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Linda Moulton Howe and Whitley on Mysterious Booms Recorded at His House, then Mia Feroleto on the Power of the Final Consciousness and Contact Conference

On July 15, Whitley was meditating at about 4AM when two loud booms detonated in quick succession outside of his house. He assumed that they were firecrackers and thought nothing…read more

The Pentagon’s UFO Report: The Truth Is Out There, but You Might Have To Dig for It

…change, pandemics and culture wars. But while the lede appears to have been buried, it might be useful to take a look at what some of the major news outlets…read more

What’s the Big Deal? The Pentagon Admitted UFOs were “Not of This World” 74 Years Ago

…the authenticity of the Twining Memo, which would mean that craft that defy gravity and can exceed the speed of sound without generating a sonic boom and can do all…read more

Former Director of National Intelligence Confirms UFO Sightings by US Military, More to Come in Unclassified Report

boom.” “I think it’ll be healthy for as much of this information to get out there as possible so that the American people can see some of the things that…read more

A Nearby Star System’s Orbital Resonance Causes Five Exoplanets to Dance

…lead study author Adrian Leleu, an astrophysicist at the Center for Space and Habitability of the University of Bern. TOI-178, a K-type star about two-thirds the size of our own,…read more

Coronavirus Immunity May Last—and May Even Improve—for At Least Six-Months After Infection

…“This is really exciting news,” says Nussenzweig. “The type of immune response we see here could potentially provide protection for quite some time, by enabling the body to mount a…read more

Seneca Guns Prove to be a Real Mystery

…Guns” is a mystery boom that has been heard for over 150 years. These booms sound like distant artillery fire, with some of the sounds loud enough to vibrate buildings…read more

As Above, So Below: New Study Finds Striking Similarities Between the Structure of the Universe and the Human Brain

…are well-defined networks, made up of nodes (galaxies in the larger, individual neurons in the smaller) that are connected via filaments; neurons and galaxies both have a typical scale radius…read more

Could There Be Planets in the Cosmos Even More Habitable Than Earth?

type of star that burns hotter than most main-sequence stars, and the hotter the star, the quicker it runs through the supply of hydrogen it has to fuel its fusion process….read more

Are We a Designer Species that is Being Genetically Altered RIGHT NOW?

…is the first organized node of contact between mankind and other worlds, and this show is a perfect example of what that means. You can visit Bruce and Daniella on…read more

China is Fighting a New COVID-19 Outbreak: Has the Virus Changed?

…is a type of virus that uses ribonucleic acid (RNA) rather than deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) to reprogram host cells into building copies of the virus; RNA lacks the internal error-correction…read more

PEN America’s Guide on COVID-19 and Disinformation

…your feed or finding their way into your DMs. 1. Distinguish between news and opinion. Some stories look like news but are actually opinion pieces. Is it news? Is it…read more

Finally, Some Good News About the Coronavirus: It Doesn’t Mutate as Much as the Flu

(Updated Mar 28 07:15 PST to reflect current numbers) Researchers studying the genetics of SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes the disease known as COVID-19, have uncovered some good news regarding…read more

Dimming Supergiants and Strange Gravity Waves: Is Betelgeuse About to Explode?

…as there is an estimated 100,000 years left on the clock before Betelgeuse goes boom. What is most likely happening is an odd synchronicity between two of Betelgeuse’s known dimming…read more

2019 Was a Banner Year for UFO News

2019 was a year alive with UFO news, with a plethora of information—including acknowledgement of the phenomenon—flowing from official sources. These stories ran the gamut from new witnesses to the…read more

The Nazca Lines Have 143 New Members in Their Geoglyphic Family

…between 100 and 300 CE, towards the later years of the Nazca civilization. The team labeled this group of geoglyphs as “Type A”. Type B geoglyphs were somewhat older, ranging…read more

Green is Good for the Environment, and the Economy Too

A recent review of the US energy sector has discovered that despite the past decade’s oil and gas boom, the green economy employed 10 times as many people as the…read more

Russian Nuclear Accident Involved a Nuclear Reactor, According to Experts

…an expert with the Union of Concerned Scientists, explained in an August 26 Tweet. “More information is needed before conclusions about the type of reactor can be reached.” Reportedly, two…read more

Is Natural Gas the ‘New Coal’? Current LNG Expansion Jeopardizes Paris Agreement Goals

…of coal as an energy source is steadily waning, the report, prepared by the Global Fossil Infra-structure Tracker and titled “The New Gas Boom: Tracking Global LNG Infrastructure”, warns that…read more

The Secret War for Souls

On Friday this website published a story about mysterious booms in Pennsylvania  that was he only story on the subject in the world that discussed the long history of such…read more

Mysterious Booms are Back–and As Always, the Media Doesn’t Remember a Thing

…are typically localized rather than spreading over a wide area as would the sonic boom of a passing jet that was flying faster than the speed of sound. The boomsread more

Researchers have Developed a Device that can Listen to your Inner Voice

…and type in the passcode and open an app and type in some search keyword, and the whole thing requires that I completely shift attention from my environment and the…read more

UPDATE: UFO Spotted Over AZ by Airline Pilots Was Not a Balloon

…wing surface, some type of a tail, really no matter what type of airplane it is.” “What was weird about it, normally, if you have an object and the sun…read more

Unknowncountry and Politics

…least informed enough to know that. It is no “tracking device” but rather a node in a breathtakingly sophisticated communications system. To have the use of it is a remarkable…read more

Faux News Spreads Faster on Twitter than Real News

With the rampant proliferation of fictitious stories that are presented as legitimate news, new methods of sorting out real information from faux news stories has become increasingly important, especially as…read more

Polar Vortex Split Causes Superstorm-like Winter Havoc in Europe

…Day After Tomorrow”, the 2004 movie based on Art Bell and Whitley Strieber’s 1999 book, “The Coming Global Superstorm”. Centered over northern Siberia, the node that descended into the Eastern…read more

Michigan Meteor Causes 2.0 Earthquake — and may have Reached the Earth’s Surface

…Michigan. The meteorite fell about five miles (8 kilometers) from the village of New Haven. “After reviewing several observational datasets, the NWS can confirm the flash and boom was NOT…read more

The Phenomenon of Mysterious Booms Continue Worldwide

The phenomenon of mysterious booms is continuing around the world, with the sound of unexplained explosions being reported from locales as diverse as Michigan, Lapland, St Ives, Swansea and Yorkshire….read more

SpaceX’s Big [Freakin’] Rocket could carry Passengers to the Moon, Mars… and Manchester?

…above the atmosphere, limiting (and possibly eliminating) the sonic boom the vehicle would produce. What finally did the Concorde in were design constraints that limited its capacity to a mere…read more

A Phenomenal OBE Now Confirmed

…creatures, but what they do I don’t know. My sense is that they collect energy in the same way that leeches collect blood. Perhaps a specific type of energy, I don’t…read more

2016 Records a Decline in Carbon Dioxide Emissions in the U.S.

…reason is the switch from coal to natural gas-fired plants, as the cost of natural gas has decreased due to the fraking boom seen over the past decade — natural…read more

Trump’s Ecological Policies Face Fierce Opposition from 75 U.S. Cities

…once again experiencing an energy boom – this time, with wind power. In fact, the majority of wind jobs in the U.S. are in congressional districts that voted for you.” …read more

‘Are We Alone in the Universe?’: Winston Churchill’s Scientific Essay on Extraterrestrial Life

…this immense universe which contains living, thinking creatures, or that we are the highest type of mental and physical development which has ever appeared in the vast compass of space…read more

Unknowncountry, Your Privacy and Security

…it a daily news site in 2001. Since then, it has amassed one of the largest archives of rational alternative news, science news and radio programming in the world. Each…read more

Mystery Booms Plague the City of Alhambra, CA

…or fire can be seen: “No one has seen the cause of the booms, smelled it or found remnants of fireworks,” according to Alhambra City Manager Mark Yokoyama, “and the…read more

Apollo 10 Transcripts Reveal “Outer-Space-Type-Music” Heard by Astronauts

…Science Channel series, “NASA’s Unexplained Files,” the astronauts aboard Apollo 10 discussed a strange whistling sound heard over their headsets, described by lunar module pilot Eugene A. Cernan as “outer-space-typeread more

Carbon Dioxide Loading Leading to Unexpected Plankton Growth in Oceans

…study details a tenfold increase in the abundance of a type of floating phytoplankton between 1965 and 2010, and a particularly sharp spike since the late 1990s. “Something strange is…read more

US Air Force Textbook on UFOs from 1968: Introductory Space Science- Vol II

…(how much, where, when, color) h. Smoke or cloud (amount, color, persistence) i. Debris (type, amount, color, persistence) j. Inhibition of voluntary movement by observers k. Sighting of “creatures” or…read more

Have We Found an Alien Civilization?

…be a signature artifact of Type 2 alien civilizations, measured on the Kardashev Scale, a system developed in 1964 by Russian astronomer Nikolai Kardashev to measure the development of such…read more

Linda Moulton Howe: Bizarre Cat Mutilations are a Worldwide Scourge, PLUS a Mysterious Boom, an Injured Woman

…of the show, a mysterious boom throws a woman across a beach and injures her. Cat mutilations are generally dismissed as predator action, but officials never bother to explain the…read more

Booms Shake the US

…temperature in the areas that experienced the booms last week. Cryoseismic booms produce shaking and noises, and are related to sudden freezing of the ground. But this phenomenon would only…read more

Is Earth’s CRUST About to Shift?

Since we last talked to Rand Flem-Ath about crustal shift, Earth’s magnetic pole has begun wandering dramatically, and earthquakes of unknown origin as well as unexplained booms have become commonplace….read more

2nd Week with Linda Howe: the Bizarre 1st 12 Days of January

Unexplained booms, bizarre earthquakes–the first 12 days of January are almost beyond explanation. Learn more in this special 1 hour Dreamland. The second half hour is the section normally reserved…read more

Quakes, Booms and Pole Shift

Earth’s magnetic pole is shifting much faster than predicted. Could this be the reason for unusual earthquake clusters and unexplained booms? Linda Moulton Howe reports. 1st of a 2 part…read more

What’s Shakin’? Oklahoma’s SuperSonic Boom in Earth-Shaking Experiences

…there was no earthquake activity registered on seismometers during the January 8-9 booms. He speculated that the booms might be caused by something above the surface of the earth, even…read more

Booms are Back Update: New Hampshire Last Night

Unexplained booms are back. We are getting reports from both the US and the UK about these loud, shattering noises. If you have a boom to report, please write either…read more

Weekender: ASpIRE – New Voice Recognition Software Creates Limitless Potential To Spy On Any Conversation

…utilised, including iPhones, the new Google Moto X superphone and the Apple Watch. But would this type of data collection be legal? The defeat of the U.S.A. Freedom Act now…read more

Is There A Russian Satellite Saboteur In Space?

…is now tracking the object with increasing interest amidst fears that Russia may be reviving its old “satellite killer” programme, originally formed in the late 1980s. This type of “anti-satellite”…read more

Scientists Create New “Disappearing” Plastic, Whilst Our Plastic Waste Is Mysteriously Disappearing…

…new type of plastic that can be broken down into molecules when exposed to a specific type of light. What is even better news is that once the plastic has…read more

Halloween Week On Unknown Country: Good News For Vampires? Bespoke Blood May Soon Be Possible

…the laboratory all of the different types of cells in human blood is one key step closer to reality. Writing in the the journal Nature Communications, a group led by…read more

Weekender: Science Proves That “We Are All Connected”

…inaccessible to others outside our impenetrable physical forms. Or are they? As a new age concept, the Global Consciousness is old news, but science likes to find evidence over faith;…read more

Is An Even Larger Eruption Brewing At Mount Ontake?

…rose again early this morning. There’s the chance things could get even worse, so caution is needed,” Yasuhide Hasegawa told Reuters news agency. “This points to possibly increasing pressure due…read more

Is The Universe A Hologram?

…in a certain way, and being influenced by the movements of space itself. This type of “Holographic noise” is always expected to be present at all frequencies, but the real…read more

U.S. Fears That Terror Groups Could Seize Radioactive Materials

…to constitute a major terrorist threat as the type of uranium stolen was either relatively inactive or of natural origin, not the type of enriched uranium that would be required…read more

Weekender: Quantum Biology? Scientists Discover Amazing Quantum Processes At Work In Nature

types of animal cells have the same ability to reach out and synapse with one another in order to communicate, using signaling proteins as units of information instead of the…read more

Cellphones Data Can Now Track Anyone Anywhere, And The Technology Is Available To All

…individuals with either their consent or a court ruling, but internationally, no legal standard has been set and no global regulatory body exists in order to monitor this type of…read more

Weekender: Timeline Jumping – A Glimpse Into the Complex World of Selective Existence

…timelines, which in turn create “time nodes”, a phenomena that occurs when two or more timelines come together and realities from one can “bleed” into another, or may be psychically…read more

Think Plagues Are Past History? Think Again… Now We Are Creating Our Own

…symptoms which include painful lymph node swellings known as “bubos”. Though modern day medicine is able to effectively treat bubonic plague with antibiotics, it is still deadly if it is…read more

Weekender – The Future Could Be Mind Controlled…

…every type of experiment. Now MIT engineers have developed a light-sensitive molecule that enables neurons to be silenced noninvasively, using an external light source, negating the need for an implanted…read more

Mysterious Booms Heard Down Under

…Observatory, theorized that the booms could be meteors creating sonic booms, as several loud bollide incidents had previously occurred in New Zealand, but he had to discount the theory when…read more

Weekender: Can Childhood Stress Shape Our Lives and Affect Our Destiny?

…Hanson and Pollak say the automated software measurements from other studies may be prone to error. Indeed, their hand measurements found that children who experienced any of the three types…read more

The World Within Us: “Friendly” Intestinal Bacteria Are Crucial For Good Health

…and help the body to function more effectively. More and more research is confirming that these types of good bacteria make significant contributions to our overall health, and can also…read more

Can Brain Implants Stop School Shootings, Or Are They Causing Them?

…by Huffington Post journalist Mark Gongloff using the EGS data, which was compiled using news reports available in the public domain. It highlights that multiple shootings have occurred in Atlanta,…read more

Battery Hens Could Receive Matrix-Style Life Enhancement Technology

…perceived experience of roaming freely and socialising with other birds, thereby enhancing their physical and psychological well-being. Oculus Rift headsets are better known for attempting to provide avian-type experiences for…read more

Weekender: Is Technology the New Terror?

types of relationships issues seemed to occur in both long-standing and less committed connections, said Clayton, and he advised that, to avoid this type of conflict, couples could operate shared…read more

Weekender: Mysteries of the Pyramids Revealed?

…study discredit this explanation, and that the type of jar used in the painting suggests that the liquid being poured is definitely water and not oil or any other typeread more

Whales Affected By Sonar More Profoundly Than Previously Thought

…our unconscious learning and psychological health. Noise can be even more disturbing when it is unexplained, such as the strange “booms” and “hums” that plague residents of many areas around the…read more

Weekender: Could the Chilling Fate of Flight MH370 Soon Be Revealed?

…it travelled from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Any morsel of new information regarding its whereabouts is being seized upon by the world’s media, hungry for any news that might shed…read more

“Robot Sex” Helps Scientists To Study Evolution

…Elfwing discovered that 75% of the robots elected to become “trackers”, a type of robotic Don Juan whose primary motivation was to seek new mating partners, whilst the remainder of…read more

Yet More Unexplained Explosions, this Time in the UK

Residents of Highgate, a posh London suburb, are now reporting unexplained booms. These continue to be heard in many areas, especially in the United States, but it is a worldwide phenomenon. Unfortunately,…read more

Weekender:Science Proves Our Subconscious Beliefs Affect Our Health and Life Outcomes

…genes. These type of physiological effects would be associated with improved recovery times after stress or illness, indicating that mindfulness could dramatically improve health outcomes. “To the best of our…read more

Why Do Dogs Poop In Alignment With The Earth’s Magnetic Field?

…with depictions and descriptions of unusual animal behaviour to look out for. Other studies have been able to provide solid evidence of this type of behavior in other animals: Israeli…read more

Is There Really A Risk From Cell Phone Radiation?

…our environment is literally teeming with them, assaulting our bodies with a daily dose of their own particular brand of radiation. The specific type of radiation emanating from mobile devices…read more

Flight MH370 – Is Sealed Evidence Being Concealed From The Public?

The most recent news relating to the missing Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight MH370 is that it now lies at the bottom of the south Indian Ocean, off the coast of…read more

Science confirms another “Master of the Key” Prediction

…could be useful in this type of application, occupying the same role that gyroscopes play in spacecraft and aeroplane navigatio, and maybe someday in the future they could be made…read more

Weekender – Time Signature: How Music Plays With Our Perceptions

…by Jacob Jolij and Maaike Meurs from the Psychology Department of the University of Groningen, revealed that listening to different types of music also had a marked effect on our…read more

Surveillance Technologies May Soon Make Anonymity Impossible

…knowledge or control over its use, and facial recognition software measures unique biological patterns in each individual, similar to DNA sequencing, so this type of biometric data is considered to…read more

John Hogue on a Hidden Supervolcano

John Hogue has been predicting for years that supervolcanoes were more restless than scientists believe, and now the prestigious scientific Journal Nature Geoscience has published a new discovery about these…read more

Spy Agencies Exploit Smartphone Apps in Trawl for Personal Information

type of data that could be supplied by various platforms: some app platforms are fairly limited but can still generate details such as handset ID and version which can be…read more

Scientists Finally Capture Authentic Ball Lightning

…conjunction with a spectrometer, a device that used to measure the components of different types of light in order to identify the substances that may have produced it. The camera…read more

Weekender: Exoplanets & Waterworlds – Alien Life Now Ten Times More Likely

…solar system that contains not one, but two water-covered planets. The “exo-planets”, as those planets outside our own system are known, orbit the star Kepler-62, a type K star which…read more

Gone too FARS? News Of US-Alien-Hitler Liaison Causes Media Flurry

…nutters don’t think much of it.” The Snowden stories are delightfully imaginative pieces of news, which, if true, would be worthy of front page news across the planet. They merely…read more

Weekender:Fukushima – The Real Story

…undertaken by Deep Sea News, an online news site whose writers comprise a very credible and authoritative body of academics, and it was determined that this event could have nothing…read more

Christmas Special: Is a Virgin Birth Scientifically Possible?

…from the Greek παρθένος, parthenos, meaning “virgin” and γένεσις, genesis, meaning “birth”. This type of procreation is a form of asexual reproduction which is common in the plant kingdom, but…read more

Merciful Chest Fever: Did The Aliens Influence Some Important Lyricists? By Sean Casteel

…on the moon as a feminine archetype and there is even a loose association with the notion of the Sisters of Mercy coming from outer space. “And you won’t make…read more

Ancient History Reveals More Secrets

…but Sahle has some theories, including the input of a ‘Steve Jobs’ type of individual in the local area who may have been responsible for the advanced techniques: “High-quality raw…read more

Minority Report: Is Pre-Crime Now a Legal Reality?

…to engage in targeted prevention activities that could disrupt the cause of crime before the crime happens.” This type of programme is not restricted to the US: a pilot scheme…read more

Halloween Special: Could your house be haunted?

…evicting errant entities she also runs F&F Pest & Termites Control in Turnersville, N.J. “I consider it another type of house cleaning,” she chuckled. The most widely-used method of cleansing…read more

Do we now have a date for Doomsday?

…Russians took the latest news very seriously: Russian Vice Premier Dmitry Rogozin, who is in charge of Russian space research, wrote a disturbing post on Twitter after the news was…read more

Water Found on Mars, So Is the Planet Alive? Our Unique Take

The Red Planet is in the news again this week: it appears that the planet which is in line for a bashing next year from Comet Siding Spring could once…read more

Fireballs Rain Down as Another Asteroid Near Miss Takes Place. What’s Going On?

…space – you can always rely on Unknowncountry to keep you informed about the news you need to know. To find out how to keep the news coming, click here….read more

Unknowncountry Weekender: Alien Life in Our Stratosphere

…to have drifted upwards from Earth unless they had been propelled into the outer atmosphere by a volcanic eruption. No volcanic events of this type had occurred within three years…read more

Organic Matter Found in Meteor: Life from Space?

…of the Sierra Nevada. The object’s descent was also visible across Nevada and created a sonic boom and fierce winds. Initially, the meteor was thought to be of little interest…read more

Edgar Mitchell Tells Bloomberg News: UFO Coverup Must End

In an article on Bloomberg News, Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell was asked about the Roswell incident, and replied that he had been contacted not only by the man who delivered…read more

Strange Sounds July 9 in Florida, Canada and Brazil

…identified as hoaxes, but many remain unknown. In 2012, the strange sounds evolved into strange booms, and Linda Moulton Howe did a definitive report about them on Dreamland on April 25….read more

Extreme Energy, Extreme Implications: Interview with Michael Klare

…from the perspective of the unconventional oil and gas boom in the US? Michael Klare: The United States emerged from the end of the Cold War with the most powerful…read more

New Scientific Wonders Echo Visitor Skills

Being constantly bombarded with bad news, it’s hard to remember that we live in a world of wonders, and science promises real miracles ahead. A visitor once said to a…read more

To Frack–Or NOT to Frack

…BBC News, Jason Palmer quotes geologist Geoffrey Abers as saying, “There’s something important about getting unexpectedly large earthquakes out of small systems that we have discovered here, The risk of…read more

Strange Shaking in New Jersey

Unexplained booms and shaking incidents disturbed residents of southern New Jersey on March 19 and 20. The US Geologic Survey says that it didn’t detect any earthquakes, and military officials said…read more


…a seizure. It turned out this as set off by a certain type of prescription cough medicine I had taken for the hacking cough that was keeping me awake all…read more

Mystery booms and UFO sighting in South Carolina

Mystery booms were heard in and around Columbia, South Carolina yesterday afternoon. No source was identified. There was nothing in the air making sonic booms, and no earthquakes took place. These…read more

Fracking Seen from Space

…with a method that is freeing us from dependence on foreign oil but is causing growing concern about damage to the environment. Are some of the “booms” we’re hearing caused…read more

Booms, storms, strange lights and more: January was one WEIRD month.

January has been a very strange month, and take a look at Betsy Lewises theory about the fish and sea life dieoffs on her blog. These are interesting times, folks,…read more

Mad Cow Medicine

…as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS) (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to these shows). All of these conditions are associated with a similar type of deformation in the…read more

Is a War Between the Worlds Breaking Out?

The strange phenomenon of the booms must have a natural origin, but there is no clear answer as to what that might be. Whitley Strieber asks Linda Moulton Howe for…read more

Strange Explosions Sweeping the US: Are They a Threat?

…exactly, people are hearing. For the last two years, Linda has been reporting on strange booms, flashes of light, ominous trumpet sounds and similar unexplained phenomena worldwide. A phenomenon of…read more

Who is More Stressed by Bad News?

…study that revealed this also had a clearer recollection of the information they had learned. Researcher Marie-France Marin says, “It’s difficult to avoid the news, considering the multitude of newsread more

Strange Sounds Haunt a Noisy World

…ocean has become a noisy place too, due to the sonar blasts of military exercises, the booms from air guns used in oil and gas exploration, and the noise from…read more

Booms Again!

…new cracks in it. There have also been reports of loud booms in Arizona, Rhode Island, Alabama, and Texas. Could these booms have anything to do with UFOs? Whitley knows…read more

Another Michigan UFO Sighting

…numerous mystery booms. The video in this report could be either an unknown or a distant plane with its landing lights on, but that doesn’t change the fact that the…read more

High Strangeness on Upper Narragansett Bay

We just published a story about a loud boom, lights descending into Narragansett Bay and nothing being found. Incredibly, as the story sourced here shows, the same thing happened there on October…read more

Discovery of a Homeless Planet

…star. Researcher Jonathan Gagné says, “Over the past few years, several objects of this type have been identified, but their existence could not be established (before).” Astrophysicist Étienne Artigau says,…read more

December 21, 2012: Too Much of Nothing by Sean Casteel

…1987 was a success, but for Arguelles it was merely a dress rehearsal for a bigger type of event – the Harmonic Convergence of 2012. And what should we expect…read more

Junkfood Countdown

…ate the Mediterranean-type meal first and then the junk food-type meal one week later. And it ‘s possible to tell this right away: By measuring endothelial function, a researcher can…read more


A loud boom rang out on November 24th at midnight, near Fort Wayne, Indiana. It turns out that there have been reports of mysterious booms in that area for months,…read more

What Rocks Reveal (If They Come From Mars, Anyway)

The space rock called the Tissint meteorite, that landed in the Moroccan desert last year, (with a fireball and double sonic boom), was knocked off Mars (NOTE: Subscribers can still…read more

Junk Food Can Destroy Your Brain

…of the population with insulin-resistant type II diabetes has grown three times in 30 years. Is Alzheimer’s actually “type 3 diabetes?” Type II sufferers are two to three times more…read more

Bacteria Fights Off Viruses

…Science Daily quotes researcher Michael Abt as saying, “It is remarkable that signals derived from one type of microbe, in this case bacteria, can have such a profound effect on…read more

Bad Sperm in Israel–We Know Why

…on earlier news stories on, we think we know the answer to this mystery: Israel uses cell phones more than any other country and it probably has a heavy…read more

A Drug That May Prevent Alzheirmer’s

If we can’t walk it away, what will we do? Some 5.4 million Americans have Alzheimer’s, and the numbers are expected to swell as the baby boom generation ages. Some…read more

Whales Protecting Themselves

The oceans are becoming so noisy, that whales can hardly hear each other sing. The Navy admits that loud booms from its underwater sonar listening devices result in temporary or…read more

Bad Air Vents at Secret Gov. Lab May be Blowing Germs Our Way

…DO want to spread the news—IMPORTANT news, REAL news (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), that YOU should know! HELP us do this: Subscribe to this site today!…read more

Dolphins Being Hurt by Power Plant Emissions

…in captivity and in the wild. This type of research can give us hints about how the type of diet and where it originated can affect mercury-related health problems in…read more

Pilots Spot UFOs

type of propulsion system for spacecraft that uses cutting edge quantum physics instead of rocket thrusters. Could this be the type of craft the Visitors are using? We should have…read more

Journey to the Field of Dreams: A Visit to the ECETI Ranch

…mainstream news media (Sean Hannity, Fox News, Paranormal State).. and engineers and scientists from NASA, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin. LC:  Do  many people leave here disappointed?  JG:  No, none of them do….read more

Does Fracking Cause Asthma?

