William Henry's Revelations
Thursday August 4, 2011

William's New Discoveries in Europe

William Henry gave a presentation at Steve and Karen Alexander's Summer Lectures series in Crop Circle Country this year, and went to Westminster Abby and to Paris in search of the secrets of the anointing oil of ancient times that it is believed had transformative powers. He tells Whitley Strieber about his adventures, and the powerful energetic effect being in crop circle country had on him. At the end of the interview, they discuss just why this specific area of the English countryside might be the location of so many crop formations, and the answer will amaze you.

William Henry's website is WilliamHenry.net. Go with him to Egypt this February!

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Ringing in the ears...It's all about tones. Light>frequency>tone...

...But mainly the recent solar activity just makes me electrical---today was quite "shocking". I was getting zapped by everything I touched today! (No one else seemed to be experiencing this but me)

Also, found it interesting when William spoke of connecting to the center of the galaxy---I have been doing that for quite a while!

Balls of light...Gosh, I have been seeing those for years too! When I attended the very first Dreamland Festival, Whitley did a group meditation that involved crop formations. As I participated in this meditation, I found myself light as a feather flying over a golden field of grain. I felt the tops of the crop brushing my skin and was aware I was a ball of light,and that I was laying down the crop formation!

It is really true. We ARE the ones we have been waiting for!

Wonderful, just wonderful!
Whitley you spoke (at 11:11) of an 'internal movement' that can be made while meditating that will help open us to the energys, is it on sight now? And bring on the Anointing Oil recipe! ~You folks are truly trying to help the world, and we're with you!
And I agree Cosmic Librarian~ We ARE the Ones we've been waiting for!

I have been wanting to go to see the crop circles and to go to a dreamland festival. It would be great to have them at the same place next year. I hope you decide to do it. I will make an effort to go, which means planning months ahead of time.


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