William Henry's Revelations
Wednesday February 29, 2012

William Henry Back from Egypt. They are Digging Near the Osirion

Last year when William Henry went to Egypt, the tour was interrupted by the revolution. This year, watching American media, everyone expected the worst. But that is NOT what happened! William and the group found a calm, peaceful country and an improving economy, and so William has come back with a thrilling report. Listen as he describes an exciting new dig near the Osirion, one of the oldest structures on Earth, and tells how the climate has changed since the fall of the old regime. Egypt, still the greatest show on earth!

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I was wondering about the plate's that blocked the star shafts in the Great Pyramid.Did someone ever come to a conclusion on what the metal was made out of when they drilled a hole in one of them ? It seems to me if they were not made out of bronze, then the date that they were installed would be unknown.

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