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Wednesday January 4, 2012

We've Lost Our Connection to Real Consciousness. Let's Get it Back!

When Jonathan Talat Philips experienced a devastating loss as a countercultural media activist, he unwittingly started on a mystical journey marked by underground ayahuasca ceremonies, kundalini awakenings, prankster spirit guides, extraterrestrial encounters at the Burning Man festival, and miraculous energy healings that reshaped his skeptical worldview. Along the way, he chronicled the rise of an international movement that is trailblazing visionary ways to address our current planetary crisis through raised consciousness.

His book is the Electric Jesus and his website is TalatHealing.Com You can also find him at RealitySandwich.com.

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OMG - we are SO on the same page about GWB! After a while, I just thought, okay, he's got to be some karmic incarnation of something to push us forward, but that I couldn't understand it - but depressed in 2004? YES.

Hello - are we not able to download William Henry any longer...Thanks, Joan

Love. Now there's a concept. Love your enemies. Love Dick Cheney! Depressed about the 2004 election? I had a heart attack in Feb 05, one month after Bush was sworn in again. But I have to keep thinking back to the reality that water molecules are actually effected by thinking loving thoughts. When frozen, that water forms perfect crystal structures as opposed to water bombarded with negative thoughts that come out deformed. There has to be something to it. Instead of getting angry and fighting problems that arise, just go with the flow and do one's best to handle whatever is presented to you as though there is a perfectly excellent reason why one is supposed to handle the problem without getting upset. Just go and fix whatever needs fixing without agitation from feeling something has been done to you or against you. Whatever it is is just something more to be done. Do it in calmness and joy. Easier said than done, I know. But I think that really is a gateway to feeling at peace and living in love, or should I say, in harmony with the world we live in. Then, first, our personal worlds will change for the better and the more folks that do that means that there will be fewer agitations between neighbors and communities. But it all starts with one's own personal world view of how to react to things that happen in one's life. And I've been one of the worst offenders of allowing anger to take over. Yet even I have this concept in the back of my mind and know that it is something very important if we really want to change our human situation in this plane of existence. Because humans can't continue stumbling as blindly as we have without experiencing a very disappointing outcome. Forgiving someone does not mean allowing problems that were created to continue. It means working calmly in wonder while doing what needs to be done to fix the problems. Thank you Dick Cheney and Co. for giving all of us so very very much to do. Bless you're troubled little heart, I'm sure you were just trying to do the very best you could. And I'm sure we all truly appreciate that effort in our own private special ways.

Yes, I still have a lot to work on. Love, love, love, love. Love love love love. Water crystals, water crystals, love love, love love.

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