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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Aliens Walking the Earth as Human and Native Shapeshifter Legends

Audie Sixkiller Clarke mentions in her book that one of the great fears of government insiders is that aliens who appear human might get involved in government. At the beginning of the interview, Whitley tells what happened when such people came to believe that HE was such a being, then Audie describes other people who believe they are alien or part alien, and what their lives are like. (Whitley says that he is completely human, as far as he knows, and that the difficulty he had was an example of the incompetence and arrogance of the government insiders.) "We are not only looking at alien human hybrids but it goes even deeper," Whitley says, and then they get into the long Native American tradition of shapeshifting and how it relates to the visitor-human connection.

"Are you getting this folks," Whitley says at one point, when Audie describes an event similar to something that happened to him, which happens again and again in this exciting interview. Whitley doesn't suggest that you fasten your seatbelt before listening to this one, but you might think about doing just that!

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Enjoyed listening to Ardy Clark very much. I actually bought her book a few days ago, not knowing she was going to be a guest on Dreamland.

I have to say, the book is very good. Believeable stories and you feel the love Audie has for these people and the trust they have in her. The stories are wonderful and as you read you wished all people understood as much as these good people do.

I am only a little over halfway through the book and all the stories related on Dreamland are all in the first half of the book, so looking forward to the rest of the stories.

Thanks for having Ardy on.

Very very interesting you do meet some wonderful people.