Special Interviews
Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Censorship, Who is On Our CASE??

Whitley Strieber and Jim Marrs go deeper into the issue of censorship. Whitley tells the chilling story of what Parade Magazine did to him prior to the publication of Confirmation. His description of what it was like to give a talk at the Pentagon bookstore, literally TO a group of people who were probably behind this vicious and destructive act, is completely unforgettable. And Jim tells us just what has been censored in his own work. Then they BOTH describe their upcoming, earth-shattering books--which are coming out at a time when people finally have ears to hear the voices that have for so many years been crying in the desert.

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Whitley, have you ever sat down and had a deep conversation with David Icke? You lower yourself every time you put someone else down. Maybe you could sort out your bias with William Henry! David has been on William's show.
Also talk about evil and about darkness - which are concepts you often use - needs to be understood as a part of the illusion we human create moment by moment. The reality we inhabit is one of duality..... dark and light; good and bad; up and down, etc. It's an act of balance - like finding one's balance on a see-saw - and the tension created by this duality drives the continuation of our world. The more you include these dark concepts the deeper you sink into the mire of limitation. I can't read any of your fiction because I just refuse to go down that ugly path.
Beyond duality is unification and this is where we all need to be heading.
You hold a great deal of influence over people, so your limiting beliefs can be a problem for others.
You have set yourself up to take on this role....sorry........it's a tough one!
Thank you for editing out those nasty alterations to The Key. Its quite interesting for me, because I hardly remembered the original but now as I go through making the corrections I am suddenly most interested in what this Master had to say so I think your unknown censor did everybody a favour.



Dear Mr. Willmott,
I listened to Mr. Strieber's comment about David Icke.To say he was putting him down is an exaggeration. Perhaps you are overly sensitive due to a fondness of Mr. Icke's writings.
What really grabbed my attention were your comments on "talk about evil and darkness".
Auschwitz, Dachau and other such monstrosities were realities.In the 1930's most people refused to recognise and thus confront the approaching darkness.We are doing the same today.Evil is real. It has both an internal and external component.Mr. Strieber in talking about "these dark concepts" is throwing the light of a good soul on them and thus diminishing them.
Keep the faith.

I used to enjoy David Icke's books, but that was ten years back. He seems a perfectly likable chap and appears genuine enough in his message. Mr Icke's books have become a little dull and repetitive though and that's a personal observation and not a criticism. Anyone who gives a 7 to 10 hr stand-up lecture gets a round of applause from me, though that does begin to look 'a little' like brainwashing. Still, I enjoyed his early books... very rollercoasterish and good fun.