…of people with asthma. A study of people in northern Pennsylvania could answer the question about whether the natural gas boom is making people sick. It will look at detailed…read more

Unexplained Explosions Now Worldwide

…unknown origin. In the UK, a powerful explosion heard over most of southern England was explained as a sonic boom caused when two Typhoon jets were scrambled in response to…read more

Mysterious Sounds All Over the World

…are “booms” so loud they set off car alarms (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). Others sound more like groans or horns. No one has yet figured out…read more

JFK Assassination–Did Castro Know Ahead of Time?

…with Kennedy and was sent by him to try and find some accommodation with Castro. When Castro heard the news, he exclaimed three times, ‘This is bad news’ then ‘I…read more

First, Strange Sounds, now Strange BOOMS

Starting in March of 2011, strange rushing and trumpet-like sounds began to be heard worldwide. Now, over many parts of the central United States, unexplained loud explosions are being heard….read more

Mysterious Booms in US

…Air Station–could it have been an airplane noise? Strange sounds, consisting of loud, window-rattling booms, were heard on March 15 in five southeastern Georgia counties. Linda Howe quotes officer Todd…read more

To Solve Nuclear Power Plant Problems, Use Another Fuel

Despite Fukushima, nuclear energy is probably here to stay. Can we make it safer by changing to a new fuel? It turns out there could be an entirely new typeread more


…weekly newsletter, you would have ALREADY READ this story!) In Tunguska, the explosion that level a large stand of trees was caused by a the impact of a comet. Since…read more

How to be Instantly Smarter

…may be a reality. Neurologists are coming up with brain stimulation techniques that may make us all smarter in the future. Recent research shows that one type of brain stimulation…read more

Murder by the Numbers

…on a type of graph called a log-log plot. It’s the same result scientists get when they plot the magnitude of earthquakes against the number of times each magnitude has…read more

Signs That China May Have an Economic Crash

…the the go-ahead to its first skyscraper building boom, with 14 under way, including the world’s second-tallest tower. In the Guardian, Philip Inman quotes financial expert Andrew Lawrence as saying,…read more

Quantum Physics Works in the Macro World

…our website will be prepared, because you’ve been coming to this website. You may think some of our news stories are weird, but they’re all REAL SCIENCE. Nothing is quite…read more

Why Some People are Optimists (Despite Everything)

…you happy depends on your family!) Some brains are better than others when it comes to processing good news about the future. In extreme cases, anything negative is practically ignored,…read more

Pregnant, Fat and Violent

…the strongest evidence yet that vulnerability to Type II diabetes, which has become a worldwide epidemic, can begin in the womb. The study finds that when mothers are even moderately…read more

Striking Oakland UFO Video

This video, shot last night in Oakland, California, has been analyzed by our video experts. There have been an unusual number of interesting UFO videos shot worldwide in the past two weeks,…read more

On the Trail of a Weed Planted by Gypsies

…puzzled, because it had never been seen in North America before. In 2007, a graduate student named Lucas Majure came across an unknown type of sedge in Rose Hill Cemetery…read more

Unexplained Booming Noises Return, this Time They’re Hitting Louisville

…as saying, “One night we heard all kinds of booms. It shook the house and the ground. We called the police. We eventually found out there was a gas pipeline…read more

A Simple Cure for Insomnia–Lose the TV

…reveal that watching television for 2-3 hours per day or more is associated with a higher risk of Type II diabetes, fatal and nonfatal cardiovascular disease and DEATH. If you…read more

A Father With 150 Kids

…of sex education” for her. It’s important to know who your parents were, so you know what genes you’re carrying. For instance, you could be carrying the gene for Typeread more

Did YOU Fall for the Mortgage Scam?

boom years in Chicago shows how one ethically murky–and sometimes illegal–tactic used to sell homes may have contributed to the housing crash. The tactic was inflating the selling price of…read more

The Kindest Cut Was Almost Banned

…adult is a much more complex–and painful–process. People who are against the procedure compare it to the type of female genital mutilation–where the clitoris is removed–that is practiced in parts…read more

The Federal Reserve and the Theft of Our National Wealth

Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, the United States did not have a national bank, and originally, currency was issued based on economic activity, not an artifical measure of wealth….read more

Airports Make it Rain

…satellite images and weather forecasting computer models to examine how often this type of inadvertent cloud seeding may occur within 62 miles of six commercial airports: London Heathrow, Frankfurt, Charles…read more

Those Mysterious Booms are Back

Those mysterious booms are back–this time in Canada! Ontario’s Environment Ministry is investigating reports of mysterious rumblings in that part of the country. In the Windsor Star, Dave Battagello quotes…read more

Cell App Diagnoses Cancer

At last–Something other than bad news about cell phones: An “app” on your iphone can diagnose whether or not you have cancer and is 100% accurate! In Japan, where almost…read more

Prehistoric USA

…artifacts were first found. The Archeology Daily News quotes archeologist Michele Greenan as saying, “What you’re seeing here is a complex of earthen structures that were very purposefully and very…read more

New Car Problems

…of fuel economy.” That’s the bad news (for electric cars) and the GOOD news is: WE’RE getting great mileage with our new website and don’t show any signs of slowing…read more

Proof of a Coverup? The Strongest Evidence Yet.

…complete with interviews of some of the witnesses. To do so, type Rendlesham into our search engine and you will find not only her report, but also an extensive archive…read more

Fox news dares not enter Canada unless their law against lying in newscasts is repealed. Very revealing, that.

…and transformed it into propaganda. William Howard Taft and the others who made American conservatism an important political alternative in this country must be turning over in their graves.…read more

When Water is Weird

…made up of water). You may think some of our news stories are weird, but they’re all REAL SCIENCE. Nothing is quite as good as the real thing, and when…read more

Quantum Breakthrough

Tired of the scan and the pat down? The type of teleportation that we all remember from “Star Trek” may soon be a reality (It may be the way UFOs…read more


When time slip expert Starfire Tor joined Whitley on Coast to Coast AM on January 9, one of her predictions for 2011 was more meteor strikes. Her prediction has come…read more

Fireball over southeastern US causes sonic boom.

read more

Unexplained Animal Deaths Worldwide–Updated with Map

…a lightning strike or high-altitude hail, and a strong storm system had moved through the state earlier in the day. The loud booms of fireworks may have also had something…read more

Your Genes are PREHISTORIC

…and hips. However, a second type of fat-known as brown fat (BAT) is ht desirable. Researcher Youngsup Song says, “Brown fat tissue burns fat that has accumulated in white fat…read more

Fat Pollution

…to show that these fine particulates directly cause inflammation and changes in fat cells, both of which increase the risk for Type 2 diabetes.” According to the US Environmental Protection…read more

The Road to Damascus

…which Jesus castigated Paul for bad-mouthing him, this started him on his entire ministry. We may think that the type of apocalyptic events that create great saints and missionaries are…read more

Planet Hot Spot

…ABC News website, Ned Potter reports that NASA has announced that its LCROSS lunar-impact probe mission found up to a billion gallons of ice water ice in a crater near…read more

At Least Child Abuse is Down

There’s so much bad news around that it’s nice to hear some good news for a change: Child abuse declined nationally in 2008 compared to 2007, according to a report…read more

Dino Death

…the dinosaurs no chance to recover from the first one. In BBC News, Howard Falcon-Lang quotes researcher Simon Kelley as saying, “We interpret this second layer as the aftermath of…read more

TV: The Reason for Today’s Political Extremes?

But NOT Fox News! – In an era when ideologically based news programs are proliferating, media scholars and political observers have expressed concern that television programming may be polarizing American…read more

Married or NOT Married

…more than that. In BBC News, Jonathan Amos quotes anthropologist Robin Dunbar as saying, “What I suspect happens is that your attention is so wholly focussed on your romantic partner…read more

Our Skin Can Save Us

…that we are able to lose pieces of since it (mostly always) regenerates. It also contains a number of different types of stem cells, which are are less likely to…read more

Chinese Medicine

…be able to reduce the symptoms of type 2 diabetes. Researchers who gave emodin to mice with diet-induced obesity found that it lowered their blood glucose and improved their insulin…read more

Old Folks

…negative news, rather than positive news, about young adults. Why? Because older readers who read negative stories about young people get a small boost in their self-esteem. And what about…read more

UN Appoints ET Ambassador

…the UN must be ready to coordinate humanity’s response to any “first contact.” Let’s hope that THIS TIME we talk FIRST (instead of shooting first). The Australian news website…read more

Another Extinction

…reports by local villagers, who spotted them. In BBC News, Matt Walker quotes wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan as saying, “The fact they can live here is just so important, for…read more

Why Some Lose Weight & Others Don’t

…body weight are key for normal glucose balance. If so, this could lead to a cure for Type II diabetes. Ever wonder why men and women gain weight in different…read more

Gas Free Cows

Cow belches and farts are a major source of greenhouse gases that affect climate change even more than vehicle emissions. A new type of cattle feed that is supplemented with…read more

Who Will Live to be 100?

…makes it. The news is that 90% of them are still free of disabilities by the age of 93. Extreme longevity runs in families, but although you may have the…read more

Touch TV

…There’s touch TV and there’s the Healing Touch (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). Here at, we bring you the latest in health news (and news about…read more

Bedbugs in the Office

…a church service say: “The good news is that we have enough money to keep us going for years. The bad news is that it’s still in your pockets.” We…read more

Waiting for Baby

Sometimes we have to wait a long time for good news. Many people wait to have kids until they feel confident about their career. And since the right man doesn’t…read more

Pretty People Get Ahead

…looks, the higher the frequency of television news coverage (which means he or she is more likely to be elected). The researchers say, “Earlier studies have shown that people generally…read more

Computers R Us

…the brain’s white-matter, due to an increase in the myelin sheath that surrounds the connections. Participants’ brains were re-programmed! Meanwhile, BBC News quotes computer scientist Thomas Wennekers as saying, “We…read more

You May be Eating Cloned Meat

…produces high quality meat that is indistinguishable from regular beef. In BBC News, Pallab Ghosh quotes Scott Simplot of the Simplot Company, the inventors of this technique, as saying, “The…read more

Can Big Biz Make Money PROTECTING Nature?

…to make a profit helping to SAVE it. It turns out that many CEOs see nature loss as a challenge to business growth. In BBC News, Richard Black quotes economist…read more

Birds: Something Strange is Happening

…smaller than the same animals living down below. In the case of birds, this doesn’t seem to be harmful to them. In BBC News, Matt Walker quotes researcher Josh van…read more

UFO Shuts Down Chinese Airport

…affected, although normal operations were resumed an hour later. When the news got out, there was a tidal wave of speculation on the Chinese internet. One blogger wrote that “it…read more

Oil Spill: What About the Birds?

…oil on shore behind these booms. What Gulf-side boom there previously was has been destroyed and is washed up in piles, or deep into the island.” The oil impact on…read more

Climate Change Leads to War

News quotes climatologist David Phillips as saying, “My business is weird, wild and wacky weather, and this is up there among fish falling from the sky or Niagara Falls running…read more

The Hidden Dangers of Internet Porn

…as being reeled in byold-fashioned sales schemes. BBC News quotes computer security expert Gilbert Wondracek as saying, “They have almost inadvertently created a whole ecosystem that’s easy to abuse for…read more

Will the Gulf Sand Clean Itself?

…the Texas oil that has drifted all the way from the BP spill. BBC News quotes a statement that says, “The testing found that the oil was lightly weathered, raising…read more

Afghanistan Mineral Wealth NOT

…the news stories that go together and reporting the important news that the regular media doesn’t even notice. We were one of the FIRST places to read about climate change…read more

How to RUIN Your Beach Vacation

…this is not always safe–even if you use SUNSCREEN! What’s going on here? In AOL News, Andrew Schneider reports that while creams and ointments might prevent sunburn, they don’t keep…read more

Whale Meat

…miles away. In Yahoo News, Arthur Max quotes biologist Roger Payne as saying, “These contaminants, I think, are threatening the human food supply. They certainly are threatening the whales and…read more

TIDAL WAVE of UFO Disclosure

…documents. In fact, News 3 in New Zealand reports that their version of the TV show “60 minutes” recently disclosed evidence that, in effect, proves UFOs are real (Now if…read more

If We Survive

…but I feared that it would lead us back into the boom or bust economy that we had lived with from the founding of the country until World War II….read more

Eat Vegetables to Prevent Cancer?

…thought. Any cancer protective effect of these foods is likely to be modest, at best. However, eating fruits and vegetables is beneficial for health in general.” Meanwhile, BBC News reports…read more

Helium 3 Shortage

news stories that go together and reporting the important news that the regular media doesn’t even notice. We were one of the FIRST places to read about climate change (but…read more


…6 months. BBC News quotes researcher James Tsuruta as saying, “We think this could provide men with up to six months of reliable, low-cost, non-hormonal contraception from a single round…read more

Artificial Life

We can create it, but can we patent it? – It’s big news: Scientists in the US have succeeded in developing the first living cell to be controlled entirely by…read more

Time to QUIT!

…5 weeks until they were not smoking at all. BBC News reports that second-hand smoke can be almost as lethal as smoking–if you have the right (or maybe WRONG) gene….read more

Bees Tricked!

…he perceives to be another lady bee and deposits it all there. It’s pretty amazing, when you stop to think about it. In BBC News, Rebecca Morelle reports that orchid…read more

Can Twitter Control the Box Office?

…the mega-hit “Avatar,” and found that the RATE at which messages were produced could be used to accurately predict the box office BEFORE the film opened. In BBC News, “Our…read more


…least they’ve discovered a new way to clean up space trash! In BBC News, Victoria Gill quotes researcher Karen Lavender Law as saying, “We found a region fairly far north…read more

Is Italy Next?

…would engulf southern Italy at any time. An Italian vulcanologist says, “It could even happen tomorrow.” Yahoo News quotes Enzo Boschi as saying, “Our latest research shows that the volcano…read more

Is Your Boss Eating Too Many Sweets?

…Studies have indicated that there may be a link between blood glucose levels and this type of thinking. Making difficult choices uses up cognitive resources (or brain power) and these…read more

Prius Problems Caused by Cosmic Rays?

…a Toyota spokesman as saying that their engines are “robust against this type of interference.” And WHERE you drive your Toyota doesn’t matter: Hyde quotes radiation expert William Price as…read more

War: What REALLY Happens

…against a special type of prejudice. Please help us win this fight: Subscribe today! And here’s ANOTHER reason to subscribe: Anyone who subscribes or renews for 6 months or more…read more

New Way to I.D. Criminals (and Everyone Else)

…“CSI”-type TV shows! Will a new day dawn for Only if more of the people who claim to love our podcasts and edge news so much decide to SUPPORT…read more

What Can Cities Can Do to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

…the right way), we can paint their roofs white. Or we could go high tech and use “boom boxes.” These boom boxes nothing like the loud portable radios of the…read more


…abilities. To succeed at video games, you need to be able to do a number of different things at once. BBC News quotes researcher Arthur Kramer as saying, “Think of…read more

Dolphins & Whales in Danger

…are able to enjoy schools of other types of fish that swim around the trawler. “The problem is that this type of fishing endangers the dolphins. Eight dolphins die each…read more

Are We Alone?

…dominated by microbes. Alvin Powell, of the Harvard news office, quotes radio astronomer Gerrit Verschuur as saying that he believes that though there is very likely life out there (and…read more

Blacks Get Different Diseases

…between race and the development of diseases such as type II diabetes and heart disease. Could factors such as differences in lifestyle or access to health care play a role,…read more

Drink Green Tea for Cancer

…role in the likelihood of the disease coming back. The good news is that alcohol consumption is something we can change.” BBC News quotes researcher Lee Baker as saying, “Deprivation…read more

The Nasty Truth About GM Foods

Here’s news you won’t find in your ordinary media: The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) says that genetically-modified foods pose “a serious health risk,” and has called for an…read more


It’s hard to feel sorry for sharks, and there’s a lot of new information about them. Some of it makes one feel sorry for them, while other news makes us…read more

The Newest Biofuel

…to local waterways, and current technology to remove them is expensive. Clarens points to the 2008 ethanol boom which created a spike in corn prices worldwide and raised complex ethical…read more

Yes, It Really IS Medicine

…the cancer that killed Sen. Ted Kennedy. That’s the good news, now here’s the bad news: Despite the promising findings of the study the researchers point out that they are…read more

Surprising News about Alzheimers

Cell phone radiation helps PREVENT it – After all the controversy over cell phone brain damage, surprising news has emerged: It has been discovered that while cell phone radiation is…read more

Race & Politics

…can’t see black faces has had over one million viewers. None of this is good news for our future! Behavioral scientist Eugene Caruso showed groups of undergraduate students a set…read more

Cell Phones are OK

They don’t crash planes and now DEAF people can use them! – Good news for the New Year: One thing we’re all doing a lot of during this holiday season…read more

When Stars Explode

type of supernova explosion left behind relatively symmetric, circular remnants, while other debris is distinctly more asymmetric. Astronomer Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz says, “If we can link supernova remnants with the typeread more

Wine: Good for Your Heart

But NOT so good for your teeth! – Just in time for Christmas dinner, there is good news and bad news about wine (and alcohol in general): Wine is good…read more

Hotter Than Ever

…scientists admit to overstating the case for global warming. The whole topic is confusing, but in fact the news is bad: According to world meteorologists, the first decade of the…read more

When Will It Happen Again?

…earthquakes, even major ones, may actually be aftershocks from quakes that occurred HUNDREDS of years ago. This is good news for some earthquake-prone areas in California and bad news for…read more

Tires from Weeds

…for cars and trucks? In Discovery News, Eric Bland quotes German researcher Dirk Prufer as saying, “If the plants were to be cultivated on a large scale, every hectare would…read more


With all the bad news we hear every day, it’s no wonder we get grumpy! Thank goodness being grumpy is good, and it’s even good for your health! A psychologist…read more

Catastrophe Coming

…warming so much faster than expected, and suggest that a phenomenal climate catastrophe could take place within ten years. This is not good news. Despite the fact that global warming…read more

On NOT Going to a Movie about UFOs

…in the public. However, I sometimes wonder why no one seems interested in hiring me as a consultant for this type of film, since having read so many letters and…read more

The Magic Elixir

…of olive oil) leads to 30% less depression in the people who eat it. BBC News quotes psychologist Cecilia D’Felice as saying, “What we do know is that a diet…read more

A Different Kind of Pollution

…to reproduce. In BBC News, Matt Walker quotes researcher Jesse Barber as saying, “Many animal species evolved hearing sensitive enough to take advantage of the quietest conditions; their hearing is…read more

Synchronicities and the Dreamland Stargate Experience

…and Batman fan, and have been since I was a child. The fictional DC Comics Starfire is involved with Batman?s Robin. This type of synchronicity scenario is typical of this…read more

One Quake Influences Another

…Sumatra in 2004, which triggered a tsunami that killed over 200,000 people. BBC News quotes earthquake expert Fenglin Niu as saying, “It is possible that the strength of faults and…read more

Sweets Lead to Violence

…sweets daily were much more likely to have a violence conviction by age 34. The researchers suggested that this might be because they hadn’t learned to delay gratification. BBC Newsread more

Smell Test

When the space shuttle touched down in California instead of in Florida, due to bad weather, on the anniversary of 911, California residents who heard the sonic boom thought a…read more

Will We Soon Boat to Work?

News, Christine Dell’Amore reports that “major cities in the northeastern US and eastern Canada are directly in the path of the greatest rise in sea level if Greenland continues to…read more

Good News: We’re Using Less Energy

…affecting many of these states. Here’s more good news: We’re holding an absolutely delightful conference at a spiritual retreat in beautiful Joshua Tree, California from October 16-18. This may be…read more

Bear Stress

…polar bear environment. BBC News, Victoria Gill quotes biologist Cino Pertoldi as saying this is “because the ice is melting, the bears have to use much more energy to hunt…read more


…meals at a regularly scheduled time of day.” Just don’t make one of those times of day late at night! On BBC News, Sudeep Chand quotes researcher Deanna Arble as…read more

Why the Arctic is Melting

…crops. In BBC News, David Shukman quotes futurist Ahmadul Hassan as saying, “People will migrate to the cities for jobs, because of the uncomfortable situation with sea level rise.” He…read more

Fake Trees are Fine

…that an artificial tree could remove thousands of times more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than a real tree of the same size. In BBC News, Judith Burns quotes researcher…read more

Only a Matter of Time

…amounts of this potent gas into the atmosphere. In BBC News, Judith Burns quotes researcher Tim Minshull as saying, “We already knew there was some methane hydrate in the ocean…read more

Do We Read Each Other Right?

…perceive as coldness. This is just another example of the fact that different cultures read facial expressions differently. On BBC News, Judith Burns reports that researchers discovered that Asians focus…read more

Are We Next?

…say about humans?) In BBC News, Victoria Gill quotes biologist Richard Grenyer as saying, “Big groups of organisms tend to be similar to one another. Look at the large cats…read more


…advertised ethical investment funds, specifically claiming it would not invest in weapons and tobacco companies, or any other companies that violate Catholic beliefs. BBC News quotes a Pax Bank spokesman…read more

The Strangest Plant on Earth

…drown them, as well as a carnivorous plant called the Waterwheel that grows underwater. In BBC News, Matt Walker writes that Charles Darwin described the Venus flytrap as “one of…read more

Spyware on Your Blackberry!

The ideal spy would wear invisible clothes that automatically took photographs of his surroundings and he would be able to read whatever you typed on your Blackberry. This almost happened…read more

Evolution Heating Up

…warmer climates, the cells that eventually develop into sperm and eggs divide more frequently. In BBC News, Victoria Gill quotes researcher Len Gillman as saying, “An increase in cell division…read more

New Kind of Hurricane This Season

…of Central America. But there’s some good news too: researcher Peter Webster says, “This new type of El Nino is more predictable. We’re not sure why, but this could mean…read more

The Curry Cure

…curry, seems to prevent the spread of plaques that cause Alzheimer’s. BBC News quotes researcher Murali Doraiswamy as saying, “If you have a good diet and take plenty of exercise,…read more

Taste Your Words

…so he wants to use descriptive words that lend themselves to being pronounced in a lower tone of voice. In BBC News, Victoria Gill quotes chef Heston Blumenthal as saying,…read more

Mayan Medicine

…indigenous people, especially those living in the rainforests of the world. In BBC News, Matt Walker natural historian and archeologist Charles Zidar as saying, “The Maya have lived and used…read more

Will We Only Have Internet News in the Future?

…political blogs and traditional news media tend to believe the content on blogs is more accurate. Researcher Richard Davis says, “Blog readers still get most of their news from regular…read more

Weakest Sunspot Cycle in 80 Years

…the weakest solar maximum since 1928, with a peak in 2013, not 2012. That’s GOOD NEWS for global warming. But the bad news is: another thing that may help stave…read more


…Males are also much more likely to be autistic. BBC News quotes researcher Kristen navara as saying, “The results could indicate an adaptive strategy employed by humans.” Meanwhile, researchers who…read more

Catching Diseases from Animals

…for the virus to survive. BBC News reports that the bird flu virus may have adapted to live in the warmer bodies of birds. However, like all viruses, it could…read more

How to Succeed in Math

…old ideas, they also help create new ones. The information could be helpful to teachers (who might want to do something along the lines of invent a “YMCA” type song…read more

Austism: The Latest

The bad news: there are lots more autistics out there than we thought, because the kids with mild versions of this disease often slip through the cracks. The good news:…read more

Frustrations: Shedding by Shredding

…about getting into the elevator alone. The doors close and a voice booms out, “Are you the one who kicked the TV yesterday?” It does seem like our machines are…read more

What We Need is…

…broad immunity against divergent strains, including potential pandemic viruses, are highly desirable.” For those of you who dread needles, good news: flu vaccine delivered through skin patches containing microneedles has…read more

How Spam Creates Global Warming

…to take the food to stores) sends up lots of greenhouse gas emissions. BBC News quotes researcher Phil Edwards as saying, “We need to be doing a lot more to…read more

Like Radar…But Different

…none of the actors in the film were there. Also, this was not the type of screening where feedback was wanted: No one was handing out questionnaires afterwards, urging us…read more

Mysterious Booms are Back

…about the booms heard between February and April. In addition to these, fireballs have been observed in many more places, and UFO sightings remain at an all time high. Boomsread more

Why Do We Scratch That Itch?

