William Henry's Revelations
Wednesday November 4, 2009

Whitley Strieber Explodes over Disclosure

In view of David Wilcock's claims that disclosure is coming soon, William Henry asks Whitley Strieber about what this might mean in the context of the current rash of 'alien related' TV shows such as 'V' and movies like 'The Fourth Kind.'

Whitley's response is explosive, impassioned and completely unexpected. He blazes forth with information about why the visitors are really here and how their presence means total change of a kind that the materialistic establishment that now runs this world cannot tolerate. He also explains how they propose to engage with humankind, and what they want to accomplish. To him, "disclosure" by our own officials means little, because they have no idea what is actually happening.

To understand that, you must go to the community of close encounter witnesses--the one group that established authority wants to keep well away from any disclosure process.

These are the words of a true revolutionary, seeking human freedom of a kind that we have either never known or lost before history even began.

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