William Henry's Revelations
Wednesday March 30, 2011

Will the ECETI Ranch be Forced to Close?

For nearly 25 years, the ECETI Ranch has been a place of pilgrimage for people wishing to observe extraordinary aerial phenomena and experience a closeness with the unknown that is unparalleled in the world. The ranch has always been an irritant to a very conservative local community. James Gilliland describes in this heart-rending interview how he has been harrassed, including being shot at. And now matters are extremely serious. Through the use of a blizzard of fines and other demands, the local government is trying to close the ranch down once and for all.

There are many people in this world who hate the idea of the unknown, who believe that all nonhuman beings must either be angels or demons (and people like James are, for some reason, never identified by them with the angels), and who will use any means, no matter how immoral, to harm people like James Gilliland and the ECETI Ranch.

Don't miss this important interview. James's website is ECETI.org.

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