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As Above, So Below: New Study Finds Striking Similarities Between the Structure of the Universe and the Human Brain

…are well-defined networks, made up of nodes (galaxies in the larger, individual neurons in the smaller) that are connected via filaments; neurons and galaxies both have a typical scale radius…read more

The Floods, Fires and Weirdness of 2020–and a New Vision of Jesus

…is the fact that the ice shelves that hold back the Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica are melting rapidly, and it has recently been found that there is a great deal…read more

Are We a Designer Species that is Being Genetically Altered RIGHT NOW?

…is the first organized node of contact between mankind and other worlds, and this show is a perfect example of what that means. You can visit Bruce and Daniella on…read more

Physics-Defying Particles Detected in Antarctica Might Be Evidence for a Parallel Universe

…with the glacier’s ice. While the vast majority of the neutrino signatures detected come from the sky above the sensors, during ANITA’s first flight in 2006 it detected one coming…read more

A Paleolithic Village Was Destroyed by a Comet, 12,800 Years Ago

…In late 2018, a massive impact crater was found partially hidden under Greenland’s Hiawatha Glacier that may have been made at the same time as the proposed Younger Dryas impact, and a second,…read more

New Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis Evidence has been Discovered in South Carolina

…was found partially hidden under Greenland’s Hiawatha Glacier that may have been made at the same time as the proposed Younger Dryas impact. This impact, dubbed the Younger Dryas impact…read more

Researchers Uncover More Evidence that Earth Suffered a Major Impact 12,800 Years Ago

Glacier that may have been made at the same time as the proposed Younger Dryas impact. This impact, dubbed the Younger Dryas impact hypothesis, proposes that the Earth was struck…read more

First, Dynamite Abduction Docu the Seeding, then Mysteries of the Denisovans: Terror in the Americas

…as the Laurentide Glacier melted. This left a geologic feature now found all over the continent called the Black Mat, and it also eliminated American horses, giant ground sloths, mastodons,…read more

As Above, So Below: Greenland’s Glaciers are Being Threatened by Warm Ocean Temperatures

It turns out that record-breaking weather systems aren’t the only threats to northern ice sheets: researchers measuring the temperature of the water at the face of Greenland’s Helheim Glacier found…read more

Increasingly Unstable Antarctic Glaciers may be Reaching their Point of No Return

…in the stability of the network of glaciers that surround it, it wasn’t actually the biggest looser when it came to ice melt, with the Ronne and Pine Island glaciers…read more

Greenland’s Glaciers are Suffering from an Early Spring Melt

Researchers with NASA’s Operation IceBridge aerial polar ice survey have discovered the presence of large meltwater pools and raging rivers across the surface of a number of Greenland’s major glaciers,…read more

A Huge Chasm has Opened Up Under Antarctica’s Most Important–and Vulnerable–Glacier

…supports a number of neighboring glaciers that would represent an additional 8 feet (2.4 meters) of sea level rise–glaciers that would be under an increased threat of collapse if Thwaites…read more

Both Arctic and Antarctic Ice is Melting Faster Than Ever

…all of the ice covering Greenland were to melt. Previously, Antarctica’s Totten Glacier was thought to be the only glacier in the east that was experiencing any significant melt, due…read more

A Massive Impact Crater has been Discovered Under the Ice In Greenland

A massive impact crater the size of the city of Paris has been discovered under the ice sheet in northern Greenland. Partially hidden under the Hiawatha Glacier, this 31-kilometer (19.3-mile)…read more

Seashells in Scotland Warn of Rapid Climate Change in Post-Ice Age Europe

…resulting in a correspondingly abrupt melt of the region’s glaciers. “There’s a lot of geologic evidence of these former glaciers, including deposits of rubble bulldozed up by the ice, but…read more

Antarctica’s Massive Totten Glacier is More Vulnerable than Previously Thought

East Antarctica’s Totten Glacier has been revealed to be more unstable than previously anticipated. New research has found that portions of the glacier that were thought to be on stable…read more

