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Thursday April 21, 2011


Jay Weidner believes that we landed on the moon, but he thinks that we were denied the right to see what actually happened there. He believes that legendary Hollywood filmmaker Stanley Kubrick created the images we saw from the moon, and that we have been denied access to the real footage. This interview delves deeply into the dark heart of Hollywood and the secret realities that are concealed from us. What does the Shining have to do with the moon landing? Was the hotel manager really JFK in the opening interview of the film. Was Jack really Kubrick himself. And why does little Danny in the Shining wear an Apollo 11 shirt?

Jay says that Hollywood is so named because it is a realm of magicians. Holly is considered the most powerful wood for creating magic wands. Stanley Kubrick lived far from Hollywood, because he sensed a dark presence there.

"We're dealing with an occult underground that runs Hollywood, NASA, the government and the banks. And they may not be human."

Fasten your seatbelts, folks, you are going to take an incredible ride with Jay Weidner and William Henry.

Jay's website is JayWeidner.com. You can get his phenomenal DVD Kubrick's Odyssey here.

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My Dad, Laurence Gagliano (God rest his soul), was in charge of Quality Control on the Lunar Module project at Grumman Aerospace. He took me, when I was a young boy of about 10 years, to see the LEM's being built. I have no doubt that we landed on the moon, but now through Jay Weidner's amazing ability to decode what's hiding in plain sight, specifically the incredible Stanley Kubrick's metalanguage in "The Shining", we are finally able to reconcile the two points of view, between those who say we never went to the moon, and those who say we did. This show truly is "an incredible ride". Thanks.

Jay is right to reveal (on Red Ice Radio (Hr:2) that the Archons are desocialising Western civilisation to transform Humanity into a robotic race. I listened to Glen Campbell's 'Gently On My Mind' on YouTube earlier. The freedom of spirit of that innocent tune wouldn't stand a chance under Islam. Under an Islamic-type global race of Archon controlled automatoms, the Archons would have free rule. HOWEVER: they will need to employ the emotional capacity of Humanity to bridge dimensions in order that they enter into our world. Fear is easy to comprehend; this is why they utilise its effects. Bountiful creative expression though, for them, is an obscure and elusive degree of conscious experience. Without it, they lack the ability to 'just walk into our world'. WE can quite simply D.R.E.A.M our way, in a relaxed pivotal fashion, into their world and they hate us for this and consider us a threat. I am what popularists call a White right winger. I am also a fair man with Black, Seikh and Hindu friends who also oppose Islam. You prefer honesty? Then face your own fears and predjudices and do the right thing. Halt the spread of Islam. Wake up... ... ... Don't blame Muslims, for they are victims of history. That said, oppose the system; the fascist control methodology. If you worry about being nice then you can kiss goodbye to freedom. Freedom has to be fought for and you are facing asymmetric warfare. Here's an explanation for you Liberal entropites: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asymmetric_warfare
Being nice will lead your children into a culture that allows the rape of children. Grow some nuts; wise up; smell the coffee and join we Euro nationalists in halting fascism. Mr Strieber's vocal stance on this will be pivotal, as with most issues Archon. I WILL die fighting; will you?

In fact, Islam takes its understanding from the gospels that were cut out of "Christianity" at Nicea, Thomas' Infantine and Peter's Apocalypse, for example.

Where Sharia fails is that it relies on Hadith to define Sunnah. However, the real stab here lies with the Quran. Usury is forbidden, as is racial dicrimination. The Quran has been edited and rehashed, just like the Bible. But if we were to have a competetion between modern, organized "Christianity" and "Islam", and the prize were an award for "most like what the Essenes and Gnostics were getting at" ....Islam would literally blaze with victory. (I enquote the terms because, in essence, they are different sects of the same religion.) And there are as many differeing sects within the framework of each.... as the other.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proxy_war (Another good wiki link for you.)

Great show, tho. I am always and entirely enchanted by these discussions.
However, I would like to point out one little quirk regarding shadowy, fraternalised, occult organisations and one in specific:

Aleister Crowley was a liar. An exceptional liar.
His books are boobytrapped, each and every one. Quite dangerous.

Cheers and thanks for reading my comments, if you took the time.
P e a c e .

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