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Thursday September 5, 2013

William Claims a Bizarre Horror Show at a UFO Conference

William Henry tells a horrifying story of imprisonment of the audience at the Contact in the Desert Conference August 9--11. He says that David Wilcock came with a bodyguard, and that Steven Greer arrived with a whole group of bodyguards, who allegedly proceeded to lock the doors and allow nobody in our out during his presentation. If this happened, it was illegal, and we urge all UFO conference attendees to demand that they not be imprisoned during any performance for any reason. He also reports that Dr. Greer claimed that the US government has offered him two billion dollars to stop his disclosure efforts and his public speaking.

William goes on describe what he presented at the Conference for Human Evolution, which concerned the fact that digital devices are going to be implanted into the human brain, and what the implications are for our freedom and our souls.

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I have never sued anyone in my life but if I was the lady who couldn't breathe, I would absolutely haul both presenters to court. They have apparently become delusional and are a danger to conference attendees. I can only hope they will no longer be invited to participate in future functions.

Safety precautions would surely prohibit the locking of ANY doors during a conference! I can name several disastrous fires where many people died because doors were barricaded. Claustrophobic people would be terrified. William, you said what I was thinking when I read the headline: how could this happen at a venue that celebrates and encourages free thinking? I think Greer has several screws loose. No doubt, he will soon make a statement that this was all a misunderstanding and absolutely none of it was his fault. He has a persecution complex anyway, so this will be pathetic. Thank you so much for realizing right away what was going on, and for speaking out so forcefully. It is lovely to know that most of favorite authors and speakers care about us!

Locking exit doors is a blatant violation of safety and fire regulations, and this should have been reported to the relevant local authorities (probably local fire marshals). Preventing people from leaving by force is illegal, and if this is true Greer and his "guards" have committed criminal acts. These are no small matters and ought to be widely reported. As far as I'm concerned, Greer has lost whatever credibility he may once have had. He is either delusional, a liar, or both.

William - In this week's Revelations you discuss some of the recent weird happenings at the Contact in the Desert conference, and you mention seeing James Gilliland. Don't know if you are aware, but James has an internet radio broadcast called As You Wish, which is available by subscription. The reason I mention this is that in one of his recent broadcasts, James discusses a report he heard from a friend about a recent "conference" hosted by some deep pocket folks where some prominent people in the UFO field were invited to an event at a military facility, and there was apparently some mind control being done to some of those participants in the middle of the night, without their knowledge. James warned his listeners emphatically to be very careful about who they believe, since some prominent people in this field may now be under malign influences. He did not name names, but I imagine that if you contact him, he could provide more information about this. Or if you temporarily subscribe to his radio broadcast (a small fee for a 7-day subscription), you can access his discussion of this topic. Unfortunately I can't recall exactly which weekly broadcast it was, but I believe it was one of the ones in August. The discussion of this topic occurred right at the beginning of the broadcast. Sorry to be so vague, but hopefully some of this info will be useful to you.

I was shocked and disappointed by Steven Greer's recent Sirius Pay-to-view video. In my opinion it showed him to have the traits of a cult leader. It was about him, not the data, and the little "alien" body he presented was pitiful. Very sad he had such poor judgement to design most of his presentation around that questionable artifact when there is so much more proven data. Wilcock also gives me the same feel. Those two make me doubly grateful for Whitney's genuine humility. Everything difficult Whitney has gone through has made him better, more sensitive, more understanding, and less self-centered. He doesn't pretend he knows it all, and says so all the time. Beware the self-important, those with groupies, true-believers, bodyguards, and big bucks, as someone else pointed out.

Many years ago, a friend talked me into attending an event in L.A. where Werner Erhard was the speaker. She felt that I had much in common with his ideas and beliefs. The room was packed, and celebrities were all over the place. Mr. Erhard was a charismatic speaker, but I told my friend "No, thanks." The idea of paying good money to be locked in a room with a bunch of people for an entire weekend of 'EST', and few potty breaks, sounded like brainwashing to me. Locking people in a room without the freedom to come and go is oppressive and stressful. Add even a little fear into the mix and you can have them eating out of your hand as you lead them around by the nose...