…do?especially if they’re trying to find a cure for excessive itching. For many types of itches, it is not clear that the sensation serves any clear purpose Scratching an itch…read more

Twitter Morals

If you Twitter, you should realize that rapid-fire media of this type may confuse your moral compass and you may end up sending messages that are harsher than a live…read more

Baby Bottle Fix

…enough to nourish their babies. In BBC News, Keith Doyle quotes children’s activist Belinda Phipps as saying, “It’s time the companies in the UK followed suit with what the companies…read more

UFO Shot by Mono Lake Webcam March 23

…from experiencers that I’ve read, I’ve noticed that clear orbs of this type are commonly sighted. I clearly remember reading a letter in which an observer described seeing several orbs…read more

Will the Future Be Brighter?

…din of doomsayers. Art credit: The nightly news always goes for the jugular, which is why they like to forecast so much bad news. Despite the fact that some…read more

Are We About to Enter ANOTHER War?

…(and listen to our great radio shows), you know that this is the place to come to for the latest in news about edge science and UFOs. But did you…read more

Eating Less NOT a Way to Live Longer

…unless you’re a mouse – One of the most depressing pieces of scientific evidence for dieters has been the news that mice on severely calorie restricted diets live much longer?so…read more

A New Type of Terrorist

A new type of terrorist has emerged in recent years: the FEMALE suicide bomber. In his new novel Critical Mass, Whitley Strieber points out that in the Koran, committing suicide…read more

Why Some People See ET

News quotes researcher Jonathan Mill as saying, “[While] these results obviously need to be replicated, they provide a mechanism by which experiences early in life can have an effect on…read more

Finally: A CURE for AIDS?

…lasted without the virus rebounding. Normally it rebounds within weeks. It is the closest we have come to a cure.” This is incredibly exciting news. Art credit: The exciting…read more

How to Look for Life on Mars

…ice. Methane is quickly destroyed by sunlight, and since it spews out regularly, this means it is somehow being replenished. BBC News quotes UK space scientist Andrew Coates as saying,…read more

Those Nasty Political Rumors

…a Muslim actually believed it. But on the other hand, almost a quarter of Americans DID believe it was true, even though everyone from the news media to John McCain…read more

A New Way to Go Deaf

…Play golf! – Golf can be frustrating, and that’s bad enough?but did you know that it’s one of the upscale pastimes that can make you deaf? BBC News reports that…read more

Coffee Highs

…(3% of people claim to do this). BBC News quotes psychologist Simon Jones as saying, “This is the first step toward looking at the wider factors associated with hallucinations?”Even if…read more

Gary McKinnon Update

…our news of the edge and our great radio shows. Now we have something NEW for you to explore: Our Out There section, which you can access by clicking on…read more

Mysterious Orange UFO Captured on Video

Same type of UFO was seen in Texas! – We’ve all heard about the strange blue light, but mysterious orange lights are commonly seen in the sky as well?including those…read more

Out There: New Section on our Website

news appears often by the hour or even the minute. And, best of all, it’s part of’s extensive FREE offerings. If you want to keep up with this typeread more

How Blind People Find Their Way Through a Maze

…to walk around obstacles without bumping into them. In BBC News, Helen Briggs quotes researcher Beatrice de Gelder as saying, “You can experience a total loss of your cortical vision…read more

Why Quitting is Harder for Blacks

…as asthma screening and detection can be directed to populations or communities most in need.” Babies born by Caesarean section are also more likely to develop asthma. BBC News quotes…read more

Crazy Ideas

…BBC News quotes Google CEO Marissa Mayer as saying, “Social networks comprised four out of the top 10 global fastest-rising queries while the US election held everyone’s interest around the…read more

You’ll be a Healthier Adult

…premature. So should ALL of us use frozen embryos? BBC News quotes fertility expert Allan Pacey as warning that “frozen embryo transfers are not as successful as fresh ones in…read more

Will we soon get a Jurassic Park?for REAL?

…bacteria. In BBC News, Paul Rincon quotes researcher Jeremy Austin as saying, “It’s a bit like trying to build a car with only 80% of the parts and knowing that…read more

Who (or What) is Changing our Climate?

…to a devastating sea level rise). Now they are. In BBC News, Pallab Ghosh quotes climatologist Phil Jones as saying, “Our study is certainly closing a couple of gaps in…read more

Spam Statistics

…for every 12 MILLION emails they send out! Researchers discovered this by setting up a fake pharmacy and sending out their own spam. BBC News quotes researcher Stefan Savage as…read more

Fake Aspirin from China

…drug and food items, such as generic aspirin, are not manufactured in the US anymore, so they can ONLY be imported from China. In Star, Gardiner Harris writes: “China…read more

Fox in the Hen House

…Whitley’s new journal, we learn that HE was appalled by the Fox “newscast” as well! He writes: “…The purpose of news programming is to present news, not to promote ideology,…read more


…make useful decisions. Nevertheless, the purpose of news programming is to present news, not to promote ideology, and for this reason, the Fox News channel is in need of profound…read more

Fox in the Hen House

…tuned to Fox News, a station I never watch. I haven’t snubbed it intentionally, I just prefer the BBC America News, because it’s so intelligent and wide- ranging. Also, whenever…read more

Washing: Why?

…don’t you?) BBC News found that more than one in four subway and bus commuters has bacteria from feces on their hands. Researchers discovered this when they swabbed over 400…read more

Immigration: Follow the Mice

…is that the Norwegian Vikings were taking these mice around and they were taking a particular genetic type; because there are all sorts of genetic types and the particular typeread more

The Economy Always Gets Worse in Oct.

…is from the current banking crisis. In BBC News, Richard Black quotes conservationist Pavan Sukhdev as saying, “It’s not only greater but it’s also continuous, it’s been happening every year,…read more

Bike Boom

…Less than $12 gets you a 3-month subscription. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe today! NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links…read more

The Mogambo Guru Has a Fit

newsletter – an avocational exercise to heap disrespect on those who desperately deserve it. Oct 4, 2008 Fed up with Fed credit By The Mogambo Guru. The national debt, more…read more

Near Death Study

…cardiac arrest provides a unique window of understanding into what we are all likely to experience during the dying process.” Art credit: That’s the good news?the BAD news is…read more

Cab Driver Brains

…the equivalent of a G.P.S. system in their brains. They used magnetic scanners to measure the brain activity of these cabbies as they navigated through the city. BBC News reports…read more

Solar Winds at Record Low

…years. In BBC News, Jonathan Amos quotes researcher Dave McComas as saying, “This is a whole sun phenomenon. The entire Sun is blowing significantly less hard?about 20-25% less hard?than it…read more

How to Avoid Breast Cancer

…loved one die, increases your risk. BBC News quotes researcher Ronit Peled as saying, “We can carefully say that experiencing more than one severe and/or moderate life event is a…read more

Do Polls Tell the Truth?

…can be used to fill media news holes. In the 13 years David Moore worked for the Gallup Poll, helearned he learned some things about how polls really work.In the…read more

Paying the Piper

…without big regulation, big finance and big industry are always going to experience the same kind of boom and bust cycles that dogged all capitalist economies prior to the Depression….read more

Hug Power

…an argument and noticed that about half the time, the loser would be consoled by another member of the group. In BBC News, Jonathan Amos quotes Fraser as saying, “If…read more

What’s It Like?…To Have a TV Crew Shoot in Your Home?

…that tell STORIES. But after filming this documentary, I’m going to take another look at them. Whitley and I wouldn’t survive a “Survivor”-type series: the last time we went camping,…read more

Global Warming: Good News?

…still be high enough to flood most coastal cities around the world. Is this good news or bad news? In BBC News, Richard Black quotes USGS researcher Shad O?Neel as…read more

Northern Climates Warming Fast

…ice this year?ice which had been in place for thousands of years. Now almost one-fourth of it is gone. BBC News quotes researcher Derek Mueller as saying, “These changes are…read more

Just One Puff

…hooked for life IF they have the right (or wrong?) kinds of genes. But the news is not all bad: researchers have now invented a PILL that can help you…read more

Who I Think the Visitors Are by Anne Strieber

…Over the years, we have received many letters connecting the spirits of the dead with visitors. This type of anecdote is anathema to old line UFO researchers, who want the…read more

Bigfoot Mystery May NOT Soon be Solved

…read news like this??News of the edge you can BELIEVE. We work hard to bring you the best in edge news (and in entertainment BASED ON reality as well!) Please…read more

Earth May Save Itself

…to DO something about global warming. In BBC News, Mark Dummett quotes the UN’s Atiq Rahman as saying, “The rate at which sediment is deposited and new land is created…read more

Arctic (and Other) Battles

…are mapping out future hotspots in the Arctic, with the idea of helping governments prevent future weather wars. BBC News quotes Martin Pratt, of the International Boundaries Research Unit (IBRU),…read more

Your Laptop Can Predict EARTHQUAKES

…the computer (which already exists on some computer models), we will use HAND GESTURES instead! In BBC News, Maggie Shiels quotes researcher Steve Prentice as saying, “The mouse works fine…read more

Giant Birds are Back–This Time it’s Canada

…of 1979. Where else are you going to read news like this?–News you can BELIEVE. We work hard to bring you the best in edge news (and in entertainment BASED…read more

Olympics: Will the Winners be the Ones With the Bodysuits?

…WE’RE feeling it too, so please: if you love our edge news and great radio shows be sure to subscribe today so we’ll still BE here tomorrow! NOTE: This newsread more

Why Has AIDS Hit Africa So Hard?

…this disease! A gene which evolved to protect people from Malaria increases their vulnerability to HIV by 40%. BBC News quotes researcher Robin Weiss as saying, “The big message here…read more

Beware of Soy!

…in obese men, probably because our bodies manufacture estrogen in fat. BBC News quotes researcher Allan Pacey as saying, “Estrogenic compounds in food or the environment have been of concern…read more

McKinnon Loses, Will be Tried as Terrorist

…sentence here. Is this because they are afraid of the UFO information he may reveal? Some of this may be brought out during his trial. BBC news quotes one of…read more

The Next Step

…edge news: subscribe today! And please click on the “donate” tab on our homepage too. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

What’s the Verdict on Cell Phones?

…wait for the results of ongoing research, but should warn their patients now. BBC News quotes Herberman as saying, “We shouldn’t wait for a definitive study to come out, but…read more

Smoking Makes You Deaf

It’s not only loud noises that can make you deaf?both smoking and being overweight can do it too. Both disrupt the blood flow to the ears. BBC News quotes researcher…read more

Why Some Death Row Inmates are Executed

…least education, rather than those who have committed the worst crimes. In Tech News Watch, “Lockergnome” quotes Simon Shepherd of Death Watch International as saying, “This finding confirms that being…read more

Potting Soil on Mars

…water, we need food. Well, surprise! Martian dirt is similar to “potting soil” on earth?you could grow vegetables in it. In fact, BBC News reports that it would be excellent…read more

Investigation into Those UK UFO Sightings

…a new twist on the old “swamp gas” excuse, these UFO have been blamed on 100 blazing Chinese lanterns that were launched during a wedding reception. World News Australia quotes…read more

Does Israel Plan to Attack Iran?

Recent Wargames suggest they will – Is Israel going to do our dirty work for us? BBC News and the New York Times report that Israel just carried out what…read more

Severed Feet: Cause May Have Been Found

…other four (including the 6th foot) have all been right feet. BBC News reports that all the feet were wearing running shoes and they had all been in the water…read more

Gay Brains

…In gay men and straight women, both halves the brain are about the same size. In lesbians and straight men, the right side is larger. BBC News quotes biologist Qazi…read more

Learn About ET Film on This Week’s Dreamland!

…many years is about to release a video which he says proves their existence. He showed the footage at a news conference in Denver today. Romanek took the video in…read more

Hope for the World’s Cities

…drives a piston that creates hydraulic pressure, which eventually produces electricity. In C/Net News, Michael Kanellos quotes inventor Tuomo Hyysalo as saying, “It is like building a bridge.” Art credit:…read more

The Constant Fear

…going, that could happen this century. Once they get there, it will completely change the ecology of the Antarctic?community.” While warmer waters may be good news for sharks, Chinese cuisine…read more

Discovery of a Lost Tribe

…that has NEVER HAD CONTACT with anyone else. According to BBC News, photographs taken from an airplane flying above the thatched-roof huts of the village show “red-painted tribe members?pointing bows…read more

Ice on Mars

…Phoenix has touched down on a large patch of ice! BBC News reports that the lander’s descent actually blew away a layer of dirt, exposing the ice. No matter how…read more

Dead Zones

…marine mammals and birds. In BBC News, Richard Black reports that it’s not just that dead zones have chased away the fish. Declining stocks of fish, especially cod, are one…read more

UFO News: Explosion Over Houston, Crash in Vietnam

…wonderful Dreamland shows are the path to wisdom! To learn more, click here and news-1476.html,here. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Microbe Madness

…That’s the good news. The bad news: housework is good for your mental health! In Scientific American, Melinda Wenner writes: “The strongest evidence pertains to schizophrenia, but autism, bipolar disorder…read more

Do Pesticides Change Our DNA?

…pesticide used on GM crops was used there, since India has few GM crops, it does point out the potential danger in spraying pesticides. In BBC News, David Loyn quotes…read more

China Quake Kills Thousands

…deep within the planet. BBC news reports that most of the 121,000 population Wenchan County remains cut off. 900 schoolchildren were believed to have been buried alive when a school…read more


…burn more calories while eating the same diet. Hopefully, scientists will soon be able to do the same for US! In BBC News, Nick Bryant reports that the drug they…read more

Does Birth Control Save Lives?

…damage sperm are smoking and drinking. BBC News reports that “sperm defects caused by exposure to environmental toxins can be passed down the generations.” Fathers who expose themselves to toxic…read more

Recent Photos of UFOs

…when he shot a photo of a UFO. In the Saginaw News, Cole Waterman quotes Mook as saying, “I know what it’s not: It’s not a plane.” To see the…read more

Burn Grass, Not Gas (or Corn)

…because this is mainly a ploy by our government to get rid of acres of subsidized corn). A weed called switchgrass makes the best biofuel. BBC News reports that “switchgrass-derived…read more

Why Medicine Does?or DOES NOT?Work

…the good news?has been carefully assessed. Art credit: We’re not a placebo, we’re the REAL THING: great edge news and extraordinary radio shows. But we need REAL support, not…read more

Bird Flu: Back in the News

…BBC News quotes virology expert Wendy Barclay as saying, “The experience here reinforces the idea that there are still several barriers the virus must overcome before it acquires human transmissibility.”…read more

World’s Worst Pollution

…fed plastic by their parents. In BBC News, David Shukman writes, “I watched as the deputy manager of the wildlife refuge here, Matt Brown, opened the corpse of one albatross…read more

Sunspots Returning?But Strangely

…until last week. But these aren’t spots of the type that should be associated with the new solar cycle. Instead, they’re of the type associated with cycle 23, the last…read more

Artificial Intelligence HERE SOON

…will take over? In BBC News, Helen Briggs quotes inventor Ray Kurzweil as saying, “[?There’s] not going to be an alien invasion of intelligent machines to displace us?We’re already a…read more

What Birds Will We Hear This Spring?

…extremely likely that a whole range of birds will be affected the same way.” BBC News reports that birds sing in the springtime because the longer days trigger the hormones…read more

The Problem That Won’t Quite Go Away

…addressed in models based upon aggregate national data.” BBC News reports that scientists have long known that the tiny particles contained in air pollution damage the heart and lungs, but…read more

Dolphin Rescue

…after hearing the whales’ cries for help. In the March 13 edition of the British newspaper The Independent, Kathy Marks quotes local resident Malcolm Smith as saying, “They kept getting…read more

Congressman: Administration won’t Investigate Shocking Terrorist Connection

…there is something going on, just as, instead of talking and trying to negotiate about what type of spokesman we could have at a hearing, instead, what we get is…read more

Farming in the Future

…harsh conditions caused by global warming. BBC News quotes researcher David Lobell as saying, “To identify which crops in which regions are most under threat by 2030, we combined projections…read more

Autism IS Caused by Vaccines–in Some Cases

…lost, but the parents of an autistic girl in Georgia have finally won their lawsuit. CNN News says that “reported cases of autism have been rising in the U.S., even…read more

Why NOW?

…them from the cold. This coating melts in the higher temperatures present in our bodies, giving the virus a chance to infect us. BBC News quotes researcher Duane Alexander as…read more

Why it’s Not Good to be a Teenaged Dad

…babies. While it’s obvious why this might be true with teenaged mothers (because they don?t get the right kind of prenatal care), BBC News reports that the researchers who discovered…read more

Your NEXT Car Will Come From…India?

Your next environmentally friendly car may come from India instead of Japan.vBest news of all is the price: Green Energy News reports that the air powered cars will sell for…read more

NEW Kind of Breathalyzer Test

…not realize we have. Our breath can tell doctors things they want to know. BBC News quotes researcher Masood Yousef as saying, “For example, the odor of ‘pear drops’ and…read more

Cell Phones NOT OK

…much more than in other parts of the world, shows that they all talked on cell phones for several hours a day. BBC News quotes Israeli researcher Siegal Sadetzki as…read more

UFO Hotel & Museum Opens in Russia

…us! Support the only website that brings you UFO news you can trust: subscribe today! NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Coral May be Saved by Ocean Itself

…a world wide map of the ocean, showing the trouble spots. In BBC News, Helen Briggs quotes researcher Benjamin Halpern as saying, “In the past, many studies have shown the…read more

Where’s the Beef?

…made from cloned animals, so that “transition” may never occur. Japan already refuses to import US meat due to our lax standards for detecting Mad Cow Disease. BBC News reports…read more

Saudi Woman to be Executed for Witchcraft

…BBC News, Heba Saleh reports that the Saudi religious police have accused her of causing a man to become impotent. And these people are our friends? Maybe there’s a good…read more

Cell Phones OK (Almost)

…using a cell phone and how long they talked on it every day. They also studied the radiation emitted from different types of phones. BBC News quotes researcher Naohito Yamaguchi…read more

Incredible Ice Melt

…Soon this will be common news, all over the world and it’s already affecting the weather right here in the US. In, Jeanna Bryner reports that ice fields on…read more

Spring Confusion

…Bird Survey, which has been tracking bird migration since 1966. They mostly studied the types of birds that primarily live in backyards or forests and eat seeds or insects. Hitch…read more

Whew! (For Now)

…missed us, but we are STILL in the path of a falling spy satellite! BBC News reports that a 600-foot-wide asteroid passed by the earth without hitting us. It swept…read more

Faces & Mazes

…always a little nervous that maybe I’m NOT going to recognize them this time, and of course, that makes it more likely that I won’t. It’s the same type of…read more

A Computer That Can Read Your Mind

…understand the user more deeply.” Will we soon throw away our old computers? Tan is talking about a new type of computer that can read users’ minds, so you no…read more

Recession Also Caused by Weather?

The upcoming recession is being talked about in the news right now, and it’s mainly being blamed on oil prices and the sub-prime mortgage situation. But there’s another area where…read more

Stephenville, Texas UFO Flap

This week on Dreamland, Linda Howe interviews UFO witness Ricky Sorrells, the ONLY witness who saw the north Texas UFO thathas made the national news in daylight. Listen to hisdetailed…read more

Good News for 2008!

…And Subscribers have a special coupon that gives them $2 off, in addition to their regular 10% discount. Art credit: NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old…read more

Fantastic Future

Big changes are coming in both movies and computers. Look for more 3D movies in 2008, as well computers that can take dictation (so you no longer need to type!)…read more

Time to Leave

…to be a separate country, with their own passports and drivers licenses. And Vermont may do the same thing! Fox News quotes Lakota leader Russell Means as saying, “We are…read more

UFO Flaps in CA & UK

…you a link at the end of every story. Unlike any other credible news source, we include UFO news whenever we believe that REAL news about sightings can be found….read more

Is There Life on Mars? (Cont.)

…on December 18, at 8:45 p.m. Pacific time. In BBC News, Paul Rincon reports that it has been seen by the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Mars Express spacecraft. He quotes…read more

Violence (Cont.)

What makes people violent?especially males? Scents that trigger aggression between have been identified in mice?does the same thing happen with humans? BBC News reports that researchers have found that mice…read more

The Secret of Success

…do so many strivers self-destruct? BBC News reports on a new study that shows that a man is happiest with his paycheck if he is making MORE than his fellow…read more

The Power of Words

…role than simply replacing a proper name in a sentence?they help keep our brain from being overloaded. And when it comes to overloaded brains, there’s good news: a real breakthrough…read more

Incredible Floods Possible in Europe

…BBC News reports that a storm in the North Sea is presenting the UK and the Netherlands with “the worst flood threat in decades.” This is the first time in…read more

More Lethal Toys from China

…edge news and incredible radio shows. Please do the right thing and support us: subscribe today! NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links…read more

UFO Investigators Win Court Case!

…to get news like this?news the mainstream media ignores? Make sure we’ll still be here to report on the things YOU care about tomorrow: subscribe today! (and please click on…read more

Wildfires Caused by Global Warming?

…summer and a dry summer, boom, you have a lot of fires.” Scientists know that global warming leads to more storms and that lightning from these storms could definitely trigger…read more

Meteorite Crashes into Car

…an S.U.V.! In the Delaware News Journal, Alan J. McCombs writes about an object that, despite being small (16 inches), “sliced like butter” through the roof of an S.U.V. parked…read more

New Search for Alien Life

…BBC News reports that they should be up and running by 2025. Meanwhile, there have been UFO sightings worldwide. Let’s hope they scan the skies near the Giza Pyramid in…read more

Be Happy & You’ll be Healthy

…functions that could lead to disease.” For those who need to protect themselves from milder diseases, like the flu, there’s good news: BBC News reports that a herbal remedy that…read more

Awards for the OTHER Research

…person is delighted with the research. BBC News quotes Dan Meyer, executive director of the Sword Swallowing Association International, as saying, “I was surprised and extremely honored when I found…read more

Can Autism be Reversed?

Can autism be reversed? Scientists have done this in mice by manipulating genes?in the future, they may be able to help children this way as well. BBC News reports that…read more

Sexual Predators Have Abnormal Brains

UPDATE – Pedophilia has been in the news the last few years, due to the scandals in the Catholic Church. There’s new evidence that this condition is caused by brain…read more

The Problem With Dining in Space

…on earth. BBC News quotes bacteria expert Cheryl Nickerson as saying, “Wherever humans go, microbes go; you can’t sterilize humans. Wherever we go, under the oceans or orbiting the Earth,…read more

Laughing Mothers Have Happy Babies

News Scientist reports on a Japanese study which shows that breastfed babies with eczema have milder symptoms if their mothers laugh hours before feeding them. Researcher Hajime Kimata showed breastfeeding…read more

It Doesn’t Hurt…It Acutally Helps!

…ejaculate on a regular basis. The protective effect works best for men in their 20’s (which is the age when men tend to do the most masturbating!) BBC news quotes…read more

Gone in Less Than a Week

…not surprisingly, polar bears are starting to disappear as well. There are a lot of mysterious events going on in the far North right now. On the ABC News website,…read more

Asteroid Threat

…to stop it. BBC News reports that a thousand-foot-wide rock called Apophis is hurtling through space and is due to fly past the Earth in April, 2029 “at a distance…read more

Wave of UFO Sightings Around the World

news! To sign up, click here. Here at unknowncountry, we always bring you the LATEST in UFO reports?and other exciting news as well! Art credit: NOTE: This news story,…read more

Why Your Water Stinks

…how plumbing materials affect the odor and taste of drinking water. Researcher Andrea Dietrich’s tasting team uses two methods to evaluate odors associated with several types of plastic piping, which…read more

Still Doing It

…pieces are still not available, but it raises the possibility that erectile dysfunction drugs could be doing more than just affecting erectile dysfunction.” Meanwhile, BBC News reports that a survey…read more

Another Ice Block Falls to Earth

…a bump on the head but was unharmed. They quote his mother Corrina Vargas as saying, “It was just a big old boom, and all that debris. I was just…read more

Amazing Discoveries Underground

There is exciting news in archeology lately, including a prehistoric city that has been discovered underneath the English Channel and 8-million-year-old tree trunks that have been found in a Hungarian…read more

Cold War May Continue, Over North Pole?UPDATE

…of all the valuable oil beneath the icy surface. Keep reading for UPDATE. BBC News reports that Canada has stated that it will build two military outposts there in order…read more

Extreme Weather?Will it Get Better or Worse?

…and cold snaps since the beginning of 2007?including a TORNADO in Brooklyn on August 8! Yahoo News reports that global land surface temperatures in January and April reached the highest…read more

Water War

…someone else is already there. The conflict in Sudan may be an example of this kind of war, but this may be solved soon. BBC News reports that a huge…read more

Sudden Change

…suddenly 200,000 years ago after a huge flood. And Greenland, which is now covered by a sheet of ice, once WAS green! BBC News reports that scientists got this information…read more

Why Cities (& Even Nations) Are?And Are NOT?Sinking

UPDATE – We’ve warned about this before, now BBC News reports that London is definitely sinking. Or maybe the problem is that the Thames is rising. In fact, scientists don’t…read more

Food Fuel

While we’re all trying to figure out what is the best fuel to burn in our cars, some unexpected sources have turned up with some surprising ideas. BBC News reports…read more

Pakistan on the Brink

…presence on the Afghan border,there is likely to be far more instability in Afghanistan. UPDATE: According to BBC News, the head of US forces in Iraq, Lt. Gen. David Petraeus,…read more

Have Our Wars Helped Women?

