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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Anne Strieber Interviews Contactee 'Andrea'

'Andrea' joins the growing list of close encounter witnesses who have given an interview to Anne Strieber. These intervews are among the deepest and most detailed descriptions of contact experience anywhere in the world, and are among our most popular Unknowncountry.com features.

Andrea tells us a beautiful, disturbing and deeply felt story of a lifetime of contact with strange beings who range from the "shimmering" to "rough and pushy." This interview goes right to the most secret heart of close encounter when she describes her experience with the black box so familiar to many of us, and what it is like to be touched by the wand.

What is a close encounter? Well, that's a question we can't answer yet. How does one feel, though, and what happens? Guided by Anne's gentle and searching questions, Andrea will tell you!

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Dear Ann and Andrea,

I was very touched by your interview today as I have had an experience that in some ways resembles Andrea's.

I have only three really clear memories of what I believe may have been contact with a being who affected me the way the visitor with the black box affected Andrea. What is a little weird is that I just posted an article today about my 'final' encounter with this being I simply refer to as my 'friend' though if he was 'real' he was so much more! The 'final' encounter happened during either an OBE or a NDE; I'm not quite sure how to categorise it. I have tracheaitis from a particularly bad strain of strep throat that plagued me for years. The trachea closes and if I can't get it open again, I struggle and then pass out. In the article that I posted today on my blog, the OBE lasted about an hour which is why I wondered if it might in fact have been an NDE. There does seem to be some sort of connection between death and the 'visitors'.
I was never afraid in the presence of the being I refer to as my 'friend' although some of the others around him made me a bit uncomfortable. I believe they may have involved in vaguely remembered childhood incidents. I have never been hypnotised to see if there is a buried memory there but I am now considering doing so.

In any case, if Andrea is interested, here is the blog address:




Great interview Anne. Thanks to Andrea for sharing her experiences.
If you think Andrea may like to hear the track I wrote dedicated to Whitley and all Experiencers called It Was Not A dream, please forward her this link: http://www.icompositions.com/music/song.php?sid=134305
Whitley's comment on the track was; "Wow, that is haunting and beautiful. It really expresses the loneliness of our situation.
Thanks for sharing it, Joe".
All the best.

Dear Andrea and Anne,
I too have experienced "the caspers." Like Andrea, I searched for years for other people who had also experienced the little ghost-like things. That type of information is hard to find. I've only found it reported three other times. I've had a number of visitor experiences throughout my life. My casper experience took place in in the presence of a boyfriend, so I know it was real. There were several of them moving at an unnaturally fast pace, and sort of a jerky movement. They appeared in my living room one evening. There was another one that was different than the others and he seemed to be "observing the show." He was off to the side. They seem to be half in this dimension and half in another.

I'm interested if Andrea has been told any information about the coming years? any year or time specifically if possible? any visions? it's not uncommon for abductees to see visions of destruction and the time after 'the change'


Amazing!!!! Just Amazing!

Dear Andrea:

Your interview with Anne was very well done. You speak about your experiences with great clarity and grace. Your description of one being as “….vibrating, translucent, shimmering..with clear features one minute but utter lack of features the next…” is exactly how the beings in my life present themselves. That was a lovely and accurate way to describe them. I always thought it was a more gentle way for them to be present; easier on the mind. Once, I asked for one to fully materialize, thinking I was so comfortable with them at that point in my life that it would be quite natural for one to stand before me, but when it did, I was surprised at how I panicked. Something primal responded inside my brain and I was not as ready to have one stand beside me in full density as I thought I would be. They don’t like to scare me because it disrupts our work together, so I've decided the shimmering, water-like figures are a good idea.

The black box was very interesting. I’ve never seen one but your description made me think of the Kabba, also known as the Black Cube of Mecca. A book called "The Keys of Enoch," by J.J. Hurtak describes the Black Cube as something that represents “…the function and destruction of the three dimensional universes..” The cube may be symbolic of our three dimensional entrapment and maybe how we need to start thinking and living outside of the box, so to speak.

Thank you for sharing. I would like to hear more about your experiences.

Holy cow AMnLR, I know exactly what you're talking about! The extremely tall, bronze-colored being in my life would sometimes move in a flowing, slow and smooth way, as if he were working underwater, and other times he would be moving very fast in a mechanical way, like a fast forward video of a spider spinning a web. This guy was very weird, and all business. One being who stood off to the side, often outside a window or door, was completely different. I called him Watcher because he seemed to be observing everything going on. He was bright white, with features similar to the "grays" but with a smaller, more well proportioned head and face.

I haven't been very open about this stuff on this site until recently, and I like what I'm seeing! You are good people with very similar stories to share. Thank you for making this something I can talk about!

I used to run along the terraced iris beds on our creek with three Casper-like luminous beings bouncing along beside me. It was a gleeful experience, so Casper became one of my favorite cartoons...