Dr. Greer and Mr. Wilcock have both become a little too full of themselves. They may have some wonderful ideas, and no doubt are passionate about their beliefs. If they fear for their lives so much that they feel the need to oppress others for their own personal safety, maybe they should get out of the 'business' and leave it to more courageous souls who are willing to put themselves out there and let the chips fall.

We know a few of those courageous souls, and many of them are the denizens of The Unknown Country.

Rock on. :-)

First of all, I'm grateful to you, William, for bringing this to our attention, and I commend you for helping that lady. NO ONE should have been *locked in that room* without being notified first, and given a choice. WHOEVER is responsible should be sued... however, in this era... you're better off just spreading the word. Thus, forewarned is forearmed, and everyone can make their own choice.

I will say in David Wilcock's defense his life has been under threat. I heard it in his voice at the time. He was out his mind with fear, and he was exposing a major happening the dark-side 'powers that be' don't want exposed -- about the gold supply and the Machiavellian horror that has been going on since at least WWII, and still goes on, when it comes to gold.

Also, for the sake fairness, I have to defend Steven Greer. I have no idea if he's now under some form of mind control. Although, I wouldn't doubt it... but, come on, folks, HOW MANY PEOPLE have been bought off, disappeared, suicided, murdered for attempting to get the whole 'free energy' thing out to the people??? Look at what happened to Tesla, as just ONE example... there are decades worth of devices, tons of devices/plans on the oil-cartel shelves that would have benefited humanity tremendously. And, that was one of Steven Greer's goals, launching a 'free energy' type of device. Heck, if you listen to Coast, random folks will call in about how their Uncle had a way of running their car on water... and the garage gets cleaned out, or mysteriously blown up... on and on and on... the stories never stop.

Here's a portion of a blog I wrote recently: "What a Crock... so, the Kougaress was listening to Roxy Lopez [The Truth Denied] and her amazing guest at Revolution Radio ~freedomslips.com~ yeah, this Big Cat forgot his name, and she's even listened to him before... regardless, here's the deal. This guest had a conversation with Bob Bigelow -- the big space guy and owner of the infamous Skinwalker Ranch. Anyway, Bigelow admitted they had the 'free energy' tech, and were keeping it suppressed... but went on to state that if people in general were allowed to have and/or invent free energy devices... then, supposedly 'some' individuals would use it to take out their neighbors, or anyone they don't happen to like. HOWEVER, that's like saying 'hey humanity, you don't get any fire... or hey! you don't get any electricity... because a few could misuse it.' "

So, upshot. Hey, the BIG BOYS get all the good energy toys, and the people get nothing but a constant state of tech-controlled serfdom. Yeah, there's REAL LIBERTY for ya. If you want to discuss liberty. Wow and pow, we're all FREE to remain poverty slaves.

Also, to add this note: I did the est training in 1979. I was *clearly told* exactly what would be happening as far as remaining in the room. The rules of the game were outlined, and never breached by the est people. Dick Sutphen, if any of you know him, was in my training. He decided partway through that it was brain washing, and called the trainer on it. A verbal interaction took place. However, when Dick decided to leave, and he did leave, NO ONE physically attempted to stop him, or stop those with him. Also, if you did need leave for a reason, all you had to do was talk with the assistants. Yeah, it was a rigorous experience. And rather than brain washing, I saw/experienced it as a form of mind cleansing. Or meditation on steroids.

And, while Skype is a good idea, it ain't always reliable either. So, ladies and gentlemen, make your choice. But do try to walk in the other person's shoes, and understand where they're coming from.

This is disappointing to hear. Have either of the presenters involved made follow up statements in response to this?

The entry on Greer here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steven_M._Greer now cites "controversies".

If David Wilcock wishes to embrace some level of theatre, then surely he should don a red nose and wear giant floppy shoes rather than risk litigation with a stunt like that.