…Western intervention, the women of Afghanistan continue to suffer. In BBC News, Soutik Biswas writes that for months, a female government official in Afghanistan has been receiving threatening letters saying…read more

Tunguska Mystery Solved

…BBC News, Paul Rincon quotes Italian researcher Giuseppe Longo as saying, “We have no positive proof this is an impact crater, but we were able to exclude some other hypotheses,…read more

The Drones: Are They Real, and What Do We Do?

…material: “They had something akin to a language, that could quite literally execute itself, at least in the presence of a very specific type of field. The language, a term…read more

China is a Dangerous Place–for US

…average Chinese person.” Art credit: Keep up with the drones–and with all the other exciting edge news–with our FREE weekly newsletter. Don’t miss our Dreamland show with Jim Marrs…read more

One Kind of Pollution Helps Offset Another

…the best edge news and views?as well as our extraordinary radio shows?we need your support! NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Marrying Dad

…supporting this website? There are big things happening in edge news?and even weather news?so we need you more than ever! NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site,…read more

MORE Good News about Stem Cells

…very special people, as well as special interviews and videos JUST FOR YOU! Subscribe today. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

We Finally Know How the Iceman Died

…he was found. Scientists have learned a lot about what life was like in prehistoric times by studying his body. Now they’ve finally figured out how he died. BBC Newsread more

Good News About Stem Cells

…develop into virtually any kind of tissue type. To create them, an individual?s DNA would be placed into a human egg, resulting in a blastocyst that houses a supply of…read more

Shrunken Heads

…UFOs are the elephant in the room. If you think so too, support our news and wonderful radio shows: subscribe today. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old…read more

An Essential Food is Going Extinct

…cause may be global warming, but most of it can be blamed on overfishing. In BBC News, Richard Black writes, “There will be virtually nothing left to fish from the…read more

Good News

We hear a lot of bad news, but there is some GOOD news too: scientists have found a cure for baldness AND they’ve discovered that chocolate may be more effective…read more

Whale Emergency

We recently wrote about a shark emergency, but whales also seem to be in big trouble. In BBC News, Richard Black reports that Earthwatch has found that whales are arriving…read more

Biofuel Danger

…of news we bring you every day. Keep the important edge news and wonderful radio shows coming: subscribe today! NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will…read more

Eating to Cure Disease

…herself, using scientific principles, and lost 100 pounds by following it?and you can too. Click on every day to learn the latest edge news about health, and remember: whether…read more

Who Is Dave Gaubatz and Why is That So Important?

…he claims to have been taken to four sites in southern Iraq which contained biological and chemical weapons, nuclear materials, and parts for medium range missiles of a type prohibited…read more

Pilot Spots Two UFOs

A pilot has reported seeing two UFOs near the island of Guernsey in the UK. BBC News describes them as “bright yellow flat disc shapes?twice the size of a Boeing…read more

Ethanol: Conned by Corn

… Too many news sources don’t see the big picture: they are basically just mouthpieces for big business and the government, but here at, in our edge news and…read more

Special Dreamland Report on Missing Bee Mystery

…The UK and eight other European countries also report the same problem: Spain, Poland, Greece, Croatia, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, and Germany. Jasper Copping reports in the British Telegraph newspaper that…read more

Cars That Fix Their Own Dents

…subscription period. You’ll get our special subscriber newsletter, which contains wonderful news just for you. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Possible US Troop Build-Up on Iran Border

More news about US militaryactivity nearthe Iran border: The Russian News & Information Agency(NOVOSTI) reports that Russian military intelligence is seeing a US troop build up along Iran’s border with…read more

Trash That’s SAFE to Toss in the Ocean

…safe to dump in the sea. Researchers have come up with a biodegradable plastic that dissolves into nontoxic components in salt water in about 20 days, which is good newsread more

The Invasion of Iran MAY HAVE BEGUN

newsletter, which contains wonderful news just for YOU. To learn more, click here and here. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Has Bird Flu Arrived in New Jersey?

…subscription period. You?ll get our special subscriber newsletter, which contains wonderful news just for YOU. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

The Coming Economic Catastrophe

…in fact, qualified to make the purchases that they did. And they werent qualified BEFORE all this happened. The inevitable result is in the news now every day: foreclosures, foreclosures…read more

Why Soft Drinks are So Bad for You

…rise in type 2 diabetes among children.” In, Robin Lloyd reports more bad news about soft drinks. She writes that many popular sodas “are nearly as corrosive to dental…read more

Former Arizona Gov. Now Admits Seeing UFO by Leslie Kean

…that appeared at about 10 pm, near Phoenix, and have been shown repeatedly on television news. These later lights were most likely flares, according to video analysts. People witnessed the…read more

Fixing the Ozone Hole HELPED

Good news: the ozone hole is closing, due to a 1987 international agreement that banned the use of ozone-destroying chemicals. Even better news: this is good for global warming too,…read more

Why Some People Get Fat…and Others Don’t

…Fat Years. Keep the good news coming: subscribe today! To learn more, click here and here. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links…read more

Bee Warning System

…chats!). Remember: you get ALL the news of the edge on, even theX-rated kind! NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Resurrection and the Tomb of Jesus

…way be imposed on anybody, or that the Good News be turned into bad news for nonbelievers. Nor, as I said before, is the idea that Jesus died for our…read more

UFO Sighting?and Possible Crash?in Iran

Iran, a country that has been in the news lately, is having a wave of incredible sightings of a “radiant,” plasma-like UFO. This type of UFO was photographed in Ecuador…read more

Strange and Violent Weather Around the World

…Poland. If you love our news and Dreamland shows, make sure it stays sunny where we are: subscribe today (and join our chats!). Remember: you get ALL the news of…read more

The 911 Script and the Age of Terror

…I spent 45 minutes yesterday with CNN Headline News today, looking for news of Iran. 31 of those minutes were spent on Anna Nicole Smith, and the rest was fluff….read more

BBC Announced 9/11 Building 7 Collapse Before It Happened

…seen in our full report, dozens of prominentUS officials are now questioning the 9/11 story. BBC News Editor Richard Porter has stated on his BBC Newsblog that”We didn’t get told…read more

Asteroid Threat Continues

…gold coloration. It was headed east to west and lasted about three seconds; after it faded, the sonic boom washed over him, he said.” Gill says, “It was the most…read more

Mystery Dust in Seattle Area

Dust can be dangerous. In Redmond, Washington, a mysterious white dust has settled on everything, and residents want to know what it is. On the King5 news website, Jane McCarthy…read more

Classic Phoenix Lights Sighting in Maine

You wouldn’t know it from reading the national news, but local news outlets all over the country are reporting UFO sightings that look very much like the famous Phoenix Lights…read more

How to Keep Your Lover Loyal

…of genes that are involved in your immune system can predict what type of person you will be sexually attracted to?as well as how faithful this person will be! In…read more

Your Computer is Constantly Under Attack

…what would happen. They discovered the vast majority of attacks came from relatively unsophisticated hackers using “dictionary scripts,” a type of software that runs through lists of common usernames and…read more

Can You Think Yourself Thin?

…to alterations in leptin and insulin signaling that lead to excess weight gain and Type 2 diabetes, respectively. SH2B1 appears to play a key regulatory role in this system.” Another…read more

The Hidden Danger of Driving

…reports of left-sided skin cancers in women in the future?gradually closing the gender gap that now exists.” The reason for this is that windshields are made of a different typeread more

Only Ten Years Left

…think tank sent letters to scientists offering them $10,000 if they would criticize the findings of the new UN study. Is this the type of “think tank” that will be…read more

Sneaky Snakes

We’re afraid of poisonous snakes, but most snakes have no venom and therefore are not dangerous. What can a non-poisonous snake do to ward off predators? One type of snake…read more

Not Everyone Gets Supersized on Fast Food Diet

The January 27 issue of New Scientist reports on a study by Swedish researcher Fredrik Nystrom, in which he had 18 volunteers eat the same type of fast food diet…read more

The Secret Behind Groundhog Day

…runs back inside (meaning winter isn’t yet over). UPDATE: Phil did NOT see his shadow today, meaning we will have an early spring, but that’s not necessarily good news, either…read more

Male Birth Control? Women Keep Hoping!

…different kind of man than the type they’re looking for in mate. The researchers tested over 800 male and female college students, using digitally altered pictures of male faces. The…read more

Too Fat or TOO SKINNY?

…the hourglass figure has not only been popular throughout most of human history, it is also the healthiest body type. Modern, Babie-doll shaped bodies for women have only became popular…read more

Can You Catch Bird Flu on an Airplane?

…being here, with our great edge news and extraordinary radio shows, this time next year! NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Wild Children Discovered in Jungle

…you can read the latest news about it here, in our website news and on our extraordinary radio shows. Please support us in this important job by shopping in our…read more

Stay Healthy: Drink Coffee!

…coffee in combination with reviews of research gathered over the past 30 years reveal that consumption improves glucose regulation and lowers the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Nutritionist Roger…read more

Are We About to Invade Iran? (Part III)

news reports. FURTHER UPDATE: Politicians in Israel seem to be preparing the Israeli public for a military attack on Iran. Anne Penketh writes in the Independent that Israeli opposition leader…read more

Pseudo-Science Tests for Food & Drugs

…saves taxpayer money, it does not promote objectivity. It also turns out they’re doing the same thing with food! A news release issued by Public Library of Science reveals that…read more

Possible UFO Crash in Iran

…place, this time in Iran. Authorities do not believe that the object that crashed was an aircraft. Iran News reports that the object was glowing brightly as it crashed in…read more

Big Cars Encourage Reckless Driving

…day. This is news that helps, news that heals and news that may surprise you. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

UFOs in France

…evidence that something real is going on. We report UFO news like we report all other news at the edge. If you like what we do, please support us, so…read more

A News Years Wish from Anne

…an inspiring example of courage on television.” To find out what it was, click here. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

New Years Predictions?or Educated Guesses?

…read news only on the internet.” Will we take our laptop to the breakfast table with us? When it comes to reliable edge news on the internet, we were not…read more

Will Mankind Avert Catastrophe?

…of this effort is that we are liable to end up with a very dark and negative world view. The job of the news is almost exclusively a negative one:…read more

More Shocking News About Diana’s Death

…local newspaper, did you? You only read it HERE, where we report on things our own media likes to keep secret. It’s enough to make you believe in conspiracy theories…or…read more

Powerful New Sunspots Will Affect Us on Earth

…another flare takes place within the next 24 hours, its effects will be felt on earth. The news from the sun may be scary, but something GOOD is happening every…read more

Good News About Global Warming

“Good” news about global warming: the Southern Ocean may slow the rate of global warming by absorbing significantly more heat and carbon dioxide than previously thought. This could be another…read more

Egyptian Pyramids May be Concrete

…as saying that a microscopic examination of the blocks “certainly revealed things you wouldn’t expect to find in normal limestone.”The type of concrete pyramid builders used could reduce pollution and…read more

Cancer: How to Avoid It & What to Do if You Get It

…to women who don’t usually eat foods prepared that way. The good news, however, is that taking aspirin negated the potentially harmful effects. Women who eat tofu get less breast…read more

Whale Brains Like Ours

…for the best in edge news and listen to our weekly radio shows. To make sure we’ll still be here in 2007, you need to subscribe today! NOTE: This newsread more

Red Rain Update

…in edge news and information, but we need you too, so support us: subscribe today. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Good News About Holiday Blues

The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays have long been an especially painful season for lonely people. Now, there’s good news: Suicide rates among younger and older Americans have been declining since…read more

Fight Fat With Seaweed

…careful?there will be lots of fakes out there. The compound targets abdominal fat, the hardest kind to lose and the type of fat that promotes Type II diabetes. Did you…read more

How Will Global Warming Affect Our Future?

…several factors in producing and intensifying droughts. More rain AND more drought?is there any good news? The average growing season could increase significantly across most of North America and Eurasia,…read more

Dangerous Diet Drink

…become increasingly prevalent in modern society, and it cannot be excluded that this behavior has contributed to the current epidemic of type 2 diabetes.” Art credit: Here at,…read more

What We Can Learn From the Memory Bird

…reports on Dreamland every week. And if you want us to be able to KEEP bringing you the best news at the edge, support us: subscribe today! NOTE: This newsread more

Anthrax Attacks Could Happen Again

…a specific disease, and once they’ve developed an antidote or vaccine for that particular type of bacteria, terrorists will drop it and go on to the next one. Since we’ll…read more

Superbug Detector

…is a place for this type of product that can be used by people with limited training to provide a fast indication of whether a biohazard is present.” Art credit:…read more

Endless War

When we read or listen to the daily news, it seems like war is a never ending condition of life: new wars start and old ones never end. Sometimes even…read more

Why Can’t We Talk & Drive?

…the SAME TYPE, using the same part of the brain. Researcher Christopher Conway says, “?These results show that humans have a powerful learning system that is capable of learning sequential…read more

TB Prehistoric?and Getting Worse NOW

Scientists now think it was tuberculosis that killed off the herds of mastodons in prehistoric times. Researchers who have examined the skeletons of these gigantic beasts have found a typeread more

Important News for Women

…lost 100 pounds and was a type II diabetic, but now she has lost that extra weight?and she’d like to help YOU do it too?and you don’t need to be…read more

Is Mystery Cat Tied to Strange Sound?

…or wolves (except in zoos). Now there are mysterious sonic booms taking place over the same area! These booms, which are happening all over the world, could be a sign…read more

We Decide Who to Trust in Less Than a Second

…can trust us to bring you the best edge news on the internet and some of you have been our loyal readers and listeners for years. But loyalty cuts both…read more

Strong Earthquake Today in Gulf of Mexico

…change by supporting those of us who get the REAL news out about what’s going on. Subscribe today and join the conversation! NOTE: This news story, previously published on our…read more

More on Evil Corn

…form of high-fructose corn syrup, which is the sweetener in soft drinks and fast and processed foods, it is one of the primary reasons for the type II diabetes epidemic…read more

Is There a Mystery Weapon in the West?

…new type of weapon. They are treating patients whose skin has been burned completely off, “down to the bones,” and whose organs have ruptured, DESPITE THE FACT THAT THERE ARE…read more

Eating Hot Dogs Leads to Genetic Changes

Bad news for the Labor Day weekend: hot dogs may be even MORE unhealthy than you suspected they were. But here’s the good news: lobsters DO NOT feel pain when…read more

A Strange Twist on Alternative Fuels

…successfully used to power a small drone airplane of the type now being used by US forces in the Middle East. The latest news about ethanol is that you may…read more

Scientists Looking for Global Warming?on Computers

…the government wants to deny reality, a new international poll reveals that most people know that the future is here?and it’s HOT. Bill Blakemore writes in ABC News that a…read more

Superbugs on the Loose

Antibiotic-resistant superbugs are back in the news. These are caught and passed around mainly in hospitals, because so many antibiotics are used there, but occasionally they escape and invade the…read more

The Future of Crime

…this type of assessment can spell the difference between a death sentence and life spent in prison. In the August issue of the UK magazine Prospect, David Rose traces the…read more

GOOD News About Bird Flu

We recently gave you an update on the latest information about bird flu. There’s some good news from researchers who are working hard to create a vaccine against the H5N1…read more

Global Warming to Blame for Many Natural Disasters

Man-made global warming leads to higher ocean surface temperatures, which creates more?and stronger?hurricanes?as well as other so-called “natural” disasters, such as forest fires, droughts and floods. BBC News reports that…read more

Do Natural Cures Work?

…on cell activation in lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are a type of white blood cell and come in three forms: B cells, which make antibodies that bind to a virus or micro-organism…read more

Fighting Terrorism on Airplanes

…suitable site for burying a large number of livestock. Given the type and size of the animals, we can determine the size of the burial pit, then use [satellites] to…read more

Pump Climate Problems Underground

We store dangerous nuclear waste in secret places deep underneath the desert. Can we store dangerous greenhouse gases on the ocean floor? BBC news reports that scientists are desperately searching…read more

Can Midnight Snacking be Genetic?

…fat inside these cells can give you type II diabetes, even if you’re not fat! These cells are also the hardest cells to EMPTY. Just eating less won’t do it,…read more

New Kind of Singing Volcano

… that volcanoes that have erupted on the ocean floor in the western Pacific could be a new type, never seen before. Most volcanoes erupt when the earth?s tectonic plates…read more

Watching Wrestling Leads to Fights

…Robert H. DuRant, who did the study, says, “This study…shows that exposure to this type of violence on television during this crucial period of time [in a teen’s development] can…read more

Will New Egyptian Tomb Lead Us to Another Tut?

…of the ancient symbolism in Nashville, Tennessee. Whitley’s new novel The Grays takes you on a different type of tour?one that’s well worth taking. Be among the FIRST to get…read more

Good Hurricane News

…Chapters One and Two FREE on our website by clicking “Listen Now” on our masthead. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Who’s Dying in the Current Heat Wave?

…rates, more fear of crime, visible signs of disorder such as graffiti ? did not show as strong a link to heat wave mortality as did the condition and typeread more

Far Out Fixes for Global Warming

…by mandating a special type ofgasoline, as well as pollution controls on cars, and Blairis very interested in this, as well as in the larger problemof global warming. Art…read more

A Snakebite Cure?Inside Our Bodies!

…not receive a large, lethal dose. Ker Than writes in that a protein called carboxypeptidase A is released by a certain type of cell in our bodies when we’re…read more

Are We Alone in the Universe?

Now that we know that astronauts have seen UFOs, how is SETI, the organization that is SUPPOSED to be trying to contact alien life, doing? There’s actually good news: the…read more

Cancer Preventing Sunscreen Finally Available Here

…effective than we what we had that US sunbathers were importing it from Europe. Well, now it is available in the US. The new sunscreen blocks the type of ultraviolet…read more

Gas Shortage Savior?Oil from Plankton?

…common types of vegetation on earth?although it’s actually in the ocean. A Spanish company says it has solved the oil shortage problem by creating plankton that will substitute for oil….read more

Asteroid?or Nuclear?Jewelry?

…earth. The force of the explosion would have been similar to that of an atomic bomb. It thought that this type of meteor explosion is what caused 60 million trees…read more

UFO Caught on Video in Russia

Moscow News ( reports that a UFO has been seen over the Krasnodar region of Russia. According to Russian TV news, crop circles have also been seen in the same…read more

Good News: Beer is Better

…But it is not perceived that way.” The widely-reportedgood news about red wine cutting heart attacks may notactually be true?it may simply be that the French, one ofthe main groups…read more

We’re Controlled by Fear

…Between 1977 and 1997, hard news declined from 67.3 to 41.3% of the broadcast day, while entertainment news tripled. Many people can’t figure out what happened to the type of…read more

Does Global Warming Cause Forest Fires?

…credit: When you see images of forest fires on your TV news this year, remember: This is a sign of global warming. Don’t let anyone tell you global warming…read more

Psychopaths All Around Us

…treating others as you wish to be treated. But Newman has a different definition?he believes that psychopathy is essentially a type of learning disability that makes individuals oblivious to the…read more


…most people can’t do this, they end up not getting enough sleep. Forger says that this is the type of schedule that most people probably followed before the invention of…read more

The Environmentalist’s Dream

type of power. A group of engineers have done just that: they?ve invented a combustion chamber where fuel is burned that will power a motor that gives off almost NO…read more

Pirate Democracy

…silks, satins, spices and other merchandise in ports and spending their cash in the colonies, pirates actually created an economic boom, helping struggling settlements and making cities such as Port…read more

Korea Missile Test Fails

UPDATE – North Korea tested five missiles, one of them a long-range weapon of the type that could reach the United States. This missile, a Taepodong Type 2, failed 40…read more

A Little Red String

…classic example of the first type is the academic who is filled to bursting with knowledge, but is a failure at human relationships. The classic example of the second typeread more

What was Bad is Now Good (and Vice-Versa)

…to prevent heart attacks, is BAD. Drinking coffee, especially when it is decaffeinated, may be associated with a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, according to the Journal of the…read more

Prehistoric Meals Were Us

…is now thought to have been killed by a giant predatory bird. In, Alexandra Zavis quotes paelo- anthropologist Lee Berger as saying, “These types of discoveries give us real…read more

Funny Bread in Your Future

…sustagrain, a type of barley with a 30 percent fiber content, said Don Brown, vice president of business development at the company. While products made entirely of amaranth and quinoa…read more

Junk Science Taught Worldwide

…learn REAL science, make sure their home computers open on the news page of, where they’ll find REAL news of the edge every day. If you want us to…read more

Secret Bird Flu Death Discovered in China

…haven’t acknowledged that bird flu exists there. But forensic detectives there have just discovered evidence that a man died of H5N1 in 2003. Debora MacKenzie reports in Science News that…read more

SUVs Invade UK

…to rollovers, the type of accident for which air bags offer no protection. Researchers in London observed almost 40,000 SUV commuters for an hour in the morning and evening, during…read more

Life is Just a Bowl of?.

…of 50 to 60 cherries. Cherries contain many antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents. The type of exercise these volunteers participated in was the usual kind we all do, such as walking,…read more

Strong Waves Hitting in Central America

…waves, and it is believedthat the waves are from this storm. Unusually violentstorms of this type were predicted inSuperstorm by Whitley Strieber and Art Bell. No apparent earthquake activity is…read more


…high number of talented graduates, Christian Nordqvist writes in Medical News Today that our emergency medical system is in crisis. Ambulances are routinely turned away from emergency departments in hospitals…read more

Getting to the Core of Climate Change

…The same type of evidence has been found at the other end of the earth, in Antarctica, showing that climate change occurred the same way at both poles. Climate change…read more

How to be Happy (Continued)

Good news for those of us who are getting older: we’re also becoming happier. Scientists know that people in third-world countries are happier than those in the West. Now they’ve…read more

Toilet Seats: Safer Than You Think

news and extraordinary radio shows as healing, because in spite of the bad news we?re sometimes forced to bring you, we always stress that there is something we can do…read more

Pesticides Cancel Breast Feeding

…it. Why does this matter? Because bottle feeding sets up babies of both sexes for metabolic syndrome, which leads to Type II diabetes, high blood pressure and high levels of…read more

Mars Water

…this assumption because the same type of gullies can be found on the moon, and we now know that these do not contain water. Leonard David writes in that…read more

Good News: Ozone Hole is Closing

Finally, some good news about the environment: the ozone hole over the Antarctic is closing and may disappear by the year 2050 because of the reduction in emissions of ozone-depleting…read more

Plastic Pollution Leads to Prostate Cancer

…shows that early exposure to low doses of environmental estrogens?which means the type of plastic in baby bottles?during development of the prostate gland in the male fetus may result in…read more

Want Twins? Eat Right!

…in that DNA studies show that identical twins are not always identical. For instance, one twin may be susceptible to a certain type of cancer, while the other is…read more

What’s the REAL Iraq? MORE UPDATES

news in Iraq. The radio host Laura Ingraham has suggested that the press is ?invested in American’s defeat’ and has mocked TV journalists for ‘reporting from hotel balconies.’” She quotes…read more

NASA Hacker Says There’s a UFO Coverup–UPDATE

news about Gary McKinnon,click here. UPDATE: To see a BBC interview with McKinnon, click here. Want to see UFOs yourself? Maybe you need to carry a field guide along with…read more

Mysterious Skin Disease?or NOT?

…love news at theedge and we have the courage to report it! Pleasesupport thisquest: subscribetoday. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

UFOs in the News–UPDATE

UFOs are big news in Germany and South Africa. In Germany, digital photographs have been taken of a rectangular-shaped UFO. There has been a UFO wave in South Africa, where…read more

Not as Healthy as We Think

Type II diabetes than people in the US. The researchers say, “Americans are much sicker than the English.” In England, less than 8% of people in the highest income bracket…read more

Like to Read? It’s Genetic!

…you read, but you know news always brings you the TRUTH, even if it doesn’t always follow what the mainstream media is staying. Aren’t you glad you can come…read more

Ancient Evidence of Global Warming

…remains have ever been found in this condition, but storms of an unknown type that can cause such sudden and long-lasting change have certainly happened in the past. To read…read more

False Government UFO Report

…and that old favorite, ball lightning. The 400 page report states, “No evidence exists to suggest that the phenomena seen are hostile or under any type of control, other than…read more

Another Stonehenge?in Brazil

…years old, and Stonehenge-type calendars have been found in other places, all over the world. Now a structure which is similar to Stonehenge and which is at least 2,000 years…read more

Are the Bosnia Pyramids a Hoax?

…12. The regular media brings you the conventional news, but you can count on to bring you news at the edge?yet it’s all carefully documented. We will bring you…read more

Booms and Shakes in Seattle

Mysterious shaking and booming noises are becoming common across the US and the world, as global warming heats up. Now there are booms in Seattle. As far as we know,…read more

The Heat is On?What Can We Do About It?