Unknowncountry and Politics

…least informed enough to know that. It is no “tracking device” but rather a node in a breathtakingly sophisticated communications system. To have the use of it is a remarkable…read more

Polar Vortex Split Causes Superstorm-like Winter Havoc in Europe

…Day After Tomorrow”, the 2004 movie based on Art Bell and Whitley Strieber’s 1999 book, “The Coming Global Superstorm”. Centered over northern Siberia, the node that descended into the Eastern…read more

The Beaufort Gyre is stuck in a Clockwise Pattern, Worrying Researchers

glacier that is preventing those big cyclones from forming over the North Atlantic and moving into the Arctic.” Struzik is a fellow with the Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy…read more

The Sudden Breakup of an Antarctic Iceberg has Researchers Worried about its Parent Glacier

In September 2017, a large iceberg roughly four times the size of Manhattan calved off of the Pine Island glacier in Antarctica (not to be confused with last July’s massive…read more

Antarctica’s Larsen-C Ice Shelf has Calved Off the World’s Third Largest Iceberg

…the Larsen-C ice sheet, as it is what is keeping the land-bound glacier behind it from sliding rapidly into the sea. The two largest confirmed icebergs were Iceberg B-15 (11,000…read more

Antarctica’s is Poised to Shed a Delaware-sized Iceberg

…shelves like Larsen C originate from land-based glaciers, with the shelves themselves acting as plugs that keep the glaciers from flowing too quickly into the ocean. If the ice shelf…read more

Global Warming Causes the Svalbard Global Seed Vault to Spring a Leak

…went into the start of the tunnel and then it froze to ice, so it was like a glacier when you went in.” The other issue is, as it oft…read more

The Surprise Discovery of Antarctica’s Massive Meltwater Network, and the Increasing Instability of its Largest Ice Shelf

…about Antarctica’s glaciers as possible, as little is actually known about how the continent’s ice might react to increasing extremes caused by climate change. “Once glaciers retreat beyond a certain…read more

Global Warming Forces an Arctic River to Dramatically Change Course

Scientists have announced that a river in northern Canada has been dramatically re-routed due to the effects of global warming. Meltwater from the Yukon territory’s Kaskawulsh glacier, formerly flowing north…read more

New Studies add Evidence to the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis

…impacts of glacier ice boulders ejected by an extraterrestrial impact on the Laurentide Ice Sheet”. The analysis found that regardless of the size of the individual depression, each of them…read more

Global Warming may Uncover Secret Army Base in Greenland — Including its Cache of Toxic Waste

…and chambers carved directly into the ice. However, the site’s engineers soon found that the glacier that the base was built into isn’t a stable mass of ice, but instead…read more

Antarctica’s Largest Glacier Found to be ‘Fundamentally Unstable’ by New Study

…the past — sometimes catastrophically so — and is in danger of dosing so again. Antarctica’s Totten Glacier is the continent’s largest glacier, a massive ice field roughly the size…read more

Did Hurricane Alex Cause a Melting Event in Greenland?

…south of Greenland, brought temperatures to above freezing, causing a sudden melting event on Western Greenland’s Jacobshavn Glacier. This melting event, documented in a blog entry made by glaciologist Mauri…read more

Collapsing Glaciers Causing Massive Earthquakes in Greenland

…whole flow of the front of the glacier temporarily. And it’s that force pushing on the remaining glacier and the rocks beneath it that gives us the seismic [activity].” “These…read more

More and Larger Siberian Craters Appearing

…of algae that appeared after the fire, when the continent was flooded by the rapid melting of the Laurentian Glacier. Whether the black mat was caused by fires ignited by…read more

The Methane Danger

…becomes a new glacier. By that time, this civilization will be a distant memory, a legend, no doubt, of a golden age in which the future will find difficult to…read more

