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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Precognitive Dreaming: When It's Real, When It's Not

On Wednesday night, just hour before interviewing one of the world's great dream experts, Whitley Strieber had a terrifying dream experience of being assassinated. He describes this dream to Robert Moss and they discuss its possible meanings and, above all, how to determine when a dream really is precognitive, and what we can to to help our good dreams come true, and keep our bad ones from happening.

In the dream, Whitley was told that nothing could be done to help him from the other side, but the dream itself WAS help--unless it was, well, just a dream.

Learn about the inner workings of dream study and dream analysis is this powerful session with Robert Moss. And, by the way, Whitley's dream is really chilling...

Robert's website is MossDreams.com

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What a wonderful interview. What Anne is going to is unbelievable. How strong you both are. The poem at the end was perfect. Thank you for everything.

Wow, three weeks of awesome Dreamland and Subscriber's interviews. All of them very special!

This was a great interview, as all of your interviews are great. After hearing about Anne, I am sending you healing energy and prayers.

Sorry to hear about Anne. I've also noticed a bout of bad luck recently, but it stopped quick enough. I wonder if some planetary body was in 'retrograde' for a time.

Prayers for you and Anne Whitley...