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Wednesday March 21, 2012

Why did Jefferson Visit Rennes le Chateau??

Thomas Jefferson visited Rennes le Chateau long before anybody except members of a few very secret societies were aware of its significance. But why? What was he looking for? Listen as Cort Lindahl explains the signifcance and purpose of his visit during the time that he was US Secretary of State. A fascianting story of the energy involved in various shapes such as octagonal buildings, and the efforts of many leaders to learn how to harness and use this energy. Unique information in this wonderful interview.

Cort Lindahl's website is Survivalcell.blogspot.com.

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Where is the link to download?

To whom it Might concern- i have seen one time here at , " U-C" the way to follow the "TRIAD" by Mr strieber (i am not sure if that is the title) . It was information concerning the best way to Follow the teachings of three Faiths- As ONE , (from the Book " The KEY " . After a (Through) read- And Study , i always felt in my life ,that this IS- the way to "Ecstasy"/ Heaven! To find "MY" God , Inside my Hart and Soul. So- with this said , i hope (and pray) that a kind Person- will help me find the information... Thank-you, Bless-You ! David !

Hi David
Whitley talks about Triads in his book on the Tarot, The Path. Perhaps this is the title you are trying to locate. Bonne chance.

Ah yes, the octagon; probably the most recognized, most often encountered symbol found on so many street corners across the United States: the eight-sided STOP sign. After listening to Cort Lindahl, I really wonder why was that shape picked.

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