Impending Icelandic Volcano Eruption Could Pose Risk To Aviation and Climate

…less than 10 percent of all cases. Volcanologist Dr. Dave McGarvie said it is also possible that the magma may not even break through the surface of the glacier, averting…read more

Weekender: Timeline Jumping – A Glimpse Into the Complex World of Selective Existence

…timelines, which in turn create “time nodes”, a phenomena that occurs when two or more timelines come together and realities from one can “bleed” into another, or may be psychically…read more

Think Plagues Are Past History? Think Again… Now We Are Creating Our Own

…symptoms which include painful lymph node swellings known as “bubos”. Though modern day medicine is able to effectively treat bubonic plague with antibiotics, it is still deadly if it is…read more

Rapid Ice Loss Renders Greenland Ice Sheet Unstable

…the glacier to speed up—and draw down the ice mass from the entire basin. “This suggests a possible positive feedback mechanism whereby retreat of the outlet glacier, in part due…read more

Unknowncountry Weekender: Does the Horrible Weather Herald a New Ice Age?

…winter is even harsher, and the next summer even more snow fails to melt. This snow forms the foundation of a new glacier, which then develops relatively quickly. By the…read more

Massive Glacier in Rapid Meltdown Could Raise Seas to Unprecedented Levels

A recent study has indicated that the Jakobshavn Glacier in Greenland is experiencing a rapid melt that threatens to raise sea levels by up to one centimeter. The glacier, which…read more

Unexpected Antarctic Glacial Melt Could Cause Sudden Sea Level Rise

…remote regions to measure the rate of ice melt under the 50km-long Pine Island Glacier, and the results have concerned glaciologists worldwide. The glacier, which thins out towards the Amundsen…read more

Greenland Ice Sheet Melting from Above and Below

…the sea anytime soon? If present melt rates continue, there are going to be destabilizations of, in particular, the Jakobshavn Glacier, but numerous glaciers, especially across Western Greenland, are at risk….read more

World’s Oldest Known Calendar found in Scotland

…proportions. The ice age had ended with the dramatic collapse of the Laurentide Glacier, a massive fire that swept the North American continent, leaving behind a geologic feature we know…read more

Mystery Cloth

…that he would not flood the earth again, that it would be “the fire next time,” and despite the rising ocean levels due to glacier melt, Whitley Strieber thinks this…read more

Ancient Bacteria–Is It Dangerous?

…network of hundreds of lakes under an ice cap that acts like a blanket, trapping the Earth’s geothermal heat. If the bacteria gets out due to glacier melt, will it…read more

As Water Rises, Look What Happened in the Past

As glaciers melt and sea levels rise, threatening coastal cities, geologists are trying to predict the future by looking at what happened when sea levels rose in the past. Meanwhile,…read more

Massive ice breakup in Greenland

…frightening outgassing of methane, but also spectacular ice melt and glacial destabilization in Greenland. Should the Greenland glaciers slide into the ocean, the result will be a dramatic increase in…read more

Tracking Down an International Hum

…be “the fire next time,” and despite the rising ocean levels due to glacier melt, Whitley Strieber thinks this may be true. Read all about it in his new e-book!…read more

Digging Up the Amazon

…promised Noah that he would not flood the earth again, that it would be “the fire next time,” and despite the rising ocean levels due to glacier melt, Whitley Strieber…read more

The End of the World: Fire or Water?

…earth again, that it would be “the fire next time,” and despite the rising ocean levels due to glacier melt, Whitley Strieber thinks this may be true. Read all about…read more

Fire or Water?

…flood the earth again, that it would be “the fire next time,” and despite the rising ocean levels due to glacier melt, Whitley Strieber thinks this may be true. Read…read more

Major US Waterway Drying Up

Global warming affects different water ways differently. Glacier melt has opened up the Northwest Passage again, but the mighty Mississippi’s water level is reaching a historic low due to the…read more

Greenland is Melting

…the large calving event last week on Petermann Glacier, are part of a complex story.” But just because it’s complex, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pay attention to it. It’s…read more

The End of Hummers?