Besides, seeing David drive around the stage in a comical exploding car replete with puffs of smoke and springs that pop out and go "B.O.I.N.GGGGGG!!!" would be far more entertaining than having to listen to the inane tosh he relentlessly spouts.

There are really only two options for what they would lock people in.. speaker's EGO or to ensure that those within are sufficiently exposed to a substance run through the central air system.. I'd get a check up just to be sure.

Steven Greer and David Wilcock should not fear death threats, but their reactions to the threats. These "mind control experts" are sitting back with arms folded waiting for the inevitable. Waiting for this type of self destructive behavior to alienate them from the
Contact community - surprised they do not see it. These "agents of fear" set up a scenario and, whatever, happens appears inevitable or these two need a whole lot of therapy and "black ops" have nothing to do with it. If it is true that these very powerful entities or agencies want you gone, there is not much that you can do so "let go and let God" or stay home because I for one will not attend any lectures where there is the possibility of violence of any kind - psychological or physical.
I am surprised, no one called "911." I hope that the Contact organizers do the right thing for the next event and inform the audience of the lock down.
Thank you, Henry for disclosing this very disturbing incident. I admire your sense of outrage and support your stance.
This incident was not just illegal, but, incredibly, rude. I had a conversation with my roommates at "Contact" and we spoke of the monstrous rudeness that permeates the whole Abductee scene. The lack of respect for the individual's dignity is horrifying and unacceptable behavior from anyone.

Instead of bodyguards, those 2 need a good therapist !!
If the "elite" wanted them dead, they would be DEAD !!
Examples of people who were going to blow the whistle on powerful people that had mysterious deaths: Andrew Breitbart, the DC madame, Commerce Secretary Ron Brown. As those people show, if someone in the "elite" wants you gone, it only takes a phone call and within 24 hours you are gone. These 2 morons need to be banned from any conferences until they get some therapy.

The #1 piece of evidence that this was complete ego-driven, fear-mongering B.S. is that the attendees were NOT 'checked' before entering the room. If there were/are geniune threats against Greer or Wilcock, why in hell would they lock the door and essentially trap themselves inside with stranger(s) - any of who could have been the source of the 'threat'?
If I was a speaker at a conference and I'd had credible death threats, I would either stay home or......have bags checked as attendees enter the hall, and perhaps put up a bullet-proof screen. If Greer and Wilcock had time and money to hire a bunch of security goons then they had time to organize standard concert hall security procedures. There is NO excuse for this to have happened. End of story!

What a disappointment to hear that both Steven Greer and David Wilcock have gone weird. After all the work and progress they have made, then to voluntarily shoot down their own credibility. These types of actions are why the mainstream media and public in general won't take these messages seriously, because it even implants doubt in the minds of us, their "believers."

I have wondered if sometimes the constant research and exposure to these out-of-the-box ideas can cause certain individuals to crack and break down. Several years ago I did some volunteer work with a nationally known UFO research group. The core of the members who ran it were intelligent and no doubt sincere in their efforts . But I observed a range of peculiar egos, irrational judgments, paranoia, narcissism and self-absorption which inhibited their ability to perform the work they set out to do. Perhaps both Steven and David have "snapped' under the weight of their own discoveries.

On the other hand, I'm so glad to hear William's enlightening report of the conference with Gregg Braden and Dr. Eric Pearl. All 3 of these mentors, while pointing out the dark side, present such a positive future that is within reach of us all. Instead of being locked in, the members of that audience must have floated out of the room on a spiritual high!

William, it is great to have you back after your little summer hiatus.

I was enthralled with Dr Greer's 4hr Witness DVD (available on You Tube for free viewing). But I have heard from Project Camelot and now Unknown Country that Dr. Greer himself is involved with High Strangeness when he interfaces with others. There is much disinformation and so many prepackaged rifts. I listen to all equally but critically. Each of the above mentioned provide very useful information. I am very attuned to hear of the physical and emotional suffering of others and I regret not being present to alleviate and assist.

