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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Alien Viruses--Discoveries You Need to be Aware Of

Hidden deep in the most secret levels of government files is information about an unwanted side-effect of alien contact: the appearance of bizarre viruses.
"Every time the retrieval teams got close to these objects, they came down with an Ebola-like virus," says Nick Redfern when discussing an almost unknown UFO event that took place deep in the area of Texas known as the Big Thicket.

Then there's the story of a finding that suggests that aliens might attempt at times to intentionally seed our world with viruses. "Personnel at Fort Deckert came to the unsettling conclusion that the spheres were being intentionally crashed on Earth in order to seed the planet with the viruses they contained."

And there's more...much more.

Listen and learn, folks!

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That's heavy... Really scary! Can't wait to listen to this!

for two guys who WROTE this book their insights into the deeper aspects of what they wrote was very lacking.

I don't know what's more scary: that human beings here on Earth are continually developing and probably testing (on unsuspecting populations) biological weapons, or that aliens might be intentionally seeding viruses. Either scenario is possible, perhaps both together, and both are equally evil. However...it seems to me that ETs with the technical capabilities to come to Earth, abduct unwilling humans and carry out some of the other activities that have been reported would have the ability to rapidly and easily spread deadly or even gene-changing viruses from various centres across the planet without detection, so if there are really entities out there determined to destroy our species with biological means, surely we would be seeing widespread effects.

Perhaps such ill-intentioned entities are for some reason prevented from direct slaughter of humans, perhaps by other ETs, or perhaps even by some kind of cosmic laws of which we earthlings are ignorant. Perhaps they can only work their malice through us, with our cooperation or participation ... and no doubt there are elements right here that have and will provide that. Or perhaps the goal is not our destruction, but our enslavement, which would be greatly advanced through the encouragement of fear, divisiveness and ignorance. I firmly believe that that IS the goal of hidden elements in our own governments, military and vast commercial corportations... so why not some races of ETs?

Given all possibilities, I choose to heed the teachings of great masters and prophets throughout the ages, that we - human beings - will bring about our own destruction, or save ourselves from possible destruction. That is what the master of Whitley's Key strongly implied, and what human history - as far back as we know it - indicates: we either wise up and evolve, or we destroy ourselves, and perhaps, after aeons, rise again, or perhaps this time, we don't.

Fear, paranoia, hatred, suspicion and all the negatives that these generate will not help us, and will only strengthen that which feeds off our fears and seeks to control us. Instead, we must make ourselves stronger and more committed to humanity's lasting wellbeing. We must consider how we choose to live, and how we might live less wastefully, less destructively, more lightly on our planet. We must stop relinquishing our power and autonomy to those who would control us, and stop being so gullible and naive. We must learn to know our friends from our enemies, when we come across them, and good from evil, under whatever guise it comes. We must consider how to relate better to each other and develop more cooperative, compassionate, honest relationships with each other, individually, socially and globally.

Don't expect governments to do this for us. Don't wait for the media to give us the truth. The main reason I am a member of this site is because the information presented here, and the discussions from its audience can help us to know what is really happening in our world, and realise that, like it or not, we are involved in a real battle between good and evil. This community also helps us to understand that we are not alone, and can, if we so choose, help to create a powerful force for change and good.

And of course, we must do what anyone would do to strengthen their immunity to viruses - home grown or alien: be healthy, clean and strong in body and mind, eat food untainted by toxins, and focus on health rather than fear of illness.

These strategies may seem fragile in the face of possible threats (from within and without), but they are better than sitting in our living rooms trembling and wondering when doom will fall upon us. And if there is indeed some kind of universal principle, some underlying ethic of free will and non-violation of a planet's integrity, as I suspect there may be, then we have our future in our hands. What are we going to do about it?

Apologies for taking up so much space, but I wanted to mention that a lake in the Carmargue region of France inexplicably turned blood red in August 2012, around the same time the Kerala, India red rains mentioned in this interview occurred. (Not the first time at Kerala, by the way).

No one came up with a credible explanation of the French lake, but Indian officials did report that the Kerala rains were caused by some kind of algae. Maybe. But that still does not explain the French lake, where salty crystals were reported, and the other red water events mentioned in The Examiner (11 Aug 2012) in other parts of the world.

Tosca Zraikat ............ hello there,
I agree with what you say, but WHO is listening ? I would try to discuss things like this to people at my work and get shrugged off with looks that indicate that I am a madman. What can one do ? ...... nothing at all. It is like there is 10,000 people and one small voice trying to get those folk to hear. 10,000 calling out with a small voice and billions going about their daily wants and not hearing anything .........
Many thanks
Wild Bill