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Friday, November 2, 2012

Anne Strieber and Eben Alexander Compare Near Death Experiences

Anne Strieber and Eben Alexander compare Near Death Experiences, with provocative results. Since his NDE, Eben has been seeing what he regards as angelic presences. Here, he describes them in detail--and the answer will surprise you. Because of Anne's encyclopedic knowledge of the close encounter experience, she shares some unexpected information that surprised them both. Then Anne asks a hard question: why has Eben's NDE convinced him that there is life after death?

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Here's my take on quantum reality....."How would one experience energy space and quantum weirdness?"

You would have to stop using your memory and your human senses. Then you would exist in energy space, everything would be a wave. Memory entraps humans in a feedback loop, creating a self-constructed version of "reality". Memory is a form of tight focus, because of our attention span that puts us "in the local moment". We can return to the elapsed time again and again, which forms a memory loop (such as dwelling on a memory). Low frequency vibrations in particular are a trap.

Being in tune or aligned with the flow of energy in the Universe assists in experiencing reality as a wave of superposition.

The movie, "Tommy" suggested that by closing your eyes, ears, and plugging your mouth, you would attain a spiritual enlightenment. Many Eastern religions have asserted that by becoming the blind man, you will begin to see. You will begin to exist in quantum reality.

Sensory deprivation technique also uses this idea.

The distinction lies in between the conscious mind and the unconscious. The conscious mind is much smaller and more focused than the unconscious mind. The conscious mind remembers events, encodes them in the brain, and uses the senses. Fully enter the unconscious mind and reality behaves mostly like waves.

You can choose to experience reality as either particle or wave. You can set your mind to focus or loose. "Collapsing the waveform" means moving energy from a fuzzy (loose) state to a more crisp (focused) state.

Humans set the parameters of a machine to register either tight or loose reality. Tight focus reveals particle reality. Loose focus reveals wave reality.

To sum up, our memory and senses make us believe that objects have definite position. Eliminate the rigidity of memory and the tight focus of the human senses, and energy space takes over. We exist in a illusory reality, created by the beliefs imposed by memory. Quantum reality is less dense and restricted, it is a flow of layered possibilites. Our human senses and ancient brain (created for diurnal survival in a physical body) have created a dream world we all live in, one which is only a part of the much greater whole.