…who get the news out about what?s REALLY going on: subscribe today. But hurry: time is running out. To learn more, click here, here, here and here. NOTE: This newsread more

Walking Fish?Then & Now

…the same time, biologists have learned that one type of fish?the catfish?STILL “walks” ashore to look for food. Discovering that a catfish that lives in Africa regularly goes onto land…read more

Mystery Booms are Back

…than billowy.” The booms that rocked San Diego and Buffalo did not appear to be sonic booms, and some residents in San Diego assumed that the sounds were earthquake related….read more

The Shape of Things to Come

…higher risk for contracting Type II diabetes, the kind you get from being overweight. Kahn has discovered that just three genes: Tbx15, Gpc4, and HoxA5, are responsible for a person’s…read more

Bird Flu: Good News (for a change)

…this difficult task. Good news or bad?if it’s edge news, and it?s REAL, you’ll read it here first! But we can’t do it without you, so subscribe today. That way…read more

War Propaganda

…Buncombe reports in The Independent that this group pressures newspapers to print news about the war slanted towards the viewpoint of the Bush administration. In other words, they print what…read more

Will Bird Flu Arrive Here? (Part II)

…system have the surface molecule or receptor that is the key that permits the avian flu virus to enter a cell. Flu viruses, like many other types of viruses, require…read more

China Pushing Ahead With Moon Plans

As far as we know, we’re the only news organization that has pointed out why China and the U.S. are suddenly so interested in going (returning, in our case) to…read more

US Weather Mayhem: Storms, Fires Kill 17

…state is very high.The area at greatest risk for a catastrophic fire is theTexas Hill Country north of San Antonio, which hasexperienced a building boom and is now as dry…read more

A Traveler at the Edge of Death

…about six and a half feet, andseemed to be robed in a fabric that emitted a type of lightperiodically, during movement. Their skin was silvery andtheir eyes were round, and…read more

It Could Happen Again

…of ash. Now a previously unknown Pompeii-type site has been discovered in Indonesia. This eruption took place about 2,000 years later than Pompeii. Scientists are worried that it could happen…read more

Nuclear fusion is REAL

…it will be running our power plants soon, with far less pollution than conventional fuels and far less danger than the current type of nuclear (fission) power. But in order…read more

Global Warming: Trees are Part of the Problem

…China, which is experiencing a population boom. It’s bad enough that China needs oil as much as we do. It will be an additional problem in the future if they…read more

Six-Hour UFO Sighting Over Milan

…and news media. To read one of the Italian news reports untranslated,clickhere. If you want to learn the TRUTH about UFOs, read the wonderful books in the UFO section of…read more

No Fail Lie Detector

…be real, it would be discredited. “I think that close encounter witnesses considering subjecting themselves to this new type of lie detection should be extremely careful that the results are…read more

Booms are Back

…they are not earthquakes, thunder or sonic booms caused by supersonic planes, which are not allowed to fly across the continent. Scientists speculate that the booms come from methane gas…read more

Child Abuse?Good News

Newswise – Psychologists know about the transmission of abuse from one family to another, meaning that if you were abused, you are more likely to abuse your own children. This…read more

Smog Emergency

…in Tehran. That?s the bad news?the good news is that researchers have discovered that natural chemical processes in the atmosphere may be removing smog and other damaging hydrocarbons at a…read more

Chemical Weapons in Iraq

…napalm in Iraq, saying it destroyed its last napalm in 2001. Did you read this news in the US media? We suspect the answer is “no,” which is why you…read more

Mold Threat in New Orleans

…that. Mold brings on allergy symptoms in many people. Some types of mold are actually cancer-causing and homes infected with this type of mold are unsafe to live in and…read more

WTC Towers Collapsed by Explosives

…Site. Jones is calling for a government investigation. The recent well-timed set of explosions in London illustrate that this type of media event is what al-Qaeda aims for. A similar…read more

Tamiflu Suicides

…may have mutated so that the drug will no longer be effective. Now there’s more ominous news: Tamiflu may lead to suicide. Jeremy Laurance writes in the Independent that two…read more

Southern Plants Travel North

Newswise – Palm trees in Pennsylvania? Magnolias in Minnesota? The migration of subtropical plants to northern climates may happen if future global warming patterns follow the shift that took place…read more

Airplane Air is Bad for You

Newswise – As many of us get ready to take planes during the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, during the season of colds and flu, we become concerned about the spread of…read more

Iraq Thefts?Were Valuables Ever Recovered?

When we invaded Iraq on March 20, 2003, there were news reports about the looting of over ten thousand valuable artefacts from the National Museum, and it was rumored that…read more

How Australia Prevented Terror Attack

…if the events going on in other countries will not touch them in any way. Learn about international news at the edge by reading news every day and listening…read more

Why are Serial Killers Mostly American?

Newswise – In her new novel Little Town Lies (in bookstores now), Anne Strieber writes about a surprising serial killer. Anne will read several chapters from her book on this…read more

Secret US Prison Camps

…included free, but hurry?supplies are limited! Keep up with the news of REAL importance: read news daily and listen to Dreamland every week. But we need your support today…read more

Is Wal-Mart Evil?

…deaths. While we today?s buildings have modern fire-suppression systems, like sprinklers, so this type of tragedy is not likely to happen, a sick employee who called an ambulance could have…read more

A Good Reason to Hate Other People?

Newswise – While we all want to overcome racial prejudice, we should be aware that it’s actually instinctual which is why it never completely goes away. It’s a form of…read more

Organic Food Standards Weakened

…to be. ?Everyone except YOU, that is, because you read the news daily. Make sure we?re here for you tomorrow, with our wisdom and news: subscribe today. We just…read more

Europe’s First Pyramid

…with new news about newly-discovered pyramids–and newly explored parts of the old ones. Read news daily. But please remember: we need your support today if we can continue to…read more

Why Rubbernecking is Dangerous

Newswise – If you slow down to peer at an auto accident, you may be unable to avoid having an accident yourself for a few seconds afterwards, since you momentarily…read more

Fat kids Can Still Eat Halloween Candy

Newswise – It is time to scare away the myth that says that overweight children with type II diabetes can’t enjoy Halloween because of their disease. The truth is they…read more

How Women Confuse Men

…this type of behavior works with regard to sex. While over 200 students were shown photos of good looking members of the opposite sex, they were offered a reward: they…read more

How One Country is Destroying the World’s Environment

…plant trees. Michael McCarthy writes in the Independent that not only is China chopping down its own trees to fuel its building boom, it?s importing them as well. One out…read more

Elephants Honor Their Dead

…then you rely on this website to bring you the edge news that?s REAL. Make sure we?ll be here for you tomorrow: subscribe today. NOTE: This news story, previously published…read more

How to Use Your Brain Better

…called the “inferior temporal cortex” (ITC). This area is used for visual pattern recognition and for storage of this type of memory. When Albright and his team analyzed the activity…read more

Terracotta Army Guards a Buried Treasure

…going to get this kind of news? You need us and we need YOU too: subscribe today. More great news for our readers and listeners: The 2006 crop circle calendar…read more

Gargling With Water: All You Need to Fight a Cold

…you been reading Anne?s diet book? You get the best health news in the world right here, on And on Dreamland this week, there’s more news you won’t hear…read more

Mission to Venus Will Help Defeat Global Warming

…get edge news like you can here at We need your support? subscribe today. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

More Pyramid Secrets Will Soon Be Revealed

…remote-controlled drill and be able to drill a hole into any barriers it encounters and peek inside. This is the same type of technology used in the robots that were…read more

Bird Flu Virus Spreading But HIV Getting Weaker

…flu has reached Europe?that’s the bad news about viruses. The good news? The virus that causes HIV, which leads to AIDS, is getting weaker. Debora MacKenzie writes in New Scientist…read more

Why Didn’t We Predict Katrina in Time?

…political appointee, like Michael Brown was at FEMA. At, we predict that if you visit our news page every day, and listen to Dreamland radio weekly, you’ll learn all…read more

What It’s Like to be a Genius

…savant?now one of them explains how he does it. Richard Johnson interviews Daniel Tammet in The Guardian newspaper. Tammet can perform incredible mathematical calculations at incredible speed. He speaks seven…read more

Can Quicksand Kill You?

…ordinary water flowing over their heads. Art credit: The news sometimes sounds like quicksand, sucking us down into worries and obsessions that can take over our lives. At,…read more

Dolphins Sing Batman Theme

…the news from sent directly to your computer: sign up for our newsletter today. We NEVER give away or sell email addresses. And if you want us to be…read more

You Are What Your Mom Ate

…increase in Type II diabetes that we?re seeing.” But they’ve discovered that eating too much protein while pregnant could lead to Type II in your children later on. To make…read more

Bird Flu: Not as Bad as They Told Us

…and gives you the news you need in order to do just that. Subscribe today so we’ll be here for you tomorrow. NOTE: This news story, previously published on…read more

Global Warming: Viruses Will Escape from Melting Ice

…The Independent (UK) newspaper reports that during the freezing process, glaciers incoporate nearby fungi, bacteria and viruses, many of which remain alive, in a state of suspended animation. Since these…read more

New Corn May Prevent Mad Cow Disease

It’s nice when there’s GOOD news for a change. Mad Cow Disease may become a thing of the past. Mad Cow is caused by farmers feeding cattle the ground-up bones…read more

Worst Hurricane Season Ever

…superficial exterior damage on structures across an area of some 90,000 square miles. As has often been mentioned on the news, this is an area approximate in size to Great…read more

Coffee is GOOD For You

…against liver and colon cancer, type 2 diabetes, and Parkinson?s disease. Vinson analyzed the antioxidant content of more than 100 different food items, including vegetables, fruits, nuts, spices, oils and…read more

ADHD Kids Just Need Sleep

news page at for science news that’s FUN to read. Here’s something you won’t sleep through: the latest Dreamland show! Subscribers get to listen to all our back shows,…read more

NASA Planning New Trip to Moon

…this. Get the best of the edge news at and make sure we?ll be here tomorrow: subscribe today. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will…read more

Katrina Impact on Distant Crops

…ever to say, I’m still hungry. Maybe we need the help of the kitchen witch! If love news at the edge–news you just can’t find anywhere else–visit our website daily….read more

Superbugs Spreading in Food

…worried about a type of superbug E. coli that is rapidly spreading in the UK. In August, E. coli was found in meals that were to be served to passengers…read more

Oregon Volcano May be Ready to Erupt

…series of small earthquakes in the area last March. One type of earthquake is caused by the movement of magma underground. As scientists who study quakes now know, a series…read more

Can We Remove Salt from Water?

…the ground. New Mexico senator Pete Domenici says this type of research could be the “long term solution to our nation’s and New Mexico’s water problems.” Water, water everywhere?sometimes there’s…read more

The Science of Eccentricity

…fraction of what’s really going on. You need to visit our website daily for news at the edge. Support our mission: Subscribe today. Art credit: NOTE: This news story,…read more

Southern California Earthquake Swarm

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Katrina Downgraded to Cat. 3

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Katrina Turns into Gulf Monster

…the REAL weather news. Visit our news page daily and keep on going: subscribe today. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

UPDATE on Underwater City Off Coast of Cuba

…hear weekly reports of edge news by our science reporter Linda Howe. Keep us going? subscribe today. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any…read more

Floods, Drought in Europe as Hurricane Approaches Florida

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Redheads Feel Less Pain

…else reports?by going to the news page every day. Make sure we’ll be here for you tomorrow?subscribe today. And show your colors! NOTE: This news story, previously published on…read more

A Good Reason Why Movie Villains Smoke

…Juergen Hennig says that the type of aggressive behavior we think of as psychopathic or sociopathic has some genetic basis that may involve abnormally low levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin….read more

An Amazing Experience

…it by explaining it away as a comet, experimental aircraft, etc. We’ve all become bored by this type of thing. Kitei hit upon the idea of interviewing ordinary witnesses who…read more

Have We Reached the Tipping Point?

…credible science news from a website that looksat the extrme edge? You’d better believe it! You get news here that you won’t hear anywhere else. A lot of it comes…read more

How Can Non Smokers Get Lung Cancer?

…also more susceptible to lung cancer caused by exposure to asbestos, which is the type of cancer that killed actor Steve McQueen?despite the fact that men, who are more often…read more

Yoga Fights Fat

…is about the last type of exercise we consider. But it turns out that yoga not only helps people lose weight, it helps keep it off. Researchers questioned 15,500 men…read more

UPDATE: Bird Flu Vaccine Arrives Just in Time–Or Does It?

…be here for you. We report on what we call edge science; for us, it’s the REAL news. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have…read more

Wacky Weather Continues?Hottest Summer Ever

…source. At, we?re not afraid to report the REAL NEWS. Support us: Subscribe today! NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

You Only THINK You Speak English

…the same news that everyone else does because we know our history: what is scoffed at today will be accepted tomorrow. That’s why we bring you news at the edge….read more

Storms and Congressmen Grow More Dangerous

…told theManichiDaily News, “This is just the beginning of real changes inweather patterns on a worldwide scale due to global warming.Once it begins, the common wisdom in our field is…read more

Mom’s Makeup Can be Dangerous

…beholder? What about news? If you like what you behold on our website, keep us going: subscribe today! NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have…read more

News from London

…“You have asked that we write if we have news. I alwaysassume that is UFO news, but this is my news. It couldhappen anywhere, remember that.” “At any rate, I…read more

Guidelines Indicate Everyone is Sick

…intuition when you’ve got news to start your day. If you love us,support us! NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Secret UFO Report Revealed

…highest levels ofthe government and military. The US has never admitted theexistence of the Aurora craft, a special type of stealth plane. A Royal Air Force officer who witnessed the…read more

Baby Bottles are Dangerous for Boys

…to the news at the edge on todayso we’ll be here for you tomorrow! NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

The Most Sinful Towns in the US

…for Playboy Magazine! IfYOU’VE got a problem, we have the news story that will tellyou how to solve it, so read our news page every day, andput your email address…read more

New Reasons to Eat Raisins

Newswise – You may not realize this, but your saliva fights toothdecay. It can also be used to diagnose diseases, and notonly diseases of the mouth. This is good newsread more

Cattle STILL Being Fed Mad Cow Food

Newswise – Daily News Central reports that US ranchers are stillfeeding their cattle things that could help transmit Mad CowDisease to humans, such as the blood of other cattle. MadCow…read more

MORE Pre-911 Iraq War Memos

…this story before any other US news outlet.Make sure we’re here tomorrow bysupporting us today! NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Smart Clothes in Your Future

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Why Some of Us are Tastier than Others

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Prophet Yahweh to Call UFOs on Live TV–UPDATE

On May 28, Ramon Watkins, who calls himself ‘Prophet Yahweh’astonished a Las Vegas TV news crew by apparently succeedingin calling a UFO on command before KNTV news cameras. Thestation then…read more

Solar Fireworks Jar Scientists

…scrambleddetectors on spacecraft. The shower of energetic protonscame minutes after the first sign of the flare. This flarewas an extreme example of the type of radiation storm thatarrives too quickly…read more

Severe Hurricane Season Probable

…oursociety. This isThe CopycatEffect: the phenomenon through which violent events spawnviolence of the same type. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Good News on the Mad Cow Front

Newswise – Mad cow disease is one of the great unspoken fears, becauseAmericans know that the Agriculture Department does notprotect us responsibly. Now there is hope on the horizon. Avaccine…read more

Baby Fat

Newswise – Babies who gain weight rapidly during their very first weekof life may be more likely to be overweight as young adults.And while there?s no question that being overweight…read more

Scientists Say Religious Belief is Genetic

…togenes and what part is due to environmental effects.” In Science & Theology News, Julia C. Keller reports thatKoenig looked at 169 identical twin brothers and 104fraternal twin brothers. Identical…read more

Ozone Layer Thins, Childhood Melanoma Increases

…fact that childhoodmelanoma is increasing as the ozone layer declines. KEEPTHIS IMPORTANT NEWS SOURCE ALIVE,subscribe! NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Why Do Some People Have a Conscience, While Others Don’t?

…children have a genetic defect thatmakes them especially vulnerable to this type of pollution,which has come to define modern life, since it is given offin auto exhausts and power plant…read more

A GOOD Invasion of Privacy?

Newswise – There are plenty of things that go on in Europe that most UScitizens don’t want to happen here. Among them are hightaxes (for a correspondingly high level of…read more

Lethal Flu Virus Sent Around the World

…that strain. Don’t miss Jim Marrs’ provocative comments on this situationon this week’sDreamland! Art credit: Get the latest news about bioterrorism and outbreaks likeSARS and avian flu from–newsread more

An End to PC Privacy

…from a distance, using the same type ofsatellites that transmit cell phone calls. If the governmenthas its eye on you and you communicate with your cohorts viathe internet, the CIA…read more

MRSA Infection Now a Serious Problem

…only shipping and handling costs, by subscribing for a year! But hurry–this offer won’tlast forever! For more news on MRSA,clickhere. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old…read more

Master Astrologier Mahala on the Galactic Energy Burst

…opposition to Saturn (by sign) in Cancer, and making a 90 degree angle to the node in Aries. The sign Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and indicates…read more

New Energies for a New Time: Astrological Analysis by Mahala

…opposition to Saturn (by sign) in Cancer, and making a 90 degree angle to the node in Aries. The sign Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and indicates…read more

Tsunami Jeopardy Still Real

…it would, which producedanother gigantic tsunami wave. posted anews story that made thesameprediction. The final death toll from December?s quakenumbers over 300,000 people, most of whom were women andchildren….read more

Mind Control Doctor’s Profile of Hitler Made Available

Newswise – A rare 1943 document — a psychological analysis of thepersonality of Adolph Hitler that predicted, among otherthings, his eventual suicide — is now available on theCornell Law Library’s…read more

Seeing Ourselves as Others See Us

…24, 2004). Someone with the American Society of Newspaper Editors saidthat the US administration’s measures reflected itsrepulsion of foreign news media. (see Milenio, Mexico, June20, 2004). In Iraq, the United…read more

Dr. Steven Greer Speaks Out on the Jennings UFO Special

type evidence and especially the high-level government and military insider whistle-blowers who could credibly blow the lid off of decades of secrecy. As a two-hour news special, ABC claimed that…read more

India Blasts Linked to Seismic Activity

…that sonic booms cause low-intensity butmeasurable earthquakes when they strike the ground, and thisshaking usually registers at a level of 1.0 to 2.0 on theRichter Scale. For more information,clickhere. Steven…read more

Why Low Carb Diets Work

Newswise – Many dieters have found that a diet low in carbohydrates,such as the Atkins or Protein Power diets, are the only waythey can lose weight and some people have…read more

Want to Know The Future Read Stephen King by Michael Goodspeed

…torture by recreating conditions inside the Guantanamo Bay detention centre.” Source: Another King (Bachman) book to forewarn of the reality-TV craze was The Long Walk (1979). This is the…read more

Chiropractic Treatments Really Work

Newswise – While many of us turn to our chiropractor when we develop asore back, there has long been controversy about whether ornot chiropractic techniques really ?work.? Some doctors sendtheir…read more

Patent Office Says No to Manimal

…a patent can be granted to the inventor of a particular type of animal, but since thedemise of slavery in the U.S., no one can “own” anotherhuman being. Art credit:…read more

Why Intuition Works

…are going wrong, even when they’re not. People who have had certain types of experiences wonder ifthey cantrust theirintuition. Photo credit: NOTE: This news story, previously published on our…read more

Debunking 911 Conspiracies

…year priorto the attack. In addition, the fact that the military jetsthat proceeded to New York were launched late and movedslowly, far more slowly than was required by sonic boomsuppression…read more

An Extraordinary UFO Photo?

This exceptionally beautiful UFO photo was taken with acellphone camera, and is an example of a type of photo thatis likely to appear more often now that cameras incellphones and…read more

Why Valentines Day is Healthy

Newswise – Chocolate, wine?and sex! It turns out that Valentine’s Dayis one of the healthiest days of the year. A cardiologistsays these Valentine’s Day traditions are the way to ahealthy…read more

We Actually Use Most of Our Brains

…However, this activity does not take place inyoung children, so most of our brains may be busysubconsciously reprocessing earlier thoughts andexperiences. Brain expert Michael Weliky thinks this type of brainimmaturity…read more

Mahala’s Back with New Predictions

…and everyone knows about the war in Iraq. Now the north node is in Aries, and the south node Libra. Aries is ruled by mars which will bring fire events…read more

ETs are Here

…Strieberpoints out how exciting this news really is, and how itvindicates every experiencer and abductee. (If you’re one ofthe many readers who get our newsletter, you already receivedthis exciting article,…read more

The Sun is Getting Dimmer

…warming? The answer, alas, is yes. David Sington writes in that Gerry Stanhill, aU.K. scientist working in Israel, compared sunlight recordsfrom the 1950s to current records and found a…read more

How to Aid the Tsunami Victims

…a load of UFO activity over the whole Asian area, including unexplained booms that were attributed to meteor explosions over China and Indonesia. Then, a few days before the great…read more

Explosions over Jakarta

…noises as the objects pass through theatmosphere. Explosions are not unusual, and meteors also attimes create sonic booms. The peak of the annual Geminid meteor shower took place onDecember 13….read more

More Mystery Booms is continuing its reporting on the big booms that have been heard along the East Coat recently. They?ve been especially loud along the coast of North Carolina. They have…read more

UFO Appears to Explode in China

UPDATE: 12/13/04 0900 Pacific:XinhuaNews Agency reports that witnesses saw a strange, shiningobject cross the sky at 11:36 PM Saturday night, followed bytremendous booms. Over 700 witnesses have reported seeingthe phenomenon….read more

Anniversary of Early UFO Sighting

…Normally, skeptics would dismiss a sighting of this type asa Mylar balloon. Thanks toUFO Roundup. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

High UFO Strangeness in Australia, Canada

…a flood of high-strangeness reportsfrom Australia would be one answer. At around 4 AM in NewSouth WalesMonday morning, residents of the area experienced a loudboom, a long, house-shaking rumbling sound,…read more

Is an Economic Catastrophe on the Way?

…that time were tiny compared to what they arenow. US borrowing for the current fiscal year will consume80% of the world?s savings. During the height of the Reaganborrowing boom, US…read more

Mystery Tremors in US, Australia is one of the few news sources in theworld that is able to assemble similar unusual stories fromdifferent areas, and now it appears that mystery tremors,like the mystery boomsread more

Richmond Booms May Be Explained

…the explosion that rolled across Norfolkin the UK remains classified as an unexplained sonic boom. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Mystery Booms in US and UK

…thedisturbances which, once again, the authorities cannot explain. To read more about mystery booms in Richmond,clickhere. To read about the booms in Ft. Wayne,clickhere. To read about the boom in…read more

Dire Al Qaeda Threat Amid CIA Turmoil

…the effect thatthe organization possesses at least one nuclear weapon andis poised to detonate it in the center of the US. The reportcomes from the respected Italian news organization laReppublica….read more

An Alien Encounter: The John Tosti Story by Brian Vike

…was totally baffled at the strange sight. John explained he had never observed anything like this before. He said that he has seen all types of different aircraft and helicopters…read more

Do Not Ignore Cellphone Danger

…be affected by exposure to electromagnetic fields of the type emitted by cellular phones.” The full text of this study is available at Issue 15.) What can you do to…read more

New Warning About Invisible Comets

…may be covered with a type oforganic material that is loose and dispersed making itnon-reflective and thus impossible to detect. Because ofthis vulnerability, Professor Wickramasinghe suggests thatcurrent protocol for tracking…read more

Explorers discover Sumatran Yeti

Explorers returning to a remote village near the Bukkantingiregion of Sumatra have found additional evidence pointing tothe existence of a type of ape that is claimed to walkupright like a…read more

“Black Boxes” Recovered From 9/11 Crashes?

…whether ornot there is some type of cover-up surrounding the events atGround Zero. Federal aviation officials have stated that theWorld Trade Center attacks seem to be the only majorjetliner crashes…read more

The Future of Unknowncountry

…was news editor, there will obviouslybe a period of time while the news is not updated as frequently. Dreamland will continue with William Henry as host. Whitleywill host our weekly…read more

Discovery of a Gay Gene

…more amazing news: OnMysteriousPowers, learn how YOU canperformmiracles.OnDreamland,find outsecretsof aliens and they communicate through crop circles.Subscribers get to hear from the woman who discovered thesecondElmendorfBeast.You can’t get news like thisanywhere…read more

Sexy Voices

…like after dark.We eventually developed a preference for the type of voicesthat belong to better looking people. This may still hold true, since many people meet up in darkbars or…read more

Astronaut Cooper Dies?Believed in UFOs

…concerning any type of encounter, and todetermine how best to interface with these visitors in afriendly fashion.” Those who look for the extraordinary oftenfindit. NOTE: This news story, previously published…read more

Toxic Algae Near Seattle

…toxin are the highest we’ve ever seen.”Shellfish tainted by the same type of poisonous algae offPrince Edward Island in Canada killed 3 people in 1987. The algae, called pseudo-nitzschia, produce…read more

Unusual Situation Reported in Northern Ohio

…to hear the news. When the news came back on, NOTHING. So the story was squashed. I talked to a few people at work today, and yes, they had heard…read more

Crop Circle Produces Strange Effects

…getany strange sensations from it, but his daughter told him,after standing in the middle, that she was so dizzy shecould hardly stand up. Many people have this type ofreaction to…read more

Earthquakes and Volcanoes: Our Restless West Coast

…The quakes are centered about half a mile beneath thesurface of a large lava dome in Mount St. Helens’ crater.They are of the type that indicates the presence ofpressurized fluids…read more

GM Grass Taking Over

…will be noalternative if it becomes vulnerable to a new disease orfungus, and the lawn could become a thing of the past.Another is that this type of grass encourages spraying…read more

Earlier Native Americans

…not thefirst people here. In, Paul Rincon quotes archeologist SilviaGonzalez as saying, “They appear more similar to southernAsians, Australians and populations of the South Pacific Rimthan they do to…read more

Loud Music Hurts Your Lungs

…clubbing or standing next to a [boom] box at a[rock] concert.” Save your lungs by listening to thehealingmusic of Steven Halpern. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old…read more

Women: Watch Out!

