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Wednesday June 11, 2014

Warp Drives, Remote Viewing and Our Future

Warp drives, saving humanity, remote viewing and the future--these are just a few of the subjects covered in this week's Revelations with guest Richard Hutchinson. He believes our future is in the stars and is here to suggest some actions steps we can take to get there. He, along with his sister, is the founder of Miracle Distribution, a non-profit organization which serves as a worldwide contact center for students of the Course in Miracles.

Richard has a very broad base of contacts, and he calls in his knowledge to reveal to us the story of a possible future that almost nobody is aware of. For example, NASA has a warp drive program underway at Johnson Space Center and if it can be built, it is going to completely change the way we live, and open doors for us that we never dreamed even existed, let alone could be opened.

Don't miss a single word of this thrilling and hopeful interview--and also DON'T MISS Richard's amazing story at the end of how he saved Clare Henry from a horrible experience at a UFO conference featuring Steven Greer and his entourage of 'security guards.'

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I concur with Robert's idea that it may be possible to leave our local space-time continuum and travel ABOVE it. It may also be feasible to travel BENEATH the fabric of space-time. The fabric of space-time may not be ubiquitous, but rather may exist at a particular coordinate. Warping the fabric may become easier once we understand WHERE it is. For example, it may exist at the intersection of the two hemispheres in the brain, the corpus callosum, the middle area where the brain cross-connects. Or the fabric may exist where the assemblage point in the body resides. I believe it is possible to warp the fabric using energies from ABOVE and BELOW the fabric of space-time, which lies in the MIDDLE of each. This idea is based on the 7 chakra system of energies, with lower chakras representing energies BELOW the fabric of space-time, and with higher chakras representing energies ABOVE the fabric. When one travels above or below the fabric, one gets out of sync with the fabric. This enables one to do activities that exist beyond the capabilities of the space-time continuum. Traveling faster than light is one of these abilities. When energies from beyond the fabric are brought to bear UPON the fabric, warpage will occur. I am reminded of the experience Shirley Mcclaine outlined in her book, "out on a limb" when she described a focal point of light. This focal point may have manifested upon the very fabric of space-time.

As stated previously, I believe that energies from ABOVE and BELOW the fabric of space-time can be used to disrupt the balance of the fabric, warping it. I also believe that there are realms that exist above and below the fabric of space-time, and that these realms have certain attributes. There is a continuum of energy states, that range from the Invariant to the Zenithon. These energy states correspond to the amount of change they express dimensionally. The term quantum density or dimensional density applies here. First, I will describe the Invariant, which exists at the very Nadir of reality. Then, the Zenithon, which exists at the top level....

The Invariant:

1. Contradicts the law of expansion and entropy (the second law of thermodynamics).

2. Is the changeless

3. Is the ultimate source of all material substance, gravity, cohesion, form.

4. Is the point of tightest focus

5. Is eternal, and cannot be destroyed, only neutralized

6. Creates the notion of "down"

7. Can be sympathetically invoked. A tendency towards the Invariant can be created by continually injecting focus and virtual repetition

8. Is like a black hole. The influence of the Invariant can be likened to a black hole. The Invariant can be compared to the heart of the singularity, where time stops.

9.Is responsible for feedback. Energy is attracted to it, then ricochets off of it, promoting feedback circulation

10. Is responsible for focused alignment

11. Is responsible for the emergent, revealed manifestation of quantum entanglement. Conjoining of two entities=focused alignment

12. Collapses the waveform that existed in quantum uncertainty. It is therefore responsible for creating time lines.

13. May be responsible for dark matter, and thus the formation of galaxies

14. Exists in a dimension beneath or Universe, but its influence extends into our reality

15. Is responsible for preserving memories

16. Is the ultimate base

17. Is absolutely fixed in position. Every moves relative to the Invariant

18. Is incredibly dense

19. Is the ultimate container for all energy in Creation

20.Is a tight, taut, rigid, compressed, narrow point of focus

21. Is intrusive---it may have a jarring effect upon consciousness

22. Is highly localized

23. Creates "youth"

24. Slows time down

25. Is the lowest vibration (one vibration per infinite amount of time)

26. Has the character of a "Vampire"

27. Creates the conditions for negatropy, the opposite of entropy. This is an increase in local energy, coupled with a downward contraction.

Gradiations of the Invariant exist as energy forms. Energy niches run the gamut from Invariant to Zenithon.

Energy that exists in higher dimensions above our own can said to be in anti-alignment. The Zenithon is the highest example of this.


