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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bigfoot DNA: the Backstory. What is Really Happening?

Whitley Strieber and Linda Moulton Howe have one of their stunning, amazing conversations, this time about bigfoot, the bigfoot DNA study and the controversies surrounding it, and, most riveting of all, what was actually unfolding in the world 15,000 years ago that lends shocking credibility to the finding that this new creature, which we now call bigfoot, came about at that time.

Then they go even deeper: why the frantically hostile scientific response to what is, after all, a set of findings that emerge out of ordinary, non-controversial DNA analysis done by established labs?

What is really going on here, and why all the hostility and controversy? You will gain deep insight from this amazing discussion. Not to be missed!

This material will be available late on Friday, February 22, not at our usual opening time of 10AM.

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Whitley, have you ever had any knowledge or dealings with Joan Ocean? You may know of her work with dolphins, but she also has interactions with a family of Sasquatch as well. Fascinating reading in addition to your wonderful interviews.
Perhaps mankind has the same abilities as Sasquatch, but they have been turned off? I feel this is true, and that we have to work to turn them back on!

Great show! Anyone interested in Sasquatch check out the work of David Paulides.
I think it is worth pointing out that Bigfoot does have a rap sheet which includes violence, abduction and sexual assault. Many different Native tribes have these storys in their history. Going into the woods alone may not be the wisest thing to do.

Well, innocent until proven otherwise won't hurt in this mysterious Sasquatch affair.

Am half way through watching the Star Wars epics (1,2 & 3 just viewed) and one can't but help wonder if George Lucas is one of a secret super elite with access to hidden history. Equally, maybe he just tapped into subconscious race memory with his depiction of the glorious 'partially-cuddly' Wookies.

Listening to Mrs Howe's account of a report of a Sasquatch/Wookie descending from a UFO left me fascinated and as the old saying goes, life is stranger than fiction.

Perhaps Man is descended, at least in part, from a space or dimension faring Wookie civilisation. Great stuff to ponder through the coming week as I shiver and rattle in these sub zero temperatures.

Another great interview with LMH, who can always be relied on to give well-supported material. Both of your speculations, Whitley and Linda, are provocative but measured, and ultimately, suggest that when we do finally - as a species - make contact with an alien species, it may be with a distant relative on our own home ground. Meanwhile, I think that Sasquatch shows remarkable good sense and understanding of humanity in his/her secrecy, because frankly, I do not think enough of us will respond too well to an alien, even a distant cousin. Look how we treat chimpanzees, even those who have learned sign language and are able to communicate to us as well as small children, despite the fact that we are genetically separated by less than 1%. I think that Sasquatch and ETs have shown remarkable patience in waiting for humanity to become less dangerous to what it does not understand. To me, that suggests genuine good will.

I finally got it to work on the computer. Perhaps it just doesn't work well on the iPhone? In any case thanks for fixing!

I too have read and enjoyed Joan Ocean's first hand account of dealing with Sasquatches (in a region of the US that she won't identify...other than the south west).

I'd rather not share too much personal information...but I will mention that I feel she is accurate (for personal reasons) in her accounts. That they are a very overly friendly race...and we should not have any fear what so ever (about them).

We should treat them as equals and not shoot them (for any cause...referring to the person who is saying they shot one and kept the body for a movie project. Reference that information on Project Avalon...among other forums).

I havn't physically seen a Sasquatch. I have felt them though.

I will leave it at that (and they are very helpful...another story I'd rather not share too publicly).

I doubt the current level of evolution of man allows us to be able to see them with our eyes. And that is for good reason. Man is filled with fear and fear doesn't allow the existential energies (higher) to excess. For example, you can live near a radiation plant...without feeling it's demented effects...and they are still there...in the water, the air, etc.. So too a man living with fear puts off an energy field that is harmful (whether he/she recognized it as such or not).

...just adding to this on-going discussion.