It’s hard to believe, but true: the demise of a tall, willowy plant called the glacier lily, that grows in mountain meadows throughout western North America, could mean the end…read more

Do We Still Have a Chance?

…a vast glacier in northern Greenland have revealed the astonishing rate of its breakup. CNN quotes climatologist Shaye Wolf as saying, “This stunning loss of Arctic sea ice is yet…read more

Tiny Countries are Drowning

China’s pollution may be holding back global warming somewhat, but sea levels are still rising, due to glacier melt, and climate change could put an end to small island nations…read more

Glacier Melt–Good for Big Business, Bad for Drowning Residents

The Arctic is melting, but not everyone is worried–in fact, it’s opening up large reserves of oil and minerals that are causing a “cold rush” by various countries who want to…read more

It Could Happen Here

…of ice sheared off a New Zealand glacier just minutes after the violent earthquake there. Civil engineer Thomas D. O’Rourke says, “Some reasons for the serious damage are the many…read more

Greenland Glacier Growing BIGGER

While most glaciers are melting at an alarming rate, one of them is growing bigger–ALSO as a result of climate change. Hotter summers may actually slow down the melting rate…read more

The awesome extent of this winter’s snow cover.

…and a snow pack such as this did not melt, the reflectivity of the planet would be such that a new glacier would start to form. If I am right,…read more

We Set a Record

…mountain in the eastern European Alps suggests that the glacier may hold records of ancient climate extending back as much as a thousand years. We better investigate them quickly before…read more

Pollution at the Top

No matter how high up you go, you can’t escape pollution. A new study of a glacier on top of Mt. Everest–the tallest mountain in the world–shows how true this…read more

War in the Arctic

We once predicted that World War III would be fought over the moon, but now it looks like it will fought over the newly-opened (thanks to glacier melt) passage in…read more

A Glacier Calves

…such a large chunk of ice was in 1962. The Petermann Glacier, the parent of the new ice island, is one of the two largest remaining glaciers in Greenland that…read more

Climate Change Leads to War

…was restraining the flow of the glacier. When the glacier became detached from the ridge, the ice flow was able to accelerate significantly.” Yahoo quotes researcher Pen Hadow as saying,…read more

Volcanic Eruption Strands Europe

…at Katla and there is quite a bit of anxiety in Iceland about the potential size of eruption.” The larger volcano lies beneath a huge glacier, and when it erupted…read more

Huge Iceberg Breaks in Two

Could hasten climate change – An iceberg the size of a small European country has broken off from a glacier in Antarctica after being rammed by another giant iceberg. This…read more

ANOTHER Reason Why Those Melting Glaciers May be Dangerous

They release GERMS! – Those pristine-looking Alpine glaciers now melting as global warming sets in may explain the mysterious increase in persistent organic pollutants in sediment from certain lakes since…read more

2012: What is Happening?

…now proved that they do happen.) Sea levels also rose an average of 30 feet as the glacier collapsed, and fantastic events took place, such as a phenomenal rush of…read more

High Tides

…levels are rising, probably due to massive continental glacier melt in Greenland and Antarctica. In, Alexis Madrigal quotes NOAA director Mike Szabados as saying, “The ocean is dynamic. It’s…read more

Major Meltdown

The secret is out: US scientists monitoring shrinking glaciers in Washington and Alaska are warning that a major glacier meltdown is under way. Glaciers worldwide are melting faster than anyone…read more

Waters Rising Soon

Why has Greenland’s major glacier doubled the speed of its melt in the last 15 years, causing ocean levels to rise? We need to figure this out before we all…read more

The Curry Cure

…of them saw regression to some degree of their chronic lymphocytic leukemia. The majority of individuals who entered the study with enlarged lymph nodes saw a 50% or greater decline…read more

Northern Climates Warming Fast

…miles long and half a mile wide in a glacier there that seems to be spreading. Also, an 11-square-mile chunk has fallen off another large glacier in the area. This…read more

