different or unusual. Of course, once some idea becomes popular then people are much more willing to accept it or even try it out. But this is just human nature.

That's why so few people made money during the Great Depression, for example. While everyone else was frightened and confused, a few stalwarts used their courage and common sense to take advantage of the new opportunities available.