…pharmacists are refusing togive women the Pill, saying it’s actually a type ofabortion. While mainstream medicine doesn’t define it thatway, some pro-life professionals do. Dr. Cynthia Jones-Nosacek, who is a…read more

Animals Acting Strangely

…fewer insects around?, Alex Kirby writes that the Royal Society forthe Protection of Birds asked volunteers to use asplatometer?a cardboard grid developed by the RSPB?to seehow many insects crashed…read more

Mystery Booms

Mysterious booms have been reported before inCalifornia,and now a serious of loud booming noises is shaking housesin Indiana. In Fort Wayne, Justin Brugger says, “It’s a quick, solid,boom-type noise. One…read more

911 Film Shows Startling Scenario

…passenger?plane. MarkBurnback of Fox News, who was interviewed for the film,says, “This plane wasn’t from around here or anything you’dsee take off from the airport.” reports that other footage…read more

My High School Friend John O’Neill and the Swiftboat Attack

…with the language to make a false argument. Unfortunately, while law can prepare a man well for politics, taking this type of legal skill into the political area is irresponsible…read more

Our Sale Books are Going Fast

…to know more aboutBigfoot andmind control andsecret labs andsecret messages and theend of the world?not to mentionET. You could be the philosophical type who wants to know aboutthe spiritual code…read more

What’s REALLY Happening in Florida

We are receiving a lot of alternate news from Florida thattells a very much different story from the one appearing inthe general media. We have not fact checked these stories,but…read more

An Alien Diagnosis

…slender, silver-colored metalrod about 15 inches long, bearing some type of markings,which they said had to be inserted in my rectum. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old…read more

An Alien Gift of Love

Sloanwrites in one of our newCommunionLetters: “In March of 1995 while asleep I was taken to aspaceship, or what I believe was a spaceship. I was sittingin a type of…read more

Malaria Hits Florida

…population is at its lowest level in 10 years because of the dry weather. Ed Bradford, who is in charge of mosquito control for the county, says Anopheles, the typeread more

Superbug Found in Soldiers

…thehospital as well. And if it gets into the outside world, itcould sweep through the population until?and if?a newantibiotic can be created that can destroy it. A newsuperbug has been…read more

UFO Update by Will Hart

…Mexican Air Force pilots filmed 11 unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in the skies over southern Mexico. Videotape footage of the event was released to the news media; CNN aired a…read more

Why Don’t We Worry About the Weather?

We get weather forecasts every day, but not much news aboutglobal warming. U.S. scientists fear that the public “turnsoff” when it hears predictions of climate change, eitherbecause we don’t want…read more

Have We Got Osama?

…India, reported by the Indo-Asian News Service, Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.) said, “There are already rumors circulating that Osama bin Laden is being held somewhere already and it’s only that…read more

The Methane Mystery

…writes for the Environmental News Network: “So what does [global warming] have to do with soil? Plenty, as it turns out. Soil holds carbon that may otherwise be released into…read more

Friends & Fellow UFO Experiencers

…a glowing, domed saucer-type UFO sitting in the middle of a farm field only a hundred yards or so from the side of the road at about 2 in the…read more

Friends & Fellow UFO Experiencers

…a glowing, domed saucer-type UFO sitting in the middle of a farm field only a hundred yards or so from the side of the road at about 2 in the…read more

Mexican UFO Case Still Unsolved by Richard M. Dolan

UFO researcher Richard Dolan writes: Since the news was released in early May 2004 that a Mexican Air Force interceptor encountered several invisible objects that registered clearly on radar and…read more

The Day After Tomorrow

…data is being ignored. It reveals the existence of an unknown type of storm that forms so fast that it is capable of flash-freezing plants in temperate areas, then leaving…read more


There?s a certain type of sudden realization that cartoonists often portray with a light bulb going on over the head?the “Eureka!” experience. What?s going on inside our brains when this…read more

Brain Scan May Exonerate Killer

The sentence of death row inmate Jimmy Ray Slaughter is being appealed, based on a new type of lie detector: the brain fingerprint. Graham Inglis explains the process in Phenomena…read more

Cattle Mutilation in Canada

…us news about cattle mutilations. If you rely on unknowncountry and Dreamland for “edge” news, you’ll love our new tee shirts.For subscribers, the price drops to only $19.95 when you…read more

UFO Seen Over Shopping Mall

…a mushroom, Pac Man and different colors. It’s just pretty amazing, you know, pretty colorful.” Judith Tonner writes in the East Kilbride (Scotland) News that several people saw a huge…read more

Prison Pix?Can We Blame Stress?

…soldiers really thinking up these abuses all by themselves? Psychologists don’t think so. In, Daniel K. Hoh quotes Rona M. Fields as saying that in war, “the enemy is…read more

Marrying Dad

…another type of animal around, thinking it’s “Mom.” An “unexpected” finding, says researcher Glenn Weisfeld, is that women who say their fathers are emotionally warm are much more likely to…read more

UFO?or Not?

…spacecraft. In the Winnipeg News, Natalie Pona says one witness described the UFO as looking like a bright red point of light flying low. He watched it for 30 seconds,…read more

UFOs Sighted in the Midwest

…sighting, news director Baron Imhoof says he received 10 more calls from other people who had seen it too. One couple who also saw the UFO are Gene Winters and…read more

Major Childhood Epidemic Linked to TV

…in order to engage children’s shorter attention spans. Christakis found that the kids who watched the most TV were in the top 10% of children with ADD-type problems, such as…read more

Life on Other Planets Will Be Detected Soon

…observe these planets and detect any life that may be on them. But will we be able to contact them? Helen Briggs writes in that Earth-like planets are too…read more

The Coming Oil Shortage

…confined to the back page of a newspaper or an obscure part of a news agency’s website. For instance, recently ran an article on Peak Oil confirming that worldwide…read more

Exercise Your Brain

…other types of music on cognitive outcomes.” If you really want to exercise your brain, play a video game that’s controlled only by brain waves. Jo Twist writes in…read more

Brazil ‘Hurricane’ Caused by Global Warming?

…therefore that incidents like this will become more common in the future. Not since 1966 has a storm of this type struck the South American coast. Not since 1991 has…read more

A Hero Needs Help

Dave Louthan, who has been interviewed on Dreamland and mentioned in our newsletter several times, is an authentic hero who caught the USDA in a lie and forced them to…read more

Strange Sightings in the Spanish-Speaking World

…get much news about them here in the U.S. The Diario newspaper of San Jos NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Mystery of Elk Deaths Solved

…became sick in the wild. The lichen is known as Parmelia molliuscula and produces an acid which breaks down muscle tissue. So why hasn’t this type of elk death been…read more

China Wall Can–and Cannot–Be Seen from Space

…be that increasing Chinese pollution in the last 30 years is obscuring the view from space. If you thought there were no more Indian Jones-type explorers in the world, you’re…read more

Scientist Creates Roswell UFO Metal

…helped discover it, says, “This is the structural material of the future.” Was it also the structural material of the past for another civilization? A strange type of foam, made…read more

Allergic to Home

…as vacuuming. “The source strengths depended on the number of persons performing the activity, the vigor of the activity, the type of activity and the type of flooring,” Ferro says….read more

Quantum Weirdness in Real Life

…but there are great rewards.” If you thought there were no more Indian Jones-type explorers in the world, you’re wrong. They’re here, they’re on Dreamland, and they look for things…read more

Indian Tribes Familiar with Bigfoot

…and other wild critters, Bigfoot has been seen roaming the suburbs of Bucks County. Eloise Ogden writes in the Minot (North Dakota) Daily News that Bigfoot has been seen recently…read more

Gay Marriage Nothing New in Catholic Church

…that a type of Christian homosexual “marriage” existed as late as the 18th century. Boswell found records of same-sex unions in church archives in the Vatican, St. Petersburg, Paris, Istanbul,…read more

New UFO Sightings Worldwide

…both sides of it.” He tried to show the tape to local news and UFO organizations, but nobody was interested until local TV station KMBC Channel 9 finally aired the…read more

Suicide Bombers May be Coming Here

…pipe bombs that are activated by cell phones. This type of attack is done by a team of bombers: the one actually carrying the bomb (who dies when it?s blown…read more

Pentagon Report: Tempest in a Teacup?

…seems like an optimist, since in 1999 he wrote a book about the world economy titled “The Long Boom.” Randall has written about hydrogen fuel. Instead of choosing actual climate…read more

How Dangerous is Bird Flu to Humans?

…order to create the type of virus that might eventually arise. They plan to test it on primates to see how dangerous it is. Researcher Klaus Stohr says, “What we…read more

Jellyfish-Like UFOs

…This type of object has been reported in the past in Guatemala, among other places. The Daventry (U.K.) Express reports that Adrian Dalton was standing in his back garden with…read more

Why International Flights Cancelled

…million deaths within a few months of the first infected patient. UPDATE: While the the possibility of this type of attack is real, Western airports have become so secure that…read more

Cameras Capture UFOs

…it could have been falling space junk, except NORAD says there was nothing manmade entering the atmosphere on that date. Bill Sandifer writes in the Washington (North Carolina) Daily Newsread more

Foods that Heal

…prevent some of the cognitive changes that occur with exposure to cosmic rays,” says Rabin. News is always coming out of England, where everyone breaks for tea daily, about the…read more

Subway Dust May be Dangerous

…depending on the type of steel used to build the tracks. Also, subway cars with rubber wheels produce less dust. There’s one kind of dust that’s good for you: powdered…read more

Modern Diseases Caused by Ancient Genes

…North America, and these genes may be the cause of today’s health problems, like obesity and aging diseases. The good news: science may have finally found a cure for Alzheimer’s….read more

Seven Mad Cow Deaths Linked to Racetrack

…Scripps Howard News Service that it’s long been believed that only one of the two versions of human CJD can be linked to eating meat. The other version, known as…read more

Is Yellowstone Worse Than They Say?

…publications. What mainstream news stories do appear underscore the likelihood of a massive volcanic eruption.” So when’s Yellowstone going to blow? Do the numbers. NOTE: This news story, previously published…read more

Mystery Boom Heard in San Diego

At 4:20 PM on January 6, numerous residents of the San Diego area reported a mysterious boom in the region. The sound was comparable to a sonic boom, but was…read more

How to Be Lucky in 2004

…while others consistently experience ill fortune.” He says he’s found the answer. Wiseman writes in that he placed ads in national newspapers asking for people who felt they were…read more

Mysterious Manuscript an Ancient Fake

…invented a type of code which our best code breakers couldn’t crack. That was too tantalizing a possibility to ignore.” Rugg even knows who the hoaxer was: Edward Kelley, who…read more

Terror Alert Level Raised a Notch

…of activity of a type that precedes terror attack attempts. He warned that an attack at this time could equal or exceed the 9/11 attacks in its violence. NOTE: This…read more

Cities are Harder on Your Heart

…in air particles increased the risk of overall heart disease by 12%. For the most common type of heart attacks, the risk was increased 18%. Epidemiologist C. Arden Pope III…read more

SARS Kills Because it’s a Hybrid

…to sneak past our immune systems. Viruses often mutate, but this type of genetic change is more dangerous than most. Guttman says, “These recombination events have the potential to create…read more

Muslims Crossing Mexican Border

…expired.” If we’re going to have a Israeli/Palestinian type dispute on our border, we’d better learn to communicate with the dead. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old…read more

Teens Have Terrible Health

…and Type II diabetes. Dr. Russell Viner, who specializes in adolescent medicine, says, “It seems that adolescents are the only group whose health is getting worse.” In the U.K., one…read more

A Place Where Time Travel is Real

…large numbers of geodes?a type of quartz that conducts electricity?in the vicinity of the arch. They’ve also experienced vibrations, their arm hair standing on end, and strange ear pressure when…read more

Secret of the Strad

…that existed when the trees grew and how it affected wood density to create a superior tonal quality.” Modern violin makers have analyzed the type of varnish used during that…read more

Black Magic & Men in Black

…reports during which a trawler had sighted the lights under the water and was dropping a line off their fishing boom to see if they could snag whatever it was….read more

Ice Man Evidence of Sudden Climate Change

…says geologist Lonnie Thompson. “If it happened in the past, it might happen again, and that type of abrupt event in today’s world would mean worldwide chaos, both economically and…read more

Will the Draft Come Back?

…weapons. Ted Bowers, a retired preacher and former Navy commander, says disturbing news from home can sometimes be too much to handle. “In all of this dealing with troops, one…read more

The Harmonic Concordance and November’s Astrological Excitement

…the moons node on top of the Popes Sun. Sometimes this aspect will cause a person to leave this world. Being that the Pope is quite sick it may be…read more

So the Sun’s Going Nuts–Who Cares?

…didn’t even make the back pages of most papers and news websites, let alone the broadcast news. Unknowncountry, Earthfiles and the NASA and NOAA sites were the only places where…read more

So the Sun’s Going Nuts?Who Cares?

…wasn’t headline news. In fact, it didn’t even make the back pages of most papers and news websites, let alone the broadcast news. Unknowncountry, Earthfiles and the NASA and NOAA…read more

Why the UFO Coverup has Lasted so Long

…be forgotten. At Dreamland, we’re not about coverups?we believe in getting the news out there. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

We Can Create It, But Can We Control It?

…them?probably a researcher. Although he’s cautious about this type of research, Ramshaw has also created a deadly GM mousepox strain. One good thing about these new diseases is that they…read more

A Mouse That Roars the Truth

…is about what’s really happening to our Earth. As you read the following excerpts, think how different things would be if these stories were broadcast on the network news every…read more

Anne’s Diary: A Mouse That Roars the Truth

…especially don’t want to annoy their advertisers, so spreading the most important news story of our time is left to the little guys.” NOTE: This news story, previously published on…read more

Ohio UFOs are Nothing New

Ohio UFOs are in the news lately, but this is nothing new: thirty years ago, on Oct. 18, 1973, a Army Reserve helicopter almost collided with a UFO near…read more

Fake Letters from Soldiers Sent to Hometown Papers

News is leaking out of Iraq that U.S. soldiers are worried about the hostile attacks on them, as well as the mysterious diseases that are affecting them there. Despite this,…read more

Catholic Clerics Lie About Condoms

…to have this type of misinformation being broadcast. It is a concern. From a technical point of view, the statements are totally incorrect. Latex condoms are impermeable. They do prevent…read more

When Fat Kids Diet, They Gain Weight

There are more obese children in the West than ever before in history, putting them at risk for type 2 diabetes and future heart disease. But when they try to…read more

Soldiers in Iraq Dying from Mysterious Blood Clots

…dying from the same thing here in the U.S. Soldiers, and their families, blame this on smallpox and anthrax vaccines. In April, NBC News correspondent David Bloom also died from…read more

Fat Caused by Genes & Big Business

…American Heart Association messages telling them that butter is bad, but margarine is good for you. Now the government admits that margarine causes heart disease and leads to type 2…read more

Ocean Changes: Subtle but Serious

…destroying the food that supports the fish that provide one of the world’s main food supplies. Richard Black writes in BBC News Online that most of the CO2 that goes…read more

Was the Plague Really Ebola?

The Black Death that killed half the people in Europe in the 14th century has long thought to have been carried by fleas on a certain type of rat. But…read more

New Voting Machines Easy to Hack

The California recall election was almost derailed due to fears about using the same type of punch card ballots that skewed the Presidential election in Florida. These, as well as…read more

Amazon: Ancient City, Future Dustbowl

…parks than untouched forests. Archeologists were surprised to find the cities, because it’s long been thought that the Amazon was too hostile for large-scale settlement of this type. They also…read more

Real Haunted House for Sale

…University of Maryland, who “That’s not to say they represent anything of real high strangeness, but that possibly leaves the door open for some type of bona fide mystery.” Sometimes…read more

Doctors Spreading Infection with Cell Phones

…Borer has banned cell phones from his hospital. He says, “We are now exploring the possibility of using pagers again or some type of device that can be worn on…read more

Concorde May Fly Inside U.S.

…sonic booms when they hit the ground. But the new nose shape keeps pressure waves from merging, reducing the intensity of the sonic boom. The Concordes of Air France and…read more

How You Sleep Reveals Who You Are

Chris Idzikowski, of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, has linked each of the the six most common sleeping positions to a personality type. He says, “We are all aware…read more

Shanghai So Heavy It’s Sinking

Shanghai, China’s largest city, is literally sinking because too many big buildings have been constructed there during the building boom of the last ten years. Skyscrapers made of heavy concrete…read more

Household Plastics?More Dangerous Than You Think

Most of us eat a little plastic every day, because certain types of plastics leach dangerous chemicals into the food they contain?especially when they’re heated?and these are even made into…read more

Annoying Pop-Ups Here to Stay

…surf the internet, we’re “consenting” to seeing pop-up ads. That’s news to us. Brian Morrissey writes in that U.S. District Court Judge Gerald Bruce Lee wrote, “While at first…read more

Can We Predict When Yellowstone Will Blow?

…by a type of earthquake known as a long-period event, which signals that pressure is building up inside the volcano. When Colombia’s Nevado del Ruiz volcano erupted in 1985, it…read more

Major Sightings from Canada’s UFO Capital

…[UFOs] that remain unexplained and people are seeing things all the time.” The UFO sightings are causing a tourist boom in the area. “People are interested in coming to the…read more

Our Ancestors were Worms

…reject evolution have long relied on gaps in the fossil record to back them up, but the new science of comparing the DNA of different species makes this type of…read more

Milder SARS Infecting Canada

SARS is back in Canada, after they thought they’d finally gotten rid of it. The good news is that it’s a milder version of the disease. Viruses mutate, which is…read more

Herpes Can Lead to Dementia

…The number of people with herpes simplex virus type 2, which causes most cases of genital herpes, has increased 30% in the last twenty years. According to the Centers for…read more

Iraqi Blogger Goes Public

…He says most Iraqis think the Western news they see on TV is all lies and describes a newscaster “as another Saddam; we see him every day on TV, and…read more

Is Sunshine Good for Us?or Not?

…multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. A London study found that taking vitamin D supplements reduced the risk of insulin-dependent type 1 diabetes by 88%. Women with osteoporosis, which can also…read more

Mt. Rainier Could Devastate Seattle Area

…good news is that the window is 500 years long.” Is this Seattle’s final hour? NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Plea for a Missing Pilot

…for any information that I can get thru news organizations.I find alot of stories on the internet and try to get any of the news organizations to run this story….read more

UFO May Have Made Canadian Crop Circles

…this, no one would have the energy.” In the Clinton News-Record, Hilary Long quotes Paul Anderson, of the Canadian Crop Circles Research Network (CCCRN), as saying that “It could have…read more

Walter Cronkite’s Phenomenal UFO Encounter

Paranormal researcher Bill Knell offers this recollection of an extraordinary conversation with famed newsman Walter Cronkite. Read the story below and visit Bill’s website, the Unexplained. Hes the Newsperson that…read more

A Vacation in Crime

Chris Cuomo reports for ABC News 20/20 that national parks are not always the bucolic places they’re supposed to be. In many of them, park rangers are fighting drug dealers,…read more

Coral Almost Gone

news is that there are some areas in the Caribbean that appear to be recovering. The bad news, however, is that the new coral communities seem to be different from…read more

Some People are Always On

Matt Richtel writes in The New York Times that information overload causes a “high” similar to the kind you get with drugs. This makes the news addictive, so people can’t…read more

CA Crop Circles: It’s Not Over Yet

…with local farmers and entomologists, but it seems clear. “There is a second formation which did show node changes?a smaller and simpler one [which showed] both elongated nodes and expulsion…read more

Dyslexia Caused by Teaching Method

…The New York Times that there are two types of dyslexia, and one kind may be caused by not teaching phonics. Researchers from Yale used scanning devices to examine the…read more

CA Crop Circle Adds to Scientific Mystery, by Leslie Kean

…the formations. Most dramatic were grossly elongated plant nodes (the “knuckles” along the stem) and “expulsion cavities” — holes literally blown open at the nodes — caused by the heating…read more

Safe Cigarettes Could Have Been Made Years Ago

…Eichel originally researched safe cigarette filters in 1969 for the Council for Tobacco Research, which was run by the tobacco industry. He found that cigarette smoke damages a type of…read more

You Too Can be a Savant

…parts of it.” ”In a way, savants are the great enigma of today’s neurology,” says brain researcher Joy Hirsch. ”They exist in all cultures and are a distinct type. Why?…read more

An Animated Marriage

…married to one type of female, yet be attracted by another? Watch the animated answer. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Iraqi News Says Saddam Captured by U.S.

…tell us this? News–and power–seems to be concentrated in the hands of just a few people. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links…read more

Suicide Pacts on the Internet

…a Japanese-type emotion. They have difficulty having personal relationships, so they tend to use the Internet to communicate their feelings.” There is a lot of pressure to conform in Japan?to…read more

UFOs in Saudi Arabia & Nevada

…season, when we again ask the question, “What’s the link between crop circles and UFOs?” To learn more, { NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will…read more

Meditation Makes You Happier

…more active, because of all the meditation they do. Researchers at University of California San Francisco say that the type of meditation done by Buddhists can change the amygdala, an…read more

Angry Kids Develop Bad Hearts

…personality types have long been associated with heart disease in adults. The “type A personality”?pressured, always in a hurry, success-oriented, perfectionist?was linked to heart disease in the past. But recent…read more

Back Pain Shrinks the Brain

…matter. In another study, he found that people with chronic pain have “a very specific” type of decline in their ability to make emotional decisions. He now wants to find…read more

French Help Saddam Henchmen Escape

…the list of the top 55 officials of Saddam?s regime have been caught, and now probably none of them will be. “France formally denies this type of allegation, which is…read more

Mysterious Underwater Platform

…Egypt is another example of this type of alteration. Ancient people were much more sophisticated than science acknowledges today. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will…read more

Does Saddam Have 9 Lives?

…Adviser Condoleezza Rice. “This type of statement is not in any way true,” says Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Yakovenko. “This is another attempt to place our embassy in Baghdad…read more

Foiling a News Blackout

There has been so little news in the U.S. about the new mystery disease SARS, that it’s almost a news blackout. Perhaps the news is being downplayed in order to…read more

Our April Fools Page

…feeling that this person does a fair amount of face spitting?in spirit, at least. ?Didn’t like the April fool news. In a time of war you make fun of the…read more

Cellphone Weapons

…admit we like the catapult phone best. Now can someone design a zapper for those loud “boom box” car radios? There are certain people we can always talk to quietly,…read more

Reporters Fighting Their Own War in Iraq

As Americans surf their TVs for war news every night, it seems as if we’re seeing more reporters than soldiers. In Iraq, reporters are putting both their safety and their…read more

SARS Sneaking In While our Minds are on War

…as concerned about the latest war news as everyone else, we’re shocked at how the spread of SARS in the U.S. is being downplayed. We may find ourselves in the…read more

Russians Cause Missiles to Hit Civilians?Cheney Daughter Human Shield?

…show a large crater in the middle of a street, and burned bodies wrapped in plastic lying in the back of a truck. And a late-breaking Arab news story says…read more

Car Faces

…Maybe they need to learn how to see things in a brand new way. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Fake Arrest of Terrorist? Story Won’t Go Away

…agency (ISI) held a news conference to show journalists evidence of the March 1st raid, but the grainy video, which did not show Mohammed’s face or any signs of struggle,…read more

Iraq War Has Started

…and the U.K. On unknowncountry, we reported that a memo from U.S. intelligence was intercepted that said this type of bugging was planned. The telephone bugs were first reported by…read more

Invasion via Mexico?

…“They are not your regular traffickers that you get,” he says. “But we don’t want to draw conclusions at this point and get everybody worked up.” He says, “These military-typeread more

Breaking War News

…our latest poll. Click here.) Saddam Hussein said that he would fight to the end. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

War News: The Latest

…emergency plans. To describe the type of attacks that might be anticipated, the memorandum used the term CBRNE — chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or high-explosive. It is believed that Iraqi…read more

The Boy in the Box

…also found, buried in some old news stories, startling corroboration for one of them. I have also found, in our society, an institution that was created by two accused child…read more

Anne & Whitley Ask: How Can We Know the Truth?

…one of these children. Don’t miss this exciting new journal! Anne Strieber ponders the news and asks how, in these days of conflicting news reports and disinformation, we can figure…read more

How Can We Know the Truth?

news services, we only get our news from legitimate sources and we print links to those sources at the bottom of every story, so you can check them out for…read more

Al-Qaeda May Nuke Oilfields

…the suitcase-type bombs that people often refer to, but more the warhead-type munitions. These are the payloads of short-range missiles, torpedoes, and the like.” But Rose Gottemoeller, of the Carnegie…read more

Sun to Explode in Six Years?Not!

…rumor started with an article published on the Weekly World News website, which has since been withdrawn. The article was repeated on Yahoo News, but in the entertainment section. Nevertheless,…read more

Blame Saddam’s Childhood

…Let me be clear,” Post says. “This is a psychologically whole person in terms of not being insane, but he represents the most dangerous political personality type, what’s called malignant…read more

Would You Want to Know?

