William Henry's Revelations
Wednesday June 29, 2011

William Henry's Dreamland Presentation

Due to an irrecoverable error, William Henry's interview of Dr. Robin Kelly about his book the Human Antenna cannot be run at this time. Therefore, we are repeating last week's program and will offer the interview with Dr. Kelly as soon as possible.

William Henry presented a mind-opening program at the Dreamland Festival about the Tree of Life and its importance as a source of personal power and union with the earth and higher worlds. We can never reproduce the magnificent series of images that made this presentation so effective, but here Wiliam tells Anne Strieber--and us--just what he did and what its signifcance can be for those who are willing to open their eyes to the actual, living power of the light reflected back from sacred images.

William Henry's website is WilliamHenry.net.

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I respectfully disagree. The Bible is mostly a book of myth and should be taken only for some bits of history that occurred. A large amount of the Old testament was simply made up.

Don't throw the baby out with the bath water! Much is hidden in metaphor and I believe that the truth is hidden in myth.

Interesting that Myth and Religion get so confused.
Want a clearer picture? Then, go to THUNDERBOLTS.INFO and change your paradigm.

I found it interesting to hear about the "oils". It was recently brought to my attention that there are numerous ailments and physical pains that are being seriously helped with the use of oils derived from marijuana. Perhaps there are more precious oils that can be of benefit to mankind that are now in the rediscovery phase. The ancients had a lot of information that has been lost over the ages and now being found again. It is said that "nothing is new" and perhaps there is much truth in that saying.

I believe that,for myself,the most frightening scenario that I can imagine would be the one wherein my 5 rudimentary senses are capable of detecting and apreciating all that this universe has to offer. I am no arbiter of myth vs history. Both are perspectives relative to the one bearing witness.

William I love your programs. Just want to tell u that its time to change that pic with the turtle neck. Looks like its choking you. :}

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