William Henry's Revelations
Wednesday February 2, 2011

William Henry: Escape from a Revolution

WEDNESDAY, FEB 9: REVELATIONS IS ON HIATUS THIS WEEK. LAST WEEK: William and Claire Henry have returned from Egypt with a phenomenal firsthand account of what is happening in that country. You will NOT have heard anything remotely like this anywhere in the media. This is on-the-ground witness testimony from ordinary people who were caught up in a revolution, and endured an increasingly dangerous and difficult effort to escape from what was quickly becoming a very dangerous situation. You will hear many things that you have not heard in the media, including stories of the shocking indifference of US and British airlines to the welfare of their passengers, the indifference of the American embassy to the plight of American citizens. William and Claire's accounts will thrill you and inspire you and lead you back to what really matters in this world: compassion, human decency and courage in the face of adversity.

A comment from Whitley Strieber: "Many people who were supposed to support William and his tour group failed them. William and Claire Henry did not fail. They worked tirelessly to get their group out, and succeeded despite extraordinary obstacles. Theirs is truly a story of ingenuity, dedication and human courage. They had support from two sources: the staff at the Parker Meredian Hotel in Cairo and the loyal and skilled employees of Abercrombie and Kent Travel, who continued to provide needed services even at risk of their own lives."

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It's good to have you and yours back, William!

Just downloaded the show and going to listen now, cannot not wait to hear about his experience, thank goodness they are all home safely.

Just finished listening to this amazing interview with Henry and Clare, I am thrilled that they were able to get out of Egypt. This has brought tears to my eyes, I am praying for all the others who are trying to get out.
Thank you so much Whitley for bringing this to us.

Victory William and Claire
Welcome Home

Maia and I are very happy you are back safely William. Congratulations on your marriage to Claire and thanks to Whitley for bringing us this Revelations episode and for keeping us up to date on your progress.

now i'm looking forward to hearing about your Eyptian trip! :-)


I am so very happy that you are safely out of Egypt, both you and Clair, as well as your tour group! I have been meditating and praying for all of you this past week, and now I am very relieved. I might not agree in toto with all of your guests, but I always want to hear what they have to say, and I recognize you as a light of truth and what you do as important for that light to remain lit.

Best to you, yours and all of your tour group!


I am so glad you are all safely back home.

Henry & Claire, what you went through is mind-boggling! What a horrible experience. It is beautiful how you rose to the occasion and helped get everyone out safe and sound. Yet, at another level, it seems that you are inextricably bound up with the morphogenetic field of Egypt, and maybe the Divine wanted you to be present at this critical moment in Egypt's history. May the All-Pervading Reality bless you both, and I hope to participate in your next voyage to Egypt. Welcome home!

Dear Henry and Claire, we are so pleased to hear you escaped the riots and violence in Egypt. Your presence and care for your fellow travelers is an indication of being the right people in the right place at the right time. Hearing your amazing tale of the events and escape from the troubles is a revelation to those of us here in UK who have been fed the disconnect BBC fare of sensation and horror, when there are human beings going through such terrible events you have related. like you i am horrified at the commercial 'turning away' attitude and the official ignorance as if we are not important. These events show us how it will be if we do not turn around and open our hearts in times of crisis, not just in Egypt but everywhere all too soon. Peace and Love

The museum at Memphis in Egypt was plundered. For more information about this go to Joseph Farrell's Facebook page where he discusses this and other aspects of what is happening in that country at the present time.

Your one of the best and glad you help Dreamland.

William and Claire, thank you for sharing your experiences of finding a way home with us for we all had such concerns for your safety.

Dark times for humanity ahead.The ground will shake violently,on a blinks of the eyes,The oceances will cover all with its water. Whole towns ,cities dissapear like magic. Truths hidden for years will come to light, alot of us will be "shocked" unable to assimilate and comprehend.Mega super political scandal and many fall outs from that. Perhaps some will even loose their lives because of it.3 Pact
disintegrates. The treaty dissolved.The begining

When traveling to any country under authoritarian rule — in the case of Egypt a dictatorial police state, all travelers should realize they are taking a risk. To expect an orderly exit in time of emergency with uninterrupted services is naive in the extreme and to be outraged by the inconvenience says more about William then it does about those brave Egyptians facing unspeakable retribution for bravely demanding their rights, freedom and basic human dignity. They were demanding affordable access to food, would you “let them eat cake”?

In times of emergency and stress ones response to it reveals character or the lack of it is exposed. Shame on you for your outraged and hysterical recounting and your shock at being unexpectedly pushed out of your coddled comfort zone - I’m sure you would
have preferred the Egyptians postponed their demonstrations until you and your guests safely left the country - or perhaps not demonstrated at all since this revolution will no doubt inconveniently interrupt any future travel to Egypt. Your indignant surprise at the failure of our U.S. consulate and American corporatist run airlines to respect and honor their commitments to you and your guests is further evidence of your naivete. There is no honor among thieves.

I am very happy you and your guests made it out safely but that is all you have a right to expect. To demand special treatment and consideration in a time of crisis is to reveal a sense of privilege that is disturbing and actually quite un-American.

Hitler kept the trains running on time and the pretense of domestic tranquility — but what price safety?

I think Rikki88 is being a little hard on Henry. You make some good points but I think deep down Henry understands all this. Canada is not much better than USA regarding lack of response to overseas citizens. Last time Lebanon had a crisis, Canada was a complete joke compared to how Germany responded. Germany hired buses to get their people OUT of the crisis. I have dual citizenship, I probably would have flashed my German passport back then to get the hell out, after the incompetent reaction of Canada. Its true though, when you say travelling to these places is a personal risk, big brother may not be able to help the average Joe.

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