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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Adolf Hitler in Asia

When we interviewed Peter Levenda about Ratlines in 2012, he was on a very cold trail that led to Adolf Hitler--not in Berlin or South America, but in Asia. Speaking to us from Singapore, he tells us about the recent breakthroughs he has made that suggest that Hitler did indeed survive the war, and made it all the way to a distant island in Southeast Asia.

Sound farfetched? After you listen to this, you're going to be astonished and chilled to the bone. Peter has found some absolutely earth shaking documents. He tells us the whole story.

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Well, I was waiting for someone to mention the Agarthic Monks in Berlin. Hitler was a follower of Agartha and not so much Shamballa, for some reason this interesting little tidbit of historical fact, is often covered over by the usual suspects, and it seems that none of the "Authorities" ever want to discuss this. Of course this site is one of the few that covers this sort of thing, and it leads to many questions about the Tibetan religion and its current followers....

Ah yes the Dalai Lama. I hear people refer to the Tibetans as those peace loving, gentle Buddhists. This is one of the great myths that we like to subscribe to. Until the Chinese invaded Tibet still had a system of slavery and caste which had more in common with Europe in the dark to middle ages than to the Shangri-la of our dreams.
The Dalai Lama and his family are not the gentle teddy bears of our dreams either.
Sometimes growing up is hard to do.

Good old Peter Levenda. Great stuff.

One thing, looking at Peter's pic, I had to wonder, is Peter Levenada Art Bell's mini-me..? (mit bart).

Wow pretty shocking stuff I have the book Seven Years in Tibet by Heinrich Harrrer and have only kept it so long because when I asked my mother if she had any books that were, well different from all the usual, she gave me that one.I was only12 at the time . He was the tutor to the Dalai Lama so pretty influential I would say,and was very close to him which apparantely worried the religious hierarchy.I really enjoyed the book and all the time he had a different agenda!!!!!!!!!

Wow is right! I could've never have imagined a connection between Hitler, Tibet and the Dalai Lama. In an effort to learn more, I Googled Agarthic Monks in Berlin and found a link to a Google Question on the Subject: Re: 2 Tibetan Monks in Nazi Germany? As soldiers? which was Answered By: journalist-ga on 10 Jun 2002 at http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview?id=18654. It almost sounds like more research done by Peter Lavenda. Definitely worth reading.

I wonder about Dr. (S)Poch too, the resemblance is quite close, but no cigar...

I know this premise, and I do appreciate the research, but you gotta admit the title sound like a "Three Stooges" episode. Knuck knuck.