Special Interviews
Thursday, April 19, 2012

Anne Strieber and Suzanne Chancellor: A Contactee with a NAME

Unknowncountry listeners are well aware of Anne Strieber's vast knowledge of the close encounter experience. She has probably read more letters from witnesses and talked to more of them than anyone alive. Here, she and Suzanne Chancellor compare notes, in the first interview in our contactee series where the witness is named.

Suzanne's experience has been lifelong, complex and highly provocative. Listen as she reveals to Anne--and to us--things she has never spoken about before.

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I've never felt there any more rational explanation for these experiences than what Anne describes. These are exquisitely planned stage plays pouring dissonance into every one of the senses to produce a kind of neuronal storm. I wonder if this is not so much a stimulator of left-brained development as it is a whole-brain one. Working amongst engineers I've seen intellectual limits imposed less by rote knowledge and more by imagination. There's an amazing synergy when established traits of logic and creativity are applied to solve problems. I'd expect the "playwrights" to appreciate this fact and develop methods to concurrently strengthen both.

Fantastic interview. Suzanne is profoundly brave. Thank you both!

When Anne talked about Communion & how people reacted to it, it brought back what happened to me. I had to have the book from the moment I saw it. Once I had the book I was laying on my bed reading it under a thick comforter all of a sudden something invisible about the size of a cat jumped up right in front of me on the bed mashing down the batting in the comforter. It scared me so bad. I have had sightings since I was 4 or 5 years old, i have even had a ship shine a very odd light on me but no contact.

Thank you for a fascinating interview with Ms. Suzanne Chancellor. I am really impressed with Suzanne for being so courageous, sincere and down to earth. Great job on the interview!

I was led to a cave. I wrote my experiences down and tried to get published for the last 10 years. My book is called The Alone. I finally re-typed it and put in a Kindle format.
On Amazon. for anyone who will read.