William Henry's Revelations
Wednesday April 13, 2011

Who Hides Within Us

On June 10, 2009 the amazing Anthony Peake generate a huge audience for Revelations when he talked about what happens at and after the moment of death. "At the moment of death, the body generates a group of chemicals that causes consciousness to literally fall out of the physical world and outside of time."

Anthony Peake has amassed evidence that we consist of two separate consciousnesses--everyday consciousness and that of the Daemon, the higher being that possesses knowledge of future events, and now he describes the nature of the higher self, the Daemon, is outside of time. "The daemon lives outside of time, so your future is part of his memory, and if you listen it can teach you, guide you and warn you."

Don't miss this exciting interview. Precious information about the nature of the higher self, and how to open a line of communication with it.

Anthony Peake's website is AnthonyPeake.com.

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Poor Mr Peake, he has no idea who Ernö Laszlo is, he is a member of the Club of Rome, a genesist, so in fact he is part of the military industrial complex, and he is now well caught in their web.

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