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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Alex Hearn Faces Bigfoot

Alex Hearn and a friend found an enormous toenail in an area frequented by bigfoot. They sent it to a lab and were told that it was human. The problem is, it's size was such that whoever it had belonged to would have to be over seven feet tall. Next, they sent it to Dr. Melba Ketchum of the Sasquatch Genome Project who got some very different results. And there the controversy began as debunkers, skeptics and deniers leaped on the story from literally every direction, questioning the study, the honesty of Dr. Ketchum, the validity of the evidence until the whole thing became a screaming maelstrom of confusion and denial.

But what REALLY happened? What was it like to actually find the toenail? Where was it found? Under what conditions was it preserved? But beyond that, is there any scientific basis for Dr. Ketchum's finding that the toenail and other DNA she studied suggests that the mother was a homo sapies and the father another hominid, but of an unknown kind.

Whitley Strieber offers an absolutely fascinating theory about how this may logically have happened at the time that it appears that the DNA first emerged.

One thing is guaranteed: you will NOT find a discussion about this subject this good anywhere else at all.

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