Ominous New Climate Information

…the Schnalstal glacier in the Ötztal Alps. When the storm overtook Oetzi, he was running through an alpine meadow. The glacier that resulted has only recently begun to melt. The…read more

How to Stop the Melt

…the melt. Researcher Hans-Joachim Fuchs wants to install fans on melting glaciers that will blow cold air from the glacier onto the dissolving ice, slowing down (or even stopping) the…read more

Glacier Melt in Europe Too

The rate at which glaciers are melting all over the world has more than doubled, and some of the biggest melts are occurring in mountain ranges in Europe, not in…read more

Glacier Surge May Cause Huge Rise in Sea Level

…do just that. This area is known to be the least stable in the Antarctic. The largest of the glaciers, the Pine Island Glacier, seems to be the least stable….read more

Is There Life on Mars? (Cont.)

The controversy about life on Mars continues, but finding water would provide strong evidence that bacterial life exists there. Now a glacier that is thousands of years old has been…read more

Out of the Past

…hold important lessons about climate change in the 21st century.” He’s referring to the fact that ice cores have revealed that 8,000 years ago, a huge glacier in Canada melted,…read more

Scientists Muzzled on Global Warming

…evidence of climate change like melting glaciers. When glaciologist Lonnie Thompson returns to Peru’s Qori Kalis glacier early this summer, he expects to find that half of the ice he…read more

Global Warming: Up Close & Uncomfortable

…seen the ice melting. I have been to parts of Patagonia and heard people say: ‘That’s where the glacier was 10 years ago?and that’s where it is today.’ The most…read more

Alien Rain

A few years ago we wrote that glaciers melting due to global warming could release ancient, long-dormant bacteria against which humans would no longer have any immunity. So far, much…read more

The Sun Saved Us?But Now It’s Our Turn

When it comes to global warming, the earth is being battered by a series of unfortunate blows. Besides the increase in greenhouse gases, which is leading to glacier melt and…read more

PAST Time to Face Facts About Global Warming

We’re in an emergency that is unacknowledged by our government and ignored by the mainstream media. Two huge glaciers in Greenland have recently begun melting, meaning that sea levels will…read more

Climate Change Nothing New

…was at least 5,000 years old. Then in 2004, the glacier had retreated even further, and found additional plant beds that proved to be carbon-free, suggesting that they might date…read more

Sea Level Rise Reversal

Current estimates indicate that the global sea level is rising due to global warming and glacier shrinkage. Recent scientific studies have shown that a variety of terrestrial ice sources, such…read more

Master Astrologier Mahala on the Galactic Energy Burst

…opposition to Saturn (by sign) in Cancer, and making a 90 degree angle to the node in Aries. The sign Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and indicates…read more

New Energies for a New Time: Astrological Analysis by Mahala

…opposition to Saturn (by sign) in Cancer, and making a 90 degree angle to the node in Aries. The sign Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and indicates…read more

Mahala’s Back with New Predictions

…and everyone knows about the war in Iraq. Now the north node is in Aries, and the south node Libra. Aries is ruled by mars which will bring fire events…read more

Huge Icebergs Collide

It?s something so large, it can be seen from space: amassive iceberg is colliding with a floating glacier nearthe McMurdo Research Station in Antarctica. NASA satellitesare following the 100-mile-long B-15A…read more

They Knew but Were Helpless

…plants at the base of a Peruvian glacier, plants that had been frozen in a matter of minutes, and that had stayed like that for 5,200 years. In other words,…read more

Roger Lier: Aliens and the Scalpel

…extremely sudden climate change beneath a glacier in Peru, stunning confirmation of the warnings in Superstorm. NOTE: This show summary, previously published on our old site, may contain broken links….read more

Superstorm Confirmation–It Has Happened Before…and May Again

…to thebase of a glacier uncovered plants that had been frozen sofast that their cellular structure remained intact. Thismeant that the freezing process took just minutes, or atmost a few…read more

Is Contact Under Way in India?

