Special Interviews
Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Marie D. Jones has been a Dreamland guest and host for many years. A while back, she decided to form a UFO investigation group. Little did she know that the Men in Black phenomenon would come roaring into her life, leaving her in a state of sheer dread so great that she closed down the group. Listen as she tells us one of the most chilling stories in Nick Redfern's "The Real Men in Black"--her own! Plus, Whitley Strieber relates his terrifying MIB experience.

Deeper than ever insight from two of the world's best researchers--both with powerful firsthand MIB experiences.

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From my own personal experience, I know of the Man in Black that appears in the waking dream state. Art Bell once asked all his listeners that had seen a Man in Black to draw their recollection and scan it to send in as an email attachment. He received a couple of hundred which he posted on his website. Many were eerily similar to the one that appeared in my waking dream. I could not escape it, because sleep paralysis had me frozen, and it only disappeared when I could finally get my vocal cords to make a sound. I literally screamed it away and awoke with a start. I had been working the night shift for several months and arrived early at the job site so tried to nap for an hour before punching in. It was during one of these brief periods of sleep that it came, hovering on the edge of perception. Its presences was chilling and making it leave seemed to be an utmost imperative. A good likeness of that Man in Black was portrayed by Christopher LLoyd in Roger Rabbit: long black coat, wide brimmed black hat, the only difference being the one that I saw had its face completely in the shadow so no definition, but I don't recall the eyes (red, bug-eyed or otherwise), though I just may be mentally blanking on that feature.

On the other hand, I live on Maury Island in the middle of Puget Sound between Tacoma and Seattle. That is where, a few days prior to Capt Kenneth Arnold's famous 1947 Mt Rainier UFO sighting, the Maury Island incident occurred ushering in the modern era of Men in Black of which there have been many movies made. http://www.ufosnw.com/history_of_ufo/mauryisland1947/mauryisland1947.htm

I have not yet listened to Marie D Jones or Whitley tell of their experiences, but I have it downloaded and will put it on my MP3 player, so I can listen to it after the sun goes down.

Hi: Can someone help me with a technical question. I am uninterested in listening to audios, mp3s re:interviews. Are the same interviews posted somewhere in written form so that I can read it instead? I have written and asked this question to the people in charge, but no one has responded. I am not very computer literate, as you can tell. Thanks. Journnie G.

Your best bet may be to run the audio/MP3 through a speech recognition program like Dragon that will type it out for you.

Thank you.

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