William Henry's Revelations
Wednesday September 26, 2012

War, Cosmic Interventions--and the Pineal Gland

Revelations will return on October 10.

War between Israel and Iran seems very close, and it threatens a terrible nuclear confrontation. If that happens, would it result in cosmic intervention? Anthony Peake's new article in New Dawn Magazine discusses the relationship between the body and the sacred through the pineal gland, and here he explains how this relationship might influence our lives and control our destiny in ways far more profound than we know.

A powerful new look at the universe around us, our place in it, and its true relationship to us.

Anthony Peake's website is AnthonyPeake.com.

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Excellent interview!

Very odd noises in the beginning.

Re: Noises - Noted! The first bout sounds like a vocal impressed on a dot matrix printer's sound. I think that I can hear some kind of speech in there as well.
How 'bout it? Any clues as to where that noise originated? International phone call noise?

The odd noises just startled the heck out of me. Probably a good explanation, but kind of freaky, and yes, I heard noise that sounded like speech as well.

I really enjoyed the interview. I was listening on headphones and my impression of the forementioned sounds was a very sinister sounding voice,similar to recordings made at haunted locations. It would be interesting to hear that with Williams vocals removed.

Hmm. All the files I downloaded today from here are 1.6MB in size! :o(

I was put off by the sounds first time and only listened to it once... but played it again to hear sounds again... after just hearing what "earth" sounds like from space, it strikes me as peculiar and strange interference and yes, kind of sinister sounding, wonder if it's related at all to all the weird sounds Linda Moulton-Howe and Whitley were talking about in the beginning of the year, only now being transmitted via satellite or other electronic media. Yeah, creepy.

I am just glad to hear more on the pineal gland, that does seem to be the key to the light body, no wonder the % want to keep it calcified by fluoride, drugs, and other crafty methods. Keeps us sheepish, and dumb. You can google it all, even find photos of calcified pineal gland.. they say some childrens pineal glands are already calcified. The pineal gland is bioluminescent, it is sensitive to light, and when activated gives off light, hence the halo shown around enlightened beings. Now lets all clean it out and Wake Up together. How exciting!

I really enjoyed the noises. They reminded me of an ex-girlfriend's mother's endless natter. It felt good to be able to just click PAUSE and enjoy the silence. Such a good feeling.

That said, a very interesting interview and I was particularly struck by the idea of a physical symbol interacting with consciousness. Most intriguing.

It's as if a part of us always has a higher perspective of one's body and location. This would suggest that Temple layouts are simultaneously viewed from several perspectives and then the information is immediately reassembled to induce altered states of varying degrees.

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