…altitude glaciersin the Tarai region of India, about 40 kilometers (25 miles)from the Chinese border. Indian Air Force pilots in theregion have complained of unexplained instrument jamming andspotting the objects…read more

Why China is Watching Day After Tomorrow

…melting glaciers. And when glaciers melt, they leavedeserts behind, where the ice once was. Researcher Yao Tandong says, “Within 20 to 30 years, we willsee the collapse of many of…read more

The Die is Cast

…of the northern hemisphere, resulting in a catastrophic climate change similar to the one that glaciated Greenland. Plants found frozen at the base of the Greenland glacier prove that the…read more

A Country is Lost

…ice-sheet aremelting 10 times more rapidly than earlier research hadindicated. Engravings from the late 19th Century show thatthe glacier once reached far into the ocean and satellitepictures highlight that it…read more

American Otzi

Otzi is the name of a prehistoric man who was buried under a glacier in the Italian Alps about 5,000 years ago. His body came to the surface in 1991…read more

Crazy Plans for Global Warming

…up into the atmosphere, rather than absorb it. This will also slow down glacier melt. Europe will cool down significantly if melting glaciers dilute the ocean with freshwater, causing the…read more

How Global Warming Will Change Alaska

…store for the people?and animals?living there. John Whitfield writes that in Prince William Sound, boats now have to navigate around calved icebergs from the Columbia Glacier. If the temperature warms…read more

Ice Man Evidence of Sudden Climate Change

…are melting. “We know that the Ice Man, a preserved Neolithic hunter exposed by a retreating glacier in the European Alps, was trapped by the ice around 5,200 years ago,”…read more

The Harmonic Concordance and November’s Astrological Excitement

…the moons node on top of the Popes Sun. Sometimes this aspect will cause a person to leave this world. Being that the Pope is quite sick it may be…read more

Global Warming Revealed in Alaska First

…through the large number of icebergs calving off the Columbia Glacier. Alaska is already famous for its mosquitoes, so big they’re referred to as the state bird. Now they’ve spread…read more

Can We Predict When Yellowstone Will Blow?

…melted a glacier, causing water and volcanic ash mudflows that killed an entire town of 25,000 people. When Chouet looked at the area’s earthquake records, he saw many long-period events….read more

CA Crop Circles: It’s Not Over Yet

…with local farmers and entomologists, but it seems clear. “There is a second formation which did show node changes?a smaller and simpler one [which showed] both elongated nodes and expulsion…read more

CA Crop Circle Adds to Scientific Mystery, by Leslie Kean

…the formations. Most dramatic were grossly elongated plant nodes (the “knuckles” along the stem) and “expulsion cavities” — holes literally blown open at the nodes — caused by the heating…read more

Peruvian Town May be Swept Away

A flood caused by a crack in a glacier may destroy the city of Huaraz in Peru. The crack has been spotted by a space satellite in a glacier high…read more

Glacier Turns into Lake

…was a glacier. “It’s an important piece of evidence that the climate is actually warming,” says Chris Folland of the U.K. Hadley Center for Climate Research. And old records kept…read more

Melting Glaciers Reveal Hidden Worlds

Global warming, and the resulting glacier melt, may reveal lost secrets of our ancient past that have been hidden for hundreds and thousands of years. Smithsonian anthropologist William Fitzhugh discovered…read more

Earth Getting Fatter?and Mussels Know Why

glacier melting at the poles, along with shifts in ocean circulation, have forced water away from the poles to the Earth’s midsection. Physicist Jean Dickey of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory…read more

Global Warming Leads to Political Unrest

…At a time when other glaciers around the world are shrinking, the Scandinavian glacier is growing, and this may be because less warm air is reaching that far in the…read more

True Origin of Crop Circles Baffles Scientists by Leslie Kean

…the formations. Most dramatic were grossly elongated plant nodes (the knuckles along the stem) and expulsion cavities holes literally blown open at the nodes caused by the heating of internal…read more