1. Refers to the level of change in an energy system

2. Is the embodiment of change

3. Drives time forward, creating divergence (forking) in time lines

4. Is out of phase with the Invariant

5. Consists of loose, elongated forms of focus

6. Is transitory by nature, created by changes in speed, direction

7. Creates the notion of "Up" (away from the Invariant)

8. Is less dense than Invariant energy

9. It's hazy being is distributed across higher dimensions

10. Can be sympathetically invoked by fuzzifying (making more fuzzy) positional status and by employing techniques for evading repetition

11. Is responsible for the psychic aptitude (peering into the future)

12. Can travel faster than light

13. Comes from the zero-point void, or quantum slipstream

14.Creates "forgetfulness"

15. Is anti-focus

16. May be responsible for dark energy and the rapid transmission/communication aspect of quantum entanglement

17. Creates an anti-gravitational effect. It nullifies the presence of the Invariant

18. Bridges and uses gaps of emptiness

!9. Creates extra dimensions by being out of sync with others.

20 Dispels the coherence of quantum entanglement (as created in experiments through focused alignment)

21. Increases speed with lessening density (like as tachyon)

22. Comprises the realm of Spirit, Higher Consciousness, and Amorphous energy

23. Is Anti-intrusive, it usually does not have a jarring effect upon consciousness

24. Is wavelike, in superposition and hyperposition

25. Is unlocalized

26. Creates "agedness"

27. Speeds time up

28. Has an ultimate state of being. The Zenithon is the highest level of anti-alignment, simultaneously inhabiting every possible point in Creation. The Zenithon is the highest vibration in existence.

29. Has low density

30. Has the character of a "Escape Artist"

31. Produces entropy

Various thoughts on the aforementioned subjects: if you are still wondering what the primary difference between Invariant and Zenithon is, it is the amount of expressed locality across dimensions. The Invariant is extremely localized, having a very fixed position, while energy in anti-alignment (including the Zenithon) is wavelike and in superposition, with its energy strewn across many dimensions all at once.

While the influence of the Invariant becomes increasingly weaker (like gravity) as the dimensions progress towards the higher frequencies, the influence of the Zenithon remains constant.

The Invariant Object, due to its high dimensional density, is also very heavy, much like a black hole singularity.

The Invariant and Zenithon are perspectives formed by consciousness. It is possible to invoke a tendency towards either one because they are aspects of the mind and body.

We do not suddenly get sucked into the realm of the Invariant because the anti-alignment energy counterbalances its influence.

The Invariant and Zenithon are extreme examples that lie at the limits of darkness and light. They are models of Yin and Yang at their most pronounced.

Since all energies in Creation are fundamentally linked and connected, there may be a final convergence point for both Zenithon and Invariant. I'll call it the Omega Nexus. Here, all energy in Creation would converge in an explosive confluence.

Loved this interview and want to share a few thoughts. Several years ago our local community college sponsored a metaphysical weekend. Each attendee could pick a few speakers listed on the program for the cost of the ticket. One of the speakers was John T. Shaffer, D.Min. I chose to attend his presentation; he actually took us through a demonstration using the right/left hemispheres of the brain. From there a group of us studied with him for about three years. John was a minister and we met in the church basement most of that time of training. The church was located on Jamieson Avenue, located in the area of Southwest, St. Louis.

For me it was one of the most enlightening times of my life. The point was to make both hemispheres accessible. In the beginning it was usually easy to get into one hemisphere but not the other. In the early days if one hemisphere was dark/silent, we had to find a way to cross over a bridge and find a light in this darkness so as to connect the two halves. By utilizing the whole brain, it made it easier to remote view, lucid dream, warp travel, etc.

Dr. Shaffer was our mentor/guru and we lovingly called him the WIZARD. He passed over on February 18, 1998. Might I suggest to first fine tune and balance the hemispheres/mind then proceed on to other higher dimensions of meditation/soul mind communications.

Richard, you said, "PUTTING ON THEIR LIGHT BODY." I think this should have a theme song, so here it is. My thanks Dr. John Shaffer and wife Mary (the best dessert maker in St. Louis).


I'm interested in hearing the part about Dr. Steven Greer. We've never met, but I've been listening to his interviews since the 1990s when I first heard him on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell. While listening to a recent interview he did on the Dark Matter Radio Network, I quoted him on Twitter. The next thing I know, he blocked me! That means I am no longer permitted to follow him on Twitter, nor am I allowed to mention him in a tweet.

This is awesome.....So awesome as a matter of fact, I am posting it on REVELATIONS and DREAMLAND.....

Team USA's John Brooks saw game-winning header coming in his dreams
NATAL, Brazil – As dreams go, the one John Brooks had on Saturday night was pretty darn improbable. Brooks, a back-up central defender who wasn’t expected to see playing time in this World Cup and who rarely ventures out of his own half of the field, dreamed that he would come on as substitute and score the winning goal against Ghana.


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