William Henry's Revelations
Wednesday October 13, 2010

UFOs and Hollywood

Hollywood is involved in the extraterrestrial question, which is now considered a threat. Why is this? Why must they be considered dangerous? In the second week of Revelations Michael Salla event, William asks Michael if Hollywood is playing into the hands of shadowy figures who seek to control alien contact by creating the impression that they are evil invaders. Then he asks, what would YOU prefer to see on the big screen?

Why has a hidden group of corporate and defense department people taken over the extraterrestrial issue? And what does this have to do with events like the Kennedy assassination and the possibility that we are part of a greater group of intelligent species who are not devoted to war and materialism, but to a higher and more important journey toward ecstatic consciousness?

Michael Salla and William Henry get into some very provocative issues in this exciting and revelatory discussion.

Michael Salla's website is Exopolitics.org.

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