The Iceman Ate Well

…Oetzi had venison just before his death, and had earlier eaten cereals, vegetables, and ibex meat. The mummified remains of the Iceman were uncovered by a melting glacier in the…read more

Photos Proof of Global Warming

…1918 photos, revealing how muchthe glacier has melted in the last 84 years. The contrast between the two photos is dramatic. In the 1918photo, we see a massive white glacier,…read more

Glaciers Melting Faster Than We Thought

…University of Alaska team flew over 67 glaciers andcompared their readings to measurements taken by the U.S.Geological Survey in the 1950s. They found that the glaciershad lost, on average, more…read more

Global Warming is Destroying National Parks

…under their jurisdiction. They say U.S. parklands will pay a heavy price this century if temperatures continue to rise. Their report predicts that all glaciers in Montana’s Glacier National Park…read more

Bush Says Global Warming Real?And Harmful

…accelerated rate over the next century, the glaciers would be adversely affected. Though most glaciers are receding, the joint study by NASA and the United States Geological Survey (USGS) found…read more

Glacier Collapse Not Due to Global Warming?

The collapse of a giant glacier 10 times the size of Manhattan near Antarctica last week is a natural occurrence and has not been induced by global warming, according to…read more

Waters Rising

…unprecedented,? Meier says. ?In some glaciers, like the South Cascade Glacier in Washington that I have studied for years, we know that the present rate of melting is greater than…read more

No Winter for Olympics Next Time?

…in the next century. In the U.S., Montana?s Glacier national park, which had 150 glaciers in 1850, will have none by 2030. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) expects…read more

Huge Iceberg Breaks Off

A rectangular iceberg more than twice the size of Manhattan broke off from an Antarctic glacier this week, adding to the already high number of giant icebergs floating in southern…read more

Iceman May Have Been Human Sacrifice

In 1991 hikers who were climbing the mountains between Austria and Italy discovered the remains of a man in the melting snow that had been preserved in a glacier for…read more

Alaska?s Glaciers Thinning

…the vicinity of Glacier Bay, they noted only a small coastline because a large glacier filled much of the basin of Glacier Bay. By the 1880s, continued glacier retreat resulted…read more

Chilbolton History and Crop Formations by Lucy Pringle

…in either formation; they were bent at the base. In the `Face` I found a stalk with a blown node. Researchers Charles and Frances Mallett, visited the formation after it…read more

Mount Rainier Could Erupt

…melted snow and glacier ice and triggered mud flows. Earthquakes at Mount Rainier and other Cascade volcanoes are monitored by the University of Washington and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS),…read more

When a Glacier Melts

…to have occurred at the Kautz Glacier or thenearby Van Trump Glacier. There was no evidence of earthquake activity. So far there have been no injuries. Park rangers and geologists…read more

Glaciers Shrinking Faster than Expected

A new satellite survey of over 2,000 glaciers shows that most of them are now shrinking. Scientists are concerned about melting glaciers as far apart as Mount Kilimanjaro, the Himalayas…read more

Kilimanjaro Is Melting

glaciers, in Tibet and Peru, are also disappearing. The glacier in the Andes of Peru was shrinking about 12 feet a year in 1979. Now the melting has accelerated to…read more

Satellite Data Proves Ice Sheets Shrinking Fast

…the main stem of the Pine Island Glacier will be undercut by the sea and lifted up in about 600 years. When the glacier floats, it would cause a rise…read more

Huge New Popo Eruptions, Major Event May Be Next

Mexican authorities were on maximum alert Tuesday afternoon as el Popo began to show signs of a possible serious eruption, and a glacier at the summit was endangered by rising…read more

Unexpected Glacier Melt May Drown Vast Areas

…the globe, recent satellite imagery shows that a large piece of glacier has broken off the coast of East Antarctica, changing the shape of the coastline almost overnight. Rob Massom,…read more