I am a Field Investigator for MUFON and I was at the 2011 UFO Congress in Scottsdale.
I had a book that Greer wrote and wanted him to sigh in ... so, I was in line. Before I knew it, Greer pushed people out of the way to get to his table. Behind him was his "bodyguard" who, because I didn't move fast enough, slammed his elbow into the back of my neck and pushed me. I have osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis ( spine crumbles like the trade towers).
I went outside for about an hour to cool off because if I would have approached greer and his goon in the very pissed off state I was in..... I would have gone to jail. I didn't cool off... I got more pissed.
As I was outside, my pain became unbearable and I got up to go in and confront him. He was "holding court" with his body guard next to him. I went right for both of them and started screaming that greer should basically control his monkey!! I went forward and the body guard moved back.... greer just stood there with his arrogant mouth hanging down... he does not like to be called greer (no caps needed). I feel he is an arrogant bastard who thinks that he is the savior of the world.....

If greer wanted to help humanity, he wouldn't be charging $500 to be "visited".

I wish Greer would stop talking like he is gay(unless he is gay)lol.Sorry just cant stand that put on gay voice he does.

Greer? LMAO! He is a joke personified. For a very long time now, to me, Greer's behavior and talks seem totally robotic and MK ULTRA-ish. Every gut feeling I have concerning him tells me he is a fake and controlled.

Someone needs to stop that POS from this type of behavior and YES I AM ANGRY that this even happened. William has every right to be PUT OFF by this and he has every right to be angry. I wish more would get angry and rise up to stop this kind of crap.

Greer is not fooling as many as he thinks he is. That is all I am going to say. Wilcox on the other hand... NO comment because one is not needed.

I'm a little taken aback by some commenters being surprised by the idea that Greer would be associated with weird or suspicious behavior. The man hasn't had credibility in years. Many years ago, like others, I too was fascinated by his work on the disclosure project, and then his talks about how he was in close contact with genius inventors trying to release free energy to the people.

It didn't take long however to realize just how flimsy his credibility was. First off, he kept trying to bolster his "common man" credentials by saying he was just a simple country doctor. He used this phrase so often it was like a running joke. In between all these stories of debriefing presidents and getting involved in espionage, he kept telling us he was just a "simple country doctor." It reminded me of the Phil Hartman character on SNL--the lawyer who just kept telling people, "I'm just a simple caveman."

Secondly, he kept peppering his free-energy talks about how those inventors he was in close contact with kept ending up dead. No doubt, he said this to convince people of how serious the issue was and how "deep" he was into this super-secret stuff. Unfortunately and ironically, this also hurt his credibility (at least in my eyes). Because how are we supposed to take him seriously that he has been entrusted to protect these people if he keeps talking about how they always end up dead? Some protection, he is.

And lastly--and this is the one that is both the hardest to encapsulate, but also requires the least need to: His talks and ideas and behavior over the past several years just scream cultish lunacy. You don't even have to find "holes" to pick apart. Just five minutes into a recent lecture had me rolling my eyes over his Hale-Bopp/Kool-Aid like talk of 10,000 centuries of peace and communes with aliens... he's become a caricature of the kind of negative stereotypes people associate with those in the "alternative field."

Unlike others, I don't think anyone "got" to him. I'm guessing that--even in his early days when associated with more straightforward stuff like the Disclosure Project--he was always a little "off." I know "Project Camelot" rubs a lot of people the wrong way (often for some very superficial reasons, in my opinion, like the personalities involved, rather than their ideas and ethics). But given Greer's obvious lack of credibility, I was floored a couple years ago when I learned that many (perhaps most) people were siding with Greer when Camelot became very critical of him. I think the Greer phenomenon (of why people are so "loyal" to him) is a textbook example of how people become enamored over a cult leader. The more unhinged and domineering their behavior becomes, and the more outlandish (and creepy) their promises--the more protective people become of them.

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