…spin the problem to avoid global panic. If you can’t do anything about a warning, then there is no point in issuing a warning at all. If an extinction-type impact…read more

Gene Makes You Sensitive to Pain?or Not

…sensitive types, a quarter are stoic types, and half are in-between. How much of what we experience is really inside our minds? NOTE: This news story, previously published on our…read more

Clouds: They’re New & Blue

Global warming may have created a new type of cloud called noctilucent or “night shining” clouds (NLCs). They’re thin and wispy and have an electric blue glow. “Over the past…read more

Science Still in the Dark About Abductees

…to use them. Read about the experiences of one of the participants in the McNally study. This type of automatic dismissal was once the reaction to reported sex abuse, especially…read more

More Cocaine, Less Fun

…sexual abuse, can cause the same type of dopamine damage, preventing the victim from ever experiencing normal sexual pleasure as an adult. Eating too many sweets can produce the same…read more

What You Liked Best

…up on stories you missed by clicking “this week’s news” and “monthly news” in the small gray box on the top left of our homepage. You can also use our…read more

A Message from NASA Science News

We are NASA Science News subscribers. This just came in our e-mail from them. They have said it so very, very well. Feb. 4th, 2003: At the dawn of the…read more

NASA Says Goodbye

We are subscribers to NASA Science News. We have just received this e-mail from them. They have said it so very, very well: “Feb. 4th, 2003: At the dawn of…read more

Bad News About New Stadiums

…of the winningest teams in baseball. Maybe winning teams play a special kind of defense? NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

And Here’s the Solution

A drug can probably be developed that will let us eat as much as we want and not gain weight. It will also protect us from type 2 diabetes, which…read more

More UFOs in Malaysia

…reported in Malaysia and have even been seen on the TV news. It would be interesting to figure out why that doesn?t happen here. NOTE: This news story, previously published…read more

Getting Inside Your Head: Media & Mind Control by Richard Dolan

…pre-packaged government produced video news releases (VNRs) as “news.” Media experts estimate that roughly 50 percent of all news for newspapers, radio, and television come in the form of press…read more

Top Cryptozoology News of 2002

…On July 21, 2002, Indian and English-language newspapers told of attacks from an ape-like animal, in the eastern city of Patna. Local newspapers there were full of reports of “mysterious…read more

Magnets Can Change Your Mind

…the way, could affect the way our brains work?the same way it seems to be affecting migrating animals. By holding a special type of magnet at different places on the…read more

Bigfoot Cast May be Real

…with the news about the Skookum Cast. Hear the facts behind the top 10 Cryptozoology stories of 2002 from Loren Coleman on Dreamland Saturday, January 18. NOTE: This news story,…read more

Men Have Men-opause

Men: Are you feeling moody? Having hot flashes? It turns out that one-third of men experience these menopausal symptoms, according to Swedish researchers. But there’s good news: you no longer…read more

Nature’s Gone Nuts

…don?t know of any volcanos we?re sitting on,? says Bill. ?In 44 years of this [diving], I haven?t seen anything like this.? Cibuzar doesn?t rule out some type of natural…read more

Victimless Vittles

type of meat can be considered “victimless.” Researcher Vladimir Mironov hopes we can one day grow and cook our own food overnight in a special machine, just like a home…read more

Reporter to Check Out Clone

Dr. Brigitte Boisselier of Clonaid has announced the world’s first cloned baby and Dr. Michael A. Guillen, former science editor at ABC News, says it’s his job “to put her…read more

Will Bush Keep UFO Promise?

…always a larger mothership-type craft they seem to respond to. He says, “They are not any type of conventional aircraft. They can sit in the one spot for one or…read more

Ancient Frozen Bacteria Thawed

…are in liquid water under 62 feet of ice, and could be a type of bacteria completely unknown in our modern world. The water where they live has remained liquid…read more

Cancer Capital of the World

…suspect environmental causes, but epidemiologist Tina Clarke says, “It’s not the geography; it’s the demography. It’s the type of person living in Marin County.” Breast cancer more often strikes women…read more

China Net–No News, Just Porn

The Chinese block news and soft-core sex internet sites, but let porno sites through. They also block desperately needed AIDS information. A team from Harvard Law School spent 8 months…read more

Early Season Monster Storm Hits Eastern US

…is expected to dump up to eight inches of snow in Philadelphia and New York. In Superstorm, Whitley Strieber and Art Bell explain howweather of this type will begin to…read more

Bike Riding Means No Babies

…jolting. He agrees that problems may occur on narrow, racing-type seats. Some newer, wider designs have holes or gaps to avoid pressure, but these would have no effect on the…read more

Discounts on Our New Store

…free newsletter, here’s a REAL treat: you’ll be getting discount coupons right in the newsletter. Just type in the coupon number when you check out of the store to…read more

UFOs in Norway

…the south. He sent the video to local TV news stations and to the astrophysics department at the University of Oslo, where a professor guessed it might have been a…read more

Perfect Pill for Women

Scientists have developed an pill that solves two of women?s biggest problems: it’s an oral contraceptive that helps you lose weight. This is great news, since most women gain weight…read more

Coffee Can Be Healthy

…a day were 50% less likely to develop type-2 diabetes, compared with those who drank two cups a day or less. This study backs up previous research showing that when…read more

Too Much MSG Can Cause Blindness

…of the type that leads to blindness without the usual increase in eyeball pressure. Glaucoma specialist Peng Tee Khaw says the amounts of MSG in the tests were “a lot,…read more

UFO on TV News in Malaysia

…and especially the television news?this is tantamount to an admission by officials that something very strange is flying in the skies over the country. These objects were spotted in broad…read more

Iraq Infiltrated Germ Labs

…sent home. Selkon thinks the Iraqis were working on plans to make bioweapons that are resistant to standard antibiotics. This type of warfare could lead to the growth of bacterial…read more

Crystal Skull in Texas

…holds something. (Some) type of information that could be helpful.” “People, when they come in its presence, they feel a connection, not only to themselves but to the ancient past,”…read more

Scientists Studying NDEs and Prayer

…against this type of attack, by clicking ?Listen Now? at the top of our homepage. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Results of UFO Poll

…kind of news presented on unknowncountry daily. Over 32% of you think they?re from another planet. We do have our skeptics: about 3% of you think they?re imaginary and just…read more

New Ossuary NOT First Jesus Evidence

…the bishops is more important than broadcasting important news to the nation. In this regard, there are items which become major news in other countries, but are rarely heard of…read more

HIV Influenced by Where You Live

type of place in which it takes place,” says Dr. Shelah S. Bloom. She analyzed HIV data from an area in rural Northern Tanzania, but her discoveries can be used…read more

True Origin of Crop Circles Baffles Scientists by Leslie Kean

…the formations. Most dramatic were grossly elongated plant nodes (the knuckles along the stem) and expulsion cavities holes literally blown open at the nodes caused by the heating of internal…read more

They’re Still Heroes

…produced by a supersonic military jet. The type of commercial plane that produces a sonic boom is not allowed to fly over the continental United States. There’s no shame in…read more

Why Some HIV People Stay Healthy

type of immune cell that produces a protein that helps fight the virus. Patients whose infections progress quickly don?t have CAF (CD8 antiviral factor). These proteins can inhibit both X4…read more

Tough Microbes from Mars

…have traveled to Earth on meteorites. Anatoli Pavlov and his team tried to create the same type of resistance in E. coli bacteria, which are common on Earth. They blasted…read more

Saucer Denial

…have openly acknowledged the existence of UFOs. See July 30 news story ?Boeing Builds a Saucer,? click here. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have…read more

The Iceman Ate Well

…on his garments, as well as inside his colon, contained bran of a primitive type of wheat called Einkorn. Rollo says, ?We were very impressed by the quality of the…read more

Single Mutation Causes Killer Flu

…and C. Type A causes large outbreaks and constantly mutates in order to defeat the body’s immune system. Type A and B strains of the virus cause 100,000 hospital stays…read more

Ozone Hole is Finally Closing

In the midst of all our worry about global warming, we seem to have forgotten about the ozone hole. Now there’s good news that shows how the right response CAN…read more

Stem Cell Research OK in CA

…and diabetes, this type of law is likely to be popular in states with older populations. This type of research may be especially helpful for victims of spinal cord injuries….read more

Internet Radio Station Update

…get large type in the player when it spawns and cannot see the control panel. What’s the problem? You’re using too large a typeface in your browser. Go to View,…read more

Go for the Whole Wheat

People who eat a diet high in white bread, white rice and potatoes increase their risk of pancreatic cancer, because this type of diet increases insulin levels, which have been…read more

Unbearable Mother-in-Law Scientific Fact

Tough, aggravating women are more likely to give birth to boys, a researcher has found. This type of woman has higher testosterone levels and is likely to produce more boys?and…read more

UFOs in the News

…the Star Ancestors? by Nancy Red Star, click here. To learn more,click here and here. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Tunguska Explosion Not Caused by Asteroid

…information about whether a similar type of explosion could occur again, in other gas and oil fields. While we?re nervously waiting for asteroid NT7 to hit us in 2060, the…read more

Heavy Rains Make Volcanoes Erupt

The most dangerous type of volcanic eruption can be set off by heavy rain, meaning that watching the weather could save lives. This type of eruption is a “dome collapse,”…read more

Geeks Have Autistic Children

…say this may be due to the type of genesfound in high-tech workers. Workers who have the complexanalytical skills needed to succeed in high-tech industryand are socially awkward “computer geeks”…read more

Comets May Escape into Other Universe

…they don’t,” says Foot.”Most vanish for ever after passing close to Sun for thefirst time.” He thinks comets might be made of a new type ofmatter called “mirror matter,” which…read more

Was Einstein Wrong?

…the speed of light can change is based on datacollected by University of New South Wales astronomer JohnWebb, who found that light from a distant quasar hadabsorbed the wrong typeread more

Our News is Ahead of the Pack

…the pack, news daily. To see our May 16 story”Contrails Cause Climate Change”,click here. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Scientific Testing of Crop Circles

…face by giving them the web address for BLT Research, click here. Andy says (and we agree), Swirled News is THE web site to access for informed news and reviews…read more

Secrets of the Black Triangles

One type of UFO that’s been spotted regularly over the lastdecade is the black triangle. They are big and black and,like almost all UFOs, silent. Research by the National Institute…read more

Plane Travel Makes You Sick

…thought this had to do with the type ofventilation used on planes. However, his study showed thatthere was little difference between passengers who traveledon planes that used recycled air and…read more

Pesticides Kill People Instead of Bugs

…the U.S. are at risk from maggot infestationbecause farmers rely entirely on one type of insecticide tokill them and the bugs are become resistant. But a shift to”broad-spectrum” pesticides would…read more

Scientist Investigates Stigmata

…individualinterpretation. Stigmata were in the news recently when PopeJohn Paul II named Padre Pio, one of the most famousstigmatics, as a saint. Padre Pio lived in Italy and hisstigmata first…read more

Mutilations by Mice?

…the same in one way: the organs, flesh and skinhave been removed in angular or neatly curved cuts thatleave no blood and clean, dry bones. “The type of incisions do…read more

UFO Witnesses are the Real Skeptics

…frantic, worrying that the Soviets had somehow developed an incredibly advanced weapon that would bring us to our knees. It was reported in the national news, not just the tabloids….read more

UFOs and the National Security State by Jacques Vallee

…hypotheses for objects that might blink in and out of perception, impact the consciousness of witnesses, accelerate without creating sonic booms, change shape and merge with one another dynamically. Concepts…read more

Spies Among Us

…theinterest being taken in them. In the last decade, sinceearlier files of this type have been declassified, peoplehave been startled to find that a file was started on themfor something…read more

Understanding Saddam Hussein

…Testament. CIA psychological profiler Jerrold Post agrees and saysSaddam “represents the most dangerous personality[type].”Basically, he’s a psychopath, who regards everyoneas a potential enemy and is incapable of feeling remorse forthe…read more

White Parents Have Black Twins

…along the way – it is astight as the blood transfusion process.” This type of accident has supposedly only happened twicebefore. In 1998, Donna Fasano, a white woman from New…read more

Hindu Temple Heals Mental Illness

…down and listen. To learn more, read July 9 news story ?Does Prayer Work?,click here. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Nessie in Cornwall

…This footage has not been doctored in any way,” Farrow says. “The images are genuine and the video is genuine. It shows an animal type object in the sea. I…read more

Smoking?Lung Cancer isn?t the Only Problem

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization warns that lung cancer isn?t the only type of cancer caused by smoking and passive smoke inhalation….read more

A Warmer Planet is a Sicker Planet

…how they were related to temperature changes. “What is most surprising is the fact that climate sensitive outbreaks are happening with so many different types of pathogens – viruses, bacteria,…read more

Saddam Tortures Children

…and Saddam stopped these by dropping chemical weapons on them and, by accident, on his own people.? See June 19 news story, ?Saddam May Step Down Before He?s Taken Out?,…read more

First Americans Were Australians

…of Manchester in the U.K., reconstructed a face from Lucia?s skull. This type of facial reconstruction is sometimes done by forensics experts who are trying to identify a murder victim….read more

Death is a Master From Palestine

…the latest Insight Behind the News, click here. To read another view of the Palestinian situation, read Anne?s Diary, click here. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old…read more

UFOs Taken Seriously in U.K.

…they were both amazed by the large number of them. They appeared to be white luminous spheres of the type that were widely seen in Mexico a few years ago….read more

Giant Beast May Be Hiding Underwater

…have no gas-filled sac, so they have no way to make that type of noise,” he says. “Though you can never rule anything out completely, I doubt it.” However, he…read more

Defense Against Another Type of Terrorist

…What?s out there and what?s aiming for us? Read ?Dark Matter, Missing Planets & New Comets? by Tom Van Flandern,click here. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old…read more

Dirty Bomber Doubts

In our June 11 news story ?FBI Prevented Dirty Bombing of D.C.,? we said, ?This FBI announcement comes just in time to save their reputation, after weeks of revelations that…read more

FBI Prevented Dirty Bombing of D.C.

…we will continue to be vigilant against all threats, whether they come from overseas or at home in America.” Interestingly enough, Psi-Tech, the website newsletter for remote viewers, predicted attacks…read more

New Capitol Bldg.Will Have Retractable Dome

…paper, with a circulation of 1.25 million, reported the story verbatim, as hard news. When told about his mistake, Yu Bin, the editor in charge of international news, said, ?How…read more

Bush Rumors Sweep Financial Markets

…his duties at Presidio Monterey in California for stating in a letter to a newspaper that the Administration must have had foreknowledge of the attacks. This attempt to stifle a…read more

New Terrorist Attacks?Will We Be Warned in Time?

…on the internet. Actually, the most likely type of nuclear terrorist attack would be a dirty bomb, assembled from radioactive scraps such as medical waste and detonated by conventional explosives….read more

CIA Inside al-Qaeda?and Still Missed 911

…Clinton years, the CIA was told to stop recruiting a certain type of low-life (possibly criminal) agent and instead of using moles to infiltrate foreign governments, to rely on technological…read more

Old Smallpox Shots No Longer Work

…bacteria in laboratory dishes, and in anthrax-infected rats. The anthrax toxin infiltrates and destroys a particular type of immune cell called a macrophage, preventing the body from fighting off the…read more

Are Crop Circles Manmade?

Michael Glickman will tell us the latest news about crop circles on Dreamland June 1st. He writes in about the assertion, by crop circle researcher Colin Andrews, that 80%…read more

Time Can be Changed to Work for You

…National Time-Space Registry is selling time-space deeds so you can legally own time-space instances of any type prior to today’s date. For example, a person can buy the legal time-space…read more

Baby Talk

…but they don’t do that for their pets.” To learn more,click here. Hospital delivery rooms nationwide are gearing up for a summer baby boom that was caused by the September…read more

Mad Cow Chicken?

…the open fields of England in the winter time.” See news story ?GM Experiments Cruel to Animals?, click here. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will…read more

Is the FBI Penetrated?

…some of them reported in general news columns and others in financial news, suggests that elements of the FBI not only knew about 9/11 in advance, but that the institution…read more

Your Private Mail Will Be Searched

…yes to liberty and constitutional government.” The Customs Border Security Act says an agent cannot be held liable for any type of search, including racial profiling, as long as the…read more

China Denies Moon Mining

…System,” he says, “to Mars.” See news story ?China Will Mine the Moon?, click here. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Asteroids Gave Birth to Dinos, Then Wiped Them Out

…of human civilization? Experts have decided that a huge impact wiped out most of the plants and crocodile-type creatures that ruled the world during the Triassic era. “Our research adds…read more

Smoking Kills Brain Cells

…in London. For the first time, they have been able to change mouse stem cells into a specific type of lung cell. This means it may one day be possible…read more

Threat of New Attack Bigger Than 911

…killed 19 people and will soon strike at the United States, according to an Arab newspaper. The London-based Asharq al-Awsat interviewed Abdel Azeem al-Muhajir, a “senior military leader” of al-Qaeda,…read more

Search For Relatives of Ancient Mummies

…for National Geographic. The DNA studies are being conducted in two phases: first doctors will focus on mitochondrial DNA, the more plentiful type found in the part of cells that…read more

Sneak Preview of Crop Circle Movie

Swirled News is proud to present, as far as we are aware, the very first review anywhere of the forthcoming Mel Gibson movie ?Signs,? which involves crop circles. Through genuinely…read more

Earth Impact Inevitable

type of exploding star going off anywhere in our region of the Universe would devastate our planet. Using the latest statistics and calculations, Dar says that a supermassive star collapsing…read more

Another TWA 800 Explosion

…media watchdog group based in Washington, D.C. To read his provocative Insight piece about another TWA 800-type explosion, click here. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site,…read more

House Husbands Can?t Take the Stress

…there is no experimental evidence that firstborn children are more likely to develop type-A personalities. “There are suggestions that Type As are more prone to get CHD but there is…read more

What Can We Do About Media Lies?

…sources and more independent American sources of news. The BBC is a good source. [Note: uses mainly foreign news sources?check our links at the bottom of each story]. There’s…read more

Should You Suck Out That Fat?

…lose weight the hard way. ?This is for chronic dieters who?ve always failed to lose weight, especially if they have a history of type 2 diabetes in their family,? she…read more

New Pyramid Found in Egypt

…a remnant of a limestone sarcophagus, some pottery and one alabaster jar of the type used to store organs removed from a body before it was mummified. “When we discover…read more

Map May Be 120 Million Years Old

…to the inscriptions on the slab. After meeting with colleagues from Hunan university, he concluded that the type of porcelain covering the stab had never been used in China. They…read more

New Tests Reveal GM Crop Danger

Researchers have discovered that the results of safety tests on the type of genetically modified corn that is currently grown in Britain were ignored. The crop, T-25 GM, was tested…read more

Star Wars May Make Space Too Crowded

…developing to target missiles in their vulnerable boost phase, and on measures other countries might take to block their deployment. The most dangerous type of space debris are particles smaller…read more

Booze Binges Cause Brain Damage

…profound brain shrinkage associated with alcohol that can be seen on brain scans in living people, but the implications of this shrinkage are difficult to understand. The same type of…read more

Sniffing Out Volcanoes

…an impending eruption. ?As far as I know this type of observation hasn?t been made any other place. We don?t know if this type of uplift occurs fairly frequently at…read more

Fat? There?s Good News & Bad

…muscle cells undergo after intense exercise. Mice with a high level of CaMK expression developed more mitochondria in muscle cells and had an increase of a type of cell called…read more

New Pesticides as Bad as Old

…in the human body that seek out and destroy microbes and cancer cells. The researchers exposed human killer T cells — a type of immune cell that destroys cancerous and…read more

Anthrax and the Agency

…April 4, ABC News investigative reporter Brian Ross broadcast on ABC World News Tonight that after six months the FBI still had hardly any clues and no suspects in its…read more

Patent Granted to Free Energy Device

…will admit that the chief scientist of an important experimental group in a large company was rather stunned at the type of output we were able to obtain. The MEG…read more

April Fool!

news stories included news of a floating department store, a cow-breeding finance minister and a call for bribes to be legalized. One of the most elaborate April Fool jokes was…read more

Warming Earth Crust Proves Global Warming

…300 years ago is between 820-984 feet below ground, depending on the type of rock. They used bore holes that had been drilled by mining companies and geologists. Scientists predict…read more

Sea Levels Rose 200 Feet in Past–It May Happen Again

…Toronto and the University of Durham in the U.K. The researchers say this type of melting event thousands of years ago is different from the more recent events in Antarctica,…read more

Prozac Danger Discovered

…the tumors. The scientists tested Paxil and Celexa, and found they, too, had the same effect in stimulating the growth of a type of tumor known as Burkitt’s lymphoma. Although…read more

Most of Antarctica May Soon Disappear

…partial collapse of the Ross Ice Shelf would be globally significant, as it would ?dramatically affect ocean circulation and climate.? See news story, ?Huge Piece of Antarctica Floats Away?, click…read more

Robots in Our Future (Is One of Them You?)

…with the grainy, faraway shots of falling bombs that he saw on TV, so he decided to create his newsbot with standard hardware, available anywhere, so that more news organizations…read more

CIA Using Illegal Internet Spy Technology

…Steven Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists. ?And that is something we see happening all over the place.? Officials have given examples of the type of information that will…read more

The Water Wars Begin

…meetings and news conferences. Their allies include Governor Jeanne Shaheen, who wants stronger controls over water usage statewide. New Hampshire?s second-worst drought since record-keeping began in 1895 has raised awareness…read more

CIA May Be Behind Anthrax Terrorism

…own: Why didn?t we get this information on our own news shows, here in the U.S.? See earlier news article, ?Anthrax Terrorist Identified?But Who Is He?? click here. To read…read more

Nukes Missing Worldwide

…this type of bomb would most likely buy black market nuclear material that has been stolen or misplaced. Zaitseva says that, over the past 10 years, at least 88 pounds…read more

Chinese Are Cloning Humans

…develop into any cell type in the body. Many human cells have the capacity to grow in the laboratory for several generations. To convince other scientists she has found ESCs,…read more

Secret Report Promotes Warday Scenario

…was talking about the survivability of this type of warfare. Whitley and Jim pointed out that yes, we would survive, but there would be a terribly high price to pay….read more

Some Urban Legends Are True

…in dozens of newspapers, websites, and TV news reports. According to Reuters, ?She could not get up by herself and had to sit on the toilet until the flight had…read more

Elixir of Youth Part II: Spaghetti Sauce?

…pool,” says Dr. Perls. “You’ve got this mixture of Acadians, and people with British roots, and Scots, basically northern European-type stock. Something in that gene pool has produced this —…read more

Languages End But Monkey Talk Remains

…?The use of the ?boom? could be compared to man?s use of the word ?maybe.?? NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Now It’s Dangerous to Breathe

…so far that that type of exposure is associated with lung cancer death.? Thurston says the lung cancer risks were comparable to those of nonsmokers who live with smokers and…read more

HIV Cocaine Link and ?Missing Link?

…is more than theoretical,? says Vernon Walker, formerly at the New York State Department of Health. These types of drugs are called nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTI). Third-world countries with…read more

Was Bin Laden Duped on Nukes?

…back to the US for full analysis. ?We did not find any type of serious radiological material,? an official says. ?The stuff we found in Afghanistan was not the real…read more

Mars Life is Possible

…can happen independent of photosynthesis.? In other words, this type of life can exist in places where green plants can?t survive. Methanogens are a part of Archaea, which were first…read more

Moon Mush

Moon mush?a type of slush?exists beneath the surface of the moon, according to a team led by James Williams at NASA?s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. New calculations developed by…read more

Mystery Jet Scares New York

…A second boom erupted a few minutes later. ?I haven?t been that scared since September 11,? says one person who was awakened by the sound. ?My wife heard the plane…read more

Good News About Chocolate

…toothpaste.” It could also be added to chocolate, along with creme fillings, raisins and nuts. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Cellphones Harm Worms?What Do They Do to Us?

…signals is their only threat to brain cells. In lab tests, British scientists have found that microwave emissions typical of cellphones make a type of worm called a nematode more…read more

Weird Lights May Predict Earthquakes

Alberto Enriquez, in the Anchorage Daily News, writes that earthquakes don?t just cause the earth to move. They are accompanied by loud noises that broadcast at radio frequencies, and they…read more

Radio Station Explosion?Was U.S. Military to Blame?

This story has been corrected, effective January 29, 2002. For details about the nature of the corrections, click here. Beginning July 6, 2001, Hartsville, Tennessee experienced three big booms, several…read more

Crop Circle Debunking Discussed on Jan. 26 Dreamland

On the January 26 Dreamland show, Andy Thomas, Swirled News webmaster, and Gary Val Tenuta talk about the latest media debunking of crop circles. On the website Swirled News, Carol…read more

New AIDS Vaccine Fails

…different part of Africa than they?d suspected. This type of chimpanzee in Tanzania could not be the source for human AIDS, because the viral strain the researchers found is too…read more

Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever

…scientists have found that eating a meal boosts the type of immune response that destroys the viruses responsible for colds, while fasting stimulates the response that destroys the bacterial infections…read more

Animal Virus May Cause Human Mental Illness

…death within 3 weeks. There is no effective treatment. These types of severe reactions do not occur in humans who become infected, Nowotny says. ?In humans, only subtle changes are…read more

Bill Seeks to Prohibit Mind Control Weapons and Chemtrails

Steven Aftergood, of Secrecy News, reports that a bill was introduced in the House of Representatives on October 2nd by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) that would ban chemtrails and mind…read more

The Search for Alien Life

…probe is an alternative. Yet this technique may not reach all spacecraft subsystems, particularly when the mission design dictates shielding electronic components from ambient sources of radiation. That type of…read more

Taking Down the Christmas Tree? Good News for the Future

…idea. And doing away with those pesky Christmas lights would be a marvelous scientific breakthrough. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

World?s Best Jokes? Well Maybe?

…than 70 countries. One of his findings was that men and women think different things are funny. This is the type of joke that was rated highly by women: A…read more

Grazing is Good For You!

…be that this type of animal expects a famine so needs to store energy as cholesterol,? says Khaw.?We wanted to look at a free-living human population to see if our…read more

FBI Wants Worm Information

…flaws in Microsoft mail software and transmits everything the victim types. Since November 24, Badtrans has violated the privacy of millions of Internet users, and the FBI would like to…read more

We Need a Good Asteroid Detector

…think there?s a lot of strong arguments for the Moon being a very ideal astronomical location for these type of observations. It has a natural, 28-day rotation period.? If you…read more

Christmas Joy: Mankind is Awakening

…of possibilities. The chemical composition of a given planet, and the type of star that gives it its energy, determine the type of animal forms that will evolve on its…read more

Next Terrorist Attack by Sunday?

…is the ability to terrorize your opponent through threats, and a zealous convert would be the type of fighter most likely to do just that. NOTE: This news story, previously…read more

Second Space Tourist Ready to Go

…developed by Russia, using the country?s more than 30 years of manned space station experience. ?We have shown there is a market for a different type of customer, whether a…read more

Is Your Child Safe From School Killers?

…studied by the team, they found some type of warning, such as a note, threat, or diary entry, was given beforehand. In one third of the incidents, an actual verbal…read more

Iraq Threatens Israel

…Sattar Izzeddin Rawi said. The warning came hours after Iraqi President Saddam Hussein met with his defense chiefs on late Sunday. The Iraqi News Agency says the meeting focused on…read more

Noisy Meteors

…on November 18. The sounds were sonic booms or the loud crack of an explosion that came after the meteor had passed out of view. These were exotic, delicate noises,…read more

First Human Clones

type of cloning of human embryos.? In the U.K., a legal loophole means cloning is not illegal but a bill is being presented to parliament on Monday that will make…read more

FBI Can Read What You Type

…has been useless against suspects who encrypt their files. Magic Lantern is capable of capturing keystrokes typed on a computer. By tracking exactly what a suspect types, critical encryption key…read more

Skywatchers Hit by Leonids

…husband Tom, a chunk of rock slammed to the ground near where she had been standing just moments before. ?It went, ?Boom!? and I screamed,? Laura says. ?Part of it…read more

Startling New Leir Implant Removal

type of cyst-like lump could move would be if the patient had been ill and had developed what?s known as a ?sinus track? under her skin. But if that was…read more

Mystery Anthrax Deaths Could Yield Major Clues

…inhalation anthrax with that type of exposure. This is the second mysterious anthrax death. The first was a middle-aged female hospital worker who lived in the Bronx. Her workplace tested…read more

Bad Flu Season Ahead

…we had last year,? and adds that the flu strains expected to predominate are the type that make people the sickest. We were lucky that 2000 was a mild flu…read more

Bush Restricts Access to Presidential Papers?Including His Dad?s

…powers of a secret federal court hidden within the Department of Justice. There is a policy of preventing news organizations and congressional leaders from obtaining access to anything other than…read more

Jim Marrs: It’s All About Oil

…would argue the merits of this new war? The airwaves and newspapers only ratchet the fear factor upwards each day with little or no effort to hear the many thoughtful…read more

Foot & Mouth Disease Arrived in Dust Storm

…Dr. Eugene Shinn, also of the U.S. geological survey. ?Cattle there are also infected with the same viral strain, type O, that is causing foot and mouth in Britain.? Storms…read more

Asteroid Threat Less Than Previously Thought

…of an object you are looking at unless you know what type it is,? Ivezic says. The Sloan survey looks at the color of objects, so astronomers can distinguish between…read more

Wave of UFOs in Texas

…Nov. 6, 2001, while viewing the news on KTVI Channel 2 between 7 and 8 am, I saw the following, when [they were] cutting to a weather segment. Behind the…read more

Rare Sighting of Aurora Borealis in the South

…depends upon what type of molecule is struck by the particles and at what atmospheric level. Oxygen at about 60 miles up produces a green color, the most common aurora…read more

Do You Have the Body for Alzheimers?

…at increased risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes compared with those carrying extra weight around their hips (a ?low? waist-to-hip ratio). Dr. Eric B. Larson and colleagues from…read more

Little Ghostlies for Halloween Fun

…here. Mysterious Sounds Haunt North Carolina. Boom, rattle, rattle boom?the mysterious sounds have enough force to rattle windows. People who hear it look uneasily at the sky for an explanation….read more

Did Saddam Send the Anthrax? Experts Say Yes.

…bentonite,? he said at a news conference. ?Additional tests will be done and we?ll try to keep you updated.? As far as we know, only Iraq has used bentonite to…read more

Anthrax May be US Made

…is particularly sophisticated, bioweapons specialists say now. This means that the anthrax that has been sent through the mail could be the work of a lone, Unabomber-type terrorist, who may…read more

Chilbolton History and Crop Formations by Lucy Pringle

…in either formation; they were bent at the base. In the `Face` I found a stalk with a blown node. Researchers Charles and Frances Mallett, visited the formation after it…read more

Frankenfood Juggernaut Rolls On

…developed a type of watercress that lights up when it?s under stress. The thale cress is a small white-flowered plant that is widely used in genetics experiments because of its…read more

The Anthrax Attack: What Kind and Where Does It Come From?

…this point we don?t have the basis on which to pull the trigger.? During the past week, we have received conflicting news about the type of anthrax involved in these…read more

Geologist Recognizes bin Laden Hideout

…Shroder, who spent years living in Afghanistan, says that particular type of rock only exists in one region. The video must have been filmed in either Paktia or Paktika province…read more

Anthrax hits CBS News and Nairobi

type. This means that the anthrax attacks on the 3 major news networks, as well as AMI, were probably organized by the same group of terrorists. The health minister of…read more

Daschle Office was Hit by Weaponized Anthrax

…already have done so, given that there was no apparent letter involved with the anthrax that appeared in the offices of ABC World News Tonight. The FBI has said that…read more

Anthrax Attacks on Government and Media

…Rockefeller Center where NBC is located and at ABC news. Mayor Rudolph Giuliani says officials are testing media mailrooms throughout the city. Initial tests are negative. Among the news organizations…read more

Some NY Mideasterners Got 911 Warning

…according to the New York Daily News. The FBI was able to confirm several such warnings but has been unable to discover their source. Agents with the FBI?s Joint Terrorist…read more

Baby of ABC News Employee Has Anthrax

…attack at ABC News. The child had visited the set of World News Tonight on September 28. Commentary from There are still officials talking about a ‘possible’ connection between…read more

Giant Impact Gave Birth to the Moon

Analysis of lunar samples returned by the Apollo astronauts confirms previous indications that the ratios of the different types, or isotopes, of oxygen in the Moon?s soil are similar to…read more

Look Up and Wonder with George Filer

…short time after that, I heard two more sonic booms. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC. NORWAY UFO LANDS. OSLO — On September 25, 2001, police in Helgeland, north central Norway,…read more

Financial Markets Up on Bin Laden Rumor

News, the Pentagon has said it has no information about the capture of bin Laden. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

More Anthrax in Florida

…no idea what type of anthrax is involved. To read the CDC’s October 4 press release, click here. The incident occurred in the offices of the Sun supermarket tabloid in…read more

A Little Good News

…fantastic and tragic coincidence, according to health officials. For more on this story, 2933,35779,00.html,click here. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Do Gas Masks Work?

…the amount of protection varies according to the model and type of gas mask. ?They each offer some protection but there are varying degrees. The very reason why they are…read more

Ebola-Like Outbreak in Afghanistan

…of this type of disease in history. At least 75 people have caught the disease so far and eight have died. An isolation ward that is screened off by barbed…read more

Biowarfare: What to Look For and Are We Prepared?

…most likely scenario would be a combined attack, according to Tim Brown of ?For a terrorist the type of weapon doesn?t really matter. What matters is causing the greatest…read more

Massive Short-Selling Before the Attack…Somebody Knew

…why was there absolutely no warning to our intelligence services? This type of activity in markets is supposed to be a red flag for impending surprise attacks. Ironically, the covering…read more

Pakistan Delivers an Ultimatum: bin Laden or “Horrific Retribution”

According to Dubai’s Gulf News, Pakistani Interservices Intelligence Chief Lt. Gen. Mahmood Ahmed, who has been in consultations in Washington, is now in Kabul to deliver an ultimatum that the…read more

Anti-Arab Hysteria Must Stop

Pictures of Palestinians celebrating the attack on America are shown worldwide. News commentators suggest that Arabs are ‘Satanic.’ Hate crimes erupt. Arabs cower in their homes, afraid to show their…read more

John Hogue on Nostradamus

…prophecies of Nostradamus concerning present and near future events. He spoke of a new type of world war to come; one using surprise and ambush. A rogue leader from the…read more

A Statement from Whitley Strieber

…fact that we are, quite simply, information-blind when it comes to this type of threat. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Antediluvian Civilization Sought in Black Sea

…studied shells found along the ancient coastline and found two types. One group is an extinct type of freshwater shell, while the second is from saltwater shellfish. The saltwater shells…read more

Computer Worm: FBI Had Advance Warning

…Toole says the worm hit the same IP addresses at Sandia in all three of its attacks. Sandia?s computer system, however, is set up to trick this type of code…read more

Bigfoot Stored in Freezer?Or Not

…story received when a practical joke that went too far made the national news. He says he received more than 300 telephone calls after an Internet-based news service published a…read more

Massive Lake Erie Fish Kill

…a smaller number of seagulls and other scavengers. The birds die from a type of botulism, a toxin which forms as the fish decay. Environmentalists fear more birds, including migrating…read more

Mount Rainier Could Erupt

…and the amount and type of gas released from the volcano. The northeast part of Mount Rainier slid away about 5,600 years ago as part of a collapse similar to…read more

Major Solar Flare Erupts

type observed. Want to learn more about the sun at this crucial time? Click Here. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Startling Chilbolton Discovery

On June 13, 1999, a crop formation was discovered at Chilbolton that represented a Sierpenski Sieve, a type of fractal that is used in the construction of Fractal antennas. The…read more

Have Crop Circles Increased as UK Quarantine Ends?

…the latest crop circles, go to Cropcircleconnector. For a detailed discussion of the BBC News story, go to To read the BBC story, click here. NOTE: This news story,…read more

U.S. May End With a Bang

…with antibacterial ointment and pills, but the kit had not beenupdated in three years, and the medicines were not effective. It turns out that Mount Etna contains a rare typeread more

Carteret Lights–An Astronomer Investigates…

…last to blink out was the brightest. He telephoned channel 7 news, who took the report and hung up. The restaurant?s disc jockey was summoned outside to see the phenomenon….read more

Fireball Not Part of Meteor Shower

…Fireball of 2000 or the Peekskill Meteor of 1992. Neither of these objects produced the kind of massive sonic boom that struck the Northeast yesterday evening, and how an object…read more

Reports of Strange Lights Flood Northeast, Damage Area Found

…object that crossed the skies was easily visible even in the light of a summer evening, and the sonic booms were tremendous. A number of reporters observed the phenomenon. A…read more

It Hurts to be Right: Climate Change Special

…of any changes that may impact our lives. Nobody knows whether the type of climate change we are concerned about takes place over a period of decades or years…or weeks….read more

Proof that City Living Drives You Nuts

…of any type of psychotic symptoms over a lifetime is about 4% to 17%, depending on the symptoms. The investigators looked at the number and severity of symptoms such as…read more

New Navy Sonar Could Be the End of Whales

…the brink into extinction. A mass stranding of beaked whales off the west coast of Greece in 1996 has been associated with an LFA-type system being tested by NATO. And…read more

Spectacular UFOs over New Jersey UPDATED

…the Phoenix lights were steady. Both groups of lights formed slowly descending patterns. Newark Airport officials told 1010WINS news that there were no unusual flights over the area, and the…read more

Booms Rock Tennessee, Bizarre Radio Station Explosion

…read more about the booms, click here. For WJKM’s story, go to their website, NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Big News About Living Longer

…tallest.? We should we eat plenty of protein in order to live longer, taller lives, but what should we eat in order to look better while we?re aging? According…read more

Whales in Trouble Worldwide

…engines, seismic booms, grinding drills and sonar pings ? could damage the whales? sensitive communications and navigation organs, with potentially fatal consequences. ?We didn?t expect to be running into sperm…read more

Latest Nessie Skeptic: It Really IS Hot Air!

…will be using equipment that detects underwater disturbances of the type made by large mammals. Witnesses claim the monster’s body loops out of the water when it swims, and is…read more

Sunken City Found in Peru As Other Discoveries Abound

type of high-quality steel that made the Industrial Revolution possible. The steel ingots were found in the ancient buried port of Hamwic in South England. ?This turns the conventional idea…read more

Prayer Group Leader Pleads for Children

…“I must preach the good news of the kingdom of God to the other cities also; for I was sent for this purpose.” The meaning of this could not be…read more

Dinosaur Extinction May Predict Future

Science has now accepted the fact that the dinosaurs were killed 65 million years ago due to an impact from outer space. Could that type of extinction be in our…read more

Mystery Planets Drift Through Space

…allowed us to make this remarkable new type of observation, successfully demonstrating our ability to see very small objects,? says Sahu. ?This holds tremendous potential for further searches for dark,…read more

Researcher May Have Broken Code of Intricate Crop Circle

…To learn more about Swirled News and get on their free e-mail list, click here. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Korea: Land of UFOs

When we read about Korea in the morning newspaper, we usually learn about tensions between North and South. Something that?s rarely mentioned is that South Korea is a hotbed of…read more

Brain Tumor Risk 3 Times Greater with Cellphone Use

…much pressure inside the skull, but this type of cancer does not spread. Hardell found that the risk of developing any type of brain tumor increased 26 percent among analogue…read more

Mad Cow Disease Could Have Environmental Cause

…mineral were free of the disease. In Colorado, he found that deer herds with high levels of a similar type of wasting disease were eating pine needles. ?I brought the…read more

The Fantasy of the Galactic Federation

…and unbelievably thin, and she had some sort of faun colored soft leather flight cap on, of the type that pilots used to wear in the old-fashioned open cockpits of…read more

Dust Suggests Universe Crowded with Earthlike Planets

…rocky terrestrial planets are abundant and typical, rather than the exception, because this type of planet could harbor life. ?The search for extrasolar planets must continue,? says Alan Boss, a…read more

UFO Wave Over US Midwest

…join me outside as I thought he might know what type of aircraft it was. By the time he arrived outside, the craft was over our heads. Neither he nor…read more

Huge Horde of Roman Armor Found

Hundreds of pieces of Roman armor, similar to the type worn in the movie “Gladiator,” have been unearthed in an archaeological dig in England. The find was made at Carlisle…read more

Earth Driven by Internal Engine

Scientists at the University of Toronto are convinced that earthquakes, volcanoes, shifting continents and even climate change are driven by a type of heat engine working deep beneath the earth’s…read more

New Evidence Strengthens Shroud Case

…back of the head. The blood matches the AB blood type found on the Shroud and the pattern and measurements are consistent with the placement of the cloth over the…read more

Severe Geomagnetic Storm Hits Earth

…storm of this type may have a short-term effect on weather by cooling parts of the stratsophere and heating other parts. Some scientists believe that longer term climactic effects are…read more

Glenn Confirms Frasier Statement

…on a news program. He made his statement in complete good faith, based on the fact that NASA publicists had assured him that Frasier was a ?’hard news’ venue.? Senator…read more

Solar Flare Activity Way Up: X-Class Eruption Possible

…For more information, go to NASA’s excellent website and subscribe to their free newsletter. Worth far more than the price. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old…read more

CIA Admits Planting Stories in US Media

…Cold War, the CIA placed agents, or ?assets,? in news organizations like the Associated Press and United Press International. Major newspapers like The New York Times have allegedly hired ?ex?…read more

Fewer Monarchs Killed than Thought

…warming, which causes weather extremes of this type, may cause the destruction of the migratory sanctuaries of many species, worldwide. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site,…read more

Extraordinary John Glenn Statement on Frasier-Real or Fiction?

…were afraid of ‘War of the Worlds’ type stuff, about panic in the streets. And so we had to keep quiet. And now we only see these things in our…read more

Get It?

…an MRI to scan the brains of 14 healthy people while they listened to 2 types of jokes. Half of the jokes were the “Why did the chicken cross the…read more

Home Sweet Studio

…done by the time the show started. I even considered running over and turning it on again during the news. I did remember to turn down the ringers on all…read more

Stratosphere in Persistent Warming Trend

…this type of stratospheric condition exists. While northern hemisphere weather this season has generally been colder to much colder than usual, the high arctic has experienced a mild winter. At…read more

Need To Prepare for Huge Flu Epidemic

…influenza drugs, so we can be prepared for the inevitable future. We also need to plan for this type of medical emergency. Monto believes that existing antiviral drugs would be…read more

New Rocket Could Cut Mars Travel Time from Months to Weeks

A new type of nuclear reactor could make it possible for us to travel to Mars in as little as two weeks. Yigal Ronen, professor of nuclear engineering at Ben-Gurion…read more

Good News About Cellphones: They Can Monitor Your Vital Signs

…use your cellphone to routinely monitor your heart rate and breathing, just by calling you up. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links…read more

A Wild Night On Dreamland

…a news break, he heard a report about the Gallaudet University murder case. The body of a second student, a young man from San Antonio, had just been found murdered…read more

Dieting Is Bad For Bones

…the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Science News, Volume 159, No. 3, January 20, 2001 NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

More Volcanoes Threaten To Erupt

…Krakatau-type eruption,” says Indonesian volcanologist Syamsul Rizal. Karkatau’s explosion in 1883 was heard 2,500 miles away in Australia. Tambora’s eruption in 1815 threw enough dust andash into the atmosphere to…read more

Will Mad Cow Disease Come to the US?

…cows, sheep, goats, deer orelk from being included in feed meant for cows, sheep or goats. Chickens and pigs can still be give this type of feed,however, meaning that new…read more

By Searching For Life on Mars, We May Destroy It

…director at NASA’s Center for Mars Exploration, reinforces the holes as it digs them. “The tip melts pretty much any type of rock,” says Briggs. It forces the molten rock…read more

Ice Sheets Close to Devastating Meltdown

…of this type. For the MSNBC story, click here. For the New Scientist story, click here. To find out more from, click here. NOTE: This news story, previously published…read more

Greetings, Fellow Martians

Scientists have announced that they have discovered magnetic crystals inside a 4 billion year old Martian meteorite that landed in Antarctica about 13,000 years ago. On earth, this type of…read more

Immortal Skin Cells Discovered

…a few weeks, but these cells have been alive for 4 years now, and still show no sign ofdemise. Allen-Hoffman was doing the same type of experiment she had been…read more

Think You’re Safe? Watch Out For Air Fresheners

…you may be reacting to your coffee table. Science News, December 9, 2000, Vol. 158 NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Is this IT–A Smokin’ Scooter?

ABC News believes that it has discovered a picture of the new secret invention code-named Ginger, otherwise known as “IT,” in patent documents filed by DEKA Research, the company of…read more

Why Rudolph’s Nose is Radioactive

…December, but it was too late to save Rudolph. Source: BBC News. For full story click here. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any…read more

Strange Sky Show Mystifies Australia

boom-type noises and flare-type lights.” In the U.S. on October 13, witnesses described the phenomenon in various ways, primarily as a large white light surrounded by five smaller balls of…read more

Stroke Destroys Man’s Ability to Feel Disgust

…laughter. They have determined that the man understands the concept of disgust, he can just no longer experience it. Source: Science News. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our…read more

Foreign Press Questions U.S. Election

Please note that this is not a statement of opinion, but a news item that communicates the facts as they are being reported abroad. It does not necessarily reflect Whitley…read more

Gene Manipulation Doubles Life Span

…sex hormones also cause increased production of stress-related proteins, which slow the rate of cell turnover. Those of us with weight problems are wondering if this type of genetic manipulation,…read more

Volcano Gets Worse–14,000 Evacuated

San Antonio Express-News – For the past week, Popocatepetl, the volcano 35 miles from Mexico City, has been emitting dark clouds of steam and ash. On Thursday, Popo threw ash…read more

Mexico Volcano Has Record Number of Eruptions

…the explosive potential of the volcano is increasing. North American news media generally downplayed the story, and did not mention the sudden increase in eruptions, or the fact that such…read more

California Blackouts–What’s Going On?

…us colder winters and hotter summers. Sources: Reuters, The New York Times, AP, ABC News NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Was Princess Di Murdered? MI6 Agent Speaks Out

…Wales did not like to have bodyguards with her, so they often requested this type of help on her trips abroad. He also learned that one of the photographers who…read more

Weird Material Covers Florida Property

…illness so far in Florida suggests that the mystery material may not be pathogenic.” For the Jacksonville (FL) News story click here. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our…read more

Companies Admit Genseed Can’t Be Controlled

…they cannot control the spread of Genseed and can?t guarantee that any shipment of corn will be free from this type of contamination. The American Seed Trade Association wants to…read more

More on the Vote: A Floridian Speaks Out

news story in order to give it equal billing with the original story. I check your website almost daily to read your latest news and opinions. I am very disappointed…read more

UK to Require Cellphone Warning Label

…a mobile phone is a bit like interference on a radio. It has an impact on the stability of the cells in the body?If mobile phones were a type of…read more

Gene-Altered Corn is on the Loose

Reuters, Kyodo News Service – It was discovered in September that many brands of taco shells and chips contained StarLink, a biotech variety of corn that has not been approved…read more

Texas-Oklahoma UFO Sightings – A Flap is On

…a woman screaming and crying.” There were numerous 911 calls. The witness further reported that there have been numerous unexplained booms in the area, and an increase in traffic by…read more

The Leonids Are Coming And It’s Gonna Be Fun!

The Leonids are coming, and it’s a pretty decent meteor storm! Sky watchers in North America may be able to spot an unusually beautiful type of meteor called Earthgrazers during…read more

Furor Over Intelligence Bill Sweeps Washington

…in the body of the message:subscribe secrecy_news [your email address] Secrecy News is archived at:{ NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Cellphone Radiation Found to Change Brain Function

…be affected by exposure to electromagnetic fields of the type emitted by cellular phones.” The full text of this study is available at Issue 15.) What can you do to…read more

A National Disaster

…sonic booms of the accelerating Aurora. Then, suddenly, the booms stopped. The program was abruptly shut down because of cost overruns and insurmountable problems with the aircraft. The Air Force…read more

Meteor Explanation Goes Down In Flames

…making it quite far north (to within 20 degrees of the horizon, I’d say), where they all went dark. No Sound — no sonic boom. They were undoubtedly very high…read more

Evidence Mounts of JPL Mars Face Hoax

…taken by the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) of the “Face on Mars” in Cydonia. The enhancement was released immediately to the world news media only one day after the original…read more

TV Crew’s Bigfoot Discovery Being Taken Seriously

…the KING-TV 5 news story and photos, click here. To subscribe to UFONews1, go to { NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links…read more

Massive Higgs Boson News

What is a Higgs and what news about it could possibly be massive, you wonder. Read on. The elusive Higgs Boson, the so-far undetected particle that gives matter its mass,…read more

Giant Sunspot May Mean Large Magnetic Storms

…possible during a solar magnetic event. BBC News Description: { Solar Watch Live Cams: { NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Possible Chupacabra Skeleton Found in Nicaragua

…the strange product of a combination of various dog types. “I am familiar with all types of wild animal and this one seems strange to me, given its bare, long…read more

Cropcircle Update: Silbury Hill

…For her, the light was silver rather than gold. Before the hole arrived, the triangle-in-a-ring sequence of crop circles began at East Field on May 21st, although his type of…read more

Contrails Sweep Stuns Australia’s Gold Coast

…such as and other unidentified cell types. Using a sub micron fiber sample these appear to be cells of a desiccated freeze dried nature. These samples were sent to the…read more

Phoenix UFO Flap Happening Right Now and You Can Join the Watch!

A red UFO of a type that was christened “Bubba” during the many hundreds of sightings that took place in Gulf Breeze, Florida has appeared five times in recent nights…read more

Mirror Worlds Could Be All Around Us

…taking place within it. Either the three known types of neutrino–the muon, tau and electron neutrinos–are spontaneously changing into one another as they leave the sun, or there is a…read more

The Question of Fatima

…seems to predict that some type of worldwide catastrophe will occur. These revelations set up scandal among the control freaks at the Vatican, who kicked him out of the priesthood….read more

New Research Say Rapid Global Warming On The Way

…rapid global warming. If this process continues, it is likely that ice melt will escalaterapidly, resulting in alterations of ocean currents that could bring about the type of sudden climate…read more

Higher Dimensions May Be Large

…by going around it. Thanks to Science News, Vol 157, p 122-124, Feb. 19, 2000 NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Hale-Bopp May Have a Companion After All

…the Harvard/Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. “But it’s not an easy type of observation to make, and I’m afraid Sekanina is in the minority.” Minority or not, Sekanina is sure of…read more

New MJ-12 Documents: Yes, But ARE THEY REAL?

…Marshall General states that they have no record of having placed a restriction on the amount or type of classified work for which Professor Einstein may be eligible. This office…read more

Booms Puzzle Southern Californians

…the booms had been caused by the space shuttle Columbia landing at Vandenburg Air Force Base. But Michael Lindemann, editor of CNI News, pointed out that the shuttle had landed…read more

McLendon News Service Claims UFO Interest In High Places

News Releasefrom the McClendon News Service By Sarah McClendonWhite House Correspondent Washington, D.C. — Unidentified Flying Objects, a term given for many years to unexplained